Red Sox send team plane to transport David Ortiz to Boston

"Big Papi" continues his recovery at Massachusetts General Hospital after being shot at a bar in the Dominican Republic.
3:06 | 06/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Red Sox send team plane to transport David Ortiz to Boston
We begin with Red Sox Lance alleging David Ortiz he's back in Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital to continue his recovery and this coming after. He was shot at a bar in the Dominican Republic and underwent emergency surgery. One of his closest friends and former teammates Pedro Martinez had an emotional message yesterday so take a lesson. I'm so disappointed. To know that sold one like David who saved so many lives. Kim have so why not during its life. And I'm sorry I hear it. From Torre. But. It hurts me. Yes very sad there's so I want to bring in. Tommy Thomas on the ground in Boston with the the latest updates Tom what do we know about his condition right now. Kimberly good morning will right now he's still in stable but serious condition and we just gotta really important update from our partners over at ESPN. They were told by Ortiz a spokesperson just a few minutes ago that Ortiz underwent exploratory surgery here at Mass. General overnight. That lasted until 1 o'clock this morning. Now he's taking very limited visits and are closely monitoring him for the next 24 to 48 hours this comes on top of that emergency surgery after he was shot. Or surgeons told us they have removed part of his liver his small and his and large intestine so this is very serious surgery. And it's our understanding that that gave Ortiz he's in stable condition but he's clearly not out of the out of the woodwork just yet and the watch him very closely. Know what I can't tell you is that. We heard there from one of his former teammates. Red Sox players owner of the franchise they are all responding today here at Massachusetts general we have really seen fans here but they have been waning on social media when you talk to people out here in the city. They're all pulling for David Ortiz in the really worried. I support the investigation. Back inside looming go here's what we know so far one suspect is under arrest. It is our understanding yes have been questioned thoroughly just yet. But he apparently was on a motorcycle. With the alleged gunman who shot David Ortiz they try to get away but they fell off that motorcycle and then other sort of witness is that where they are. Grab that one suspect. And they held them down until police came over to actually beat him pretty badly he was bloodied. And they held at the police were able to get there he alleged shooter in this case still. He apparently got away and it's our understanding from what police are telling us that. Robbery clearly was not the motive appears to the big question Kimberly is what was that motive. Why was David Ortiz shot their surveillance video he was apparently talking to a friend of his who works on a variety TV show is on the looming though the bullet go into his back through his stomach in actually hitting that friend as well you know that surveillance be you can see David Ortiz slumped over. He's alleging here in Boston he's also a legend back at home and for some of these players. You know they they have an icon status in their home countries whether BB DRQ bowler but as well. But there's also a danger sometimes because they know these people are rich they know their favors and sometimes are also jealous he's within those communities. Thank you for the update somewhere certainly happy that he. Is doing okay.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"\"Big Papi\" continues his recovery at Massachusetts General Hospital after being shot at a bar in the Dominican Republic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63636351","title":"Red Sox send team plane to transport David Ortiz to Boston","url":"/US/video/red-sox-send-team-plane-transport-david-ortiz-63636351"}