Protester remembers Tiananmen Square massacre 30 years later

Chai Ling says she sees hope for China after she participated in demonstrations three decades ago.
6:56 | 06/05/19

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Transcript for Protester remembers Tiananmen Square massacre 30 years later
A pivotal moment in world history we're remembering the TNM in square massacre. Which took place thirty years ago this week here is one of those demonstrators Shia laying in 1989 during. One of the pivotal moments take a look there. Students are asking us what our next decades. I feel very sad. I want to tell them the next ethnic bloodshed. Farming when the square is washed in blood were the people the whole country wakeup. How could they see Scituate to my fellow students. I can't tell my fellow students that we should be prepared to use our lives enough blood to wake up can masses. I write in styling is actually live with us now in Boston. So I first thanks so much for joining us here you're story is fascinating. ABC has been keeping up with you because thirty years ago today. Ted Koppel thirty years ago not today Ted Koppel interviewed you after you successfully. It's skate to Hong Kong and now thirty years later you remain as the number four on the most wanted list in China what do you think about that. I remembered as they eye an after sweetening plant within power or experienced. I don't think Joyce Eleanor dare to sell the whole country the second thing. They agreed to deep stack nest Michelle. Right after the massacre it is believed that Shah. That turning point of our lives and analyze our country. And the third point is Aaron after thirty years and looking back. Went green peace and confidence. I am I saw how you know that nice. When an answer to place apparently couldn't believe that we saw last. The blast and mean they just can be so and that's where nobody anticipated massacre. Little massacre. And just so you right out and that means so many people. Our class. And hope. Meeting would just be over. At today's to a long Matt and then martial law to please. The master match com to place and most wanted. Took place in it was a isn't the right Tara to actually speaking. The spirit of freedoms crashed. And as so that when he two you know several years of darkness. I'm G took me ten miles behind me until I was able to train finally got and I cannot from the county. My last journey was. As clinging to a cargo box inside a boat. Four. BC five days are short range. Our news and easy. Does it. I don't even though they're surrounded by cleese. Your next turn and even humor to our. That we weren't. Detected ice and see carrier Schwartz. And is it in cheesy story it was as staying there him. He's peanuts is still admire bison. Rats aren't those and the rest and it had it coming to our cargo box. Somehow that classic and he winds another one. So Caroline no waste. So Democrats were killed when we're states. Absent they are now looking back all others this makes it's special force out there attacking us. Adam in the innocent Wear and to eat food warm and also. How. The T and then impact. You know eating your former city union the politically long and Jack in his left to the whole domino fall on the farm economies can. Between 901992. Although he's nineteen and he too. So I knew I look at recent congress. Still earnings in saying well you know that they forget seeing you don't remember it won't talk about it but I don't believe that the truth. Am I ain't looking back that we hold annual people who have heard experienced anti Eaton and never thinking it's. What we had experienced work home or he can't witnessed. What we had gone through. I mean you ask he just eight. To know Jesus Christ as a legacy here to cover to cover Reid's new powerful clan from China. Catch wind. And are at the and spamming or become continues. I'm so evening I am hopeful are confident about the future. Yeah. It's so interesting this. In the the images of you when you are younger and there on so you went from being a homeless or refugee in the US to former President Clinton. And ranting you citizenship. What would you say your life is like now. My wife is. Aaron its poor why is it's our. And more. From long term it's not easy excuse. Innocent. Massacre. To overcome a lot of emotional loss at Los my mom and grandmother Janet journey you know mom passed in the month. Before I was told that it send no chance do any seeing that granting me. Thanks our own mess South America for the source or here's it was China is challenging. And sent to live the American dream and met peachy as immigrants he hadn't eaten and the language on her arm to the delta Sammy we don't lie. I mean don't they build a career is not easy. That China has never let them bearing on my heart muscle contreras. And I hope are still it's China. And thanks confidence in with the people there are I think ten years ago. Had spiritually Guinea. I was calls you want permanent she called offers an ounce. And then as sheets for sounds you Antanas Google's four rounds went through. Which killed or climate meeting babies. So there's parent and even experiencing working with guys with people believers and to through prayer fasting. Repentance and PC. Am activists in fact six years in god is able to help us and brutal winter policy and so TD in China. It's official two children policy speech there Oprah behind me NB a being born each at age and the second terror. And talking is too. Changed and a more you know and removed and Harry even on children limitation policy center ice sheet whole. She checked guy in this brutal attack Holy See and hear or in also strange kind of defeat them. Klaus an incredible story incredible work we really appreciate you joining us today on. The anniversary of this this a massacre thank you so much. Simpson's vehicle it and your work is so important and just on behalf all the people and here we thank you agree or its agent up. Pay Q we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"Chai Ling says she sees hope for China after she participated in demonstrations three decades ago. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63507026","title":"Protester remembers Tiananmen Square massacre 30 years later","url":"/US/video/protester-remembers-tiananmen-square-massacre-30-years-63507026"}