Protests in Madison, Wisconsin, After Police Shoot Unarmed Black Teenager

Hundreds demonstrate outside Capitol building; officer put on administrative leave.
6:28 | 03/09/15

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Transcript for Protests in Madison, Wisconsin, After Police Shoot Unarmed Black Teenager
Another city gripped by protests today after an unarmed black man shot to death. By white police officer the shooting happened on Friday in Madison Wisconsin. Police responded to a call the man wanted through traffic authorities say officer met Kenny filed nineteen year old Tony Robinson into an apartment and that. It's where they see Robinson assaulted the officer. And Kenny fired his weapon. Well when I'm down perhaps or in New York Kenny has been placed on administrative leave following that shooting. A money ought to Madison where ABCs and the Genesis standing behind Lindsay we've seen outrage like this over police shootings have before what is happening. In Madison right now. Then quite the scene unfolding right now you can see the protesters behind me there are we think it. Alvin's at this stage. They jumped came outs of the capitol building. Just a few minutes ago they were all of them inside. The capitol building here in Madison they words can't take. Now I was struck by the aids a bit crowded room mostly high school or some middle schoolers as well. Now a university students are also part of this protest but it started this morning a couple of high schools the one that Tony Robinson attended. Students walking out of that high school going to another picking up some other kids then walking marching through town. Here to the capital bounce when they enter the building. Lindsay also after this shooting there had been demonstrations. In fact right at the apartment building where Robinson was shot and involving though the police chief. Ups doing something rather an usual. That's right the police chief came out on the Saturday right away it was apologetic. And it. I'm pretty transparent about this Tony Robbins and why does not arms he also means that the officer 45 year old. Matt Kenney a twelve year veteran of the force. Did do do we know at this point that that they did he know that the suspect that that Robertson. There is she's me that that Tony Robinson did he had a weapon at all at that point. It is not known whether the officer bought its bets Tony Robinson had a weapon. No we haven't heard anything because of course the police chief the public comment now because the investigation has been handed over. To the State's Justice Department did vision. For criminal investigation the DCI's that there are in charge of investigating this the police cannot investigate themselves that's thanks to a law passed just last year. Here in Wisconsin but I can tell you these parts have have an extremely. Peaceful. The tensions are rising but do we just occur in the capital in from one of the organizers a woman from an organization called. Black and gifted. And it she sat at that says she's she told us they kittens in the in the crowd. That if anyone from the outside should try to incite violence she wants them to stop that in its tracks they are adamant that they wants. This cities to stay nonviolent. Still lit Lindsay in this actual exchange and do we know that it Kenny the police officer was he hurt I mean did I know that there had been. There's an investigation under way as far as whether or not there S couple had taken place what do we know about that. Well the police chief on Saturday said it bets. That Kenny was indeed injured he had gone to the hospital though just as a precautionary measure also because in these circumstances is officer involved shootings. They have to give a blood sample to I guess proves that that nothing was in his system but here's how. We're told it went. On Friday night about 630. Police. At least the re callers. Reporting complaining about Tony Robinson's behavior we're told some of them at naming him by name. Saying that he had been causing trouble and jumping in at a traffic yet hit up friends. Another report that he had gone into a local Chinese restaurants and tried to strangle up patron. Of course these were all reports that the police were following up on in the police also. New Tony Robbins and he was on probation because he pleaded guilty to being part. And armed robbery last year said he was up party to that armed robbery and said he was under police surveillance. And Lindsey about the officer Matt. Kenny then this is not the first on the he's actually fired his weapon on duty correct. That is true back in 2007 Mac any I was involved in another. Officer involved shooting he shot can't adapt. However in that case he was exonerated the police chief. Described it as a suicide by officer type situation. We know we actually received commendation for the past now when you arrived I should've told you this before he Iraq I it's. At this scene where Tony Robinson was supposedly causing trouble. Keane and it listened in to the apartment where Tony Robinson was a place or his friend lives but weren't home at the time is just Tony Robinson. And he said he heard a disturbance the officer reporting back about that disturbances that I'm gonna have to go and he then forced entry and moments later that's when those shots ring out. Police Pickens confirmed it was multiple shots they say and Kenny wasn't hacked by Tony Robinson before the shots rang out. And lastly Lindsay when asked you about this and has the Department of Justice has there been any kind of indication that in fact they might begin an investigation on this. I we have not heard were of that yet at the moment the Wisconsin and the Wisconsin's state to its Department of Justice has this this. This division called the DCI they are in charge of the investigation right now they will hand over their finding finding TV district attorney. Of Dane County. All right we seasons he Janice in Madison Wisconsin Lindsay thank you for that. You can keep up with the storm real time download any ABC news happened started story. For updates on the go. I'm Dan Pressler New York.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"Hundreds demonstrate outside Capitol building; officer put on administrative leave.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29506876","title":"Protests in Madison, Wisconsin, After Police Shoot Unarmed Black Teenager","url":"/US/video/protests-madison-wisconsin-police-shoot-unarmed-black-teenager-29506876"}