Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s loss felt in small towns

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on how Americans thousands of miles outside of Washington, D.C., are paying tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
5:45 | 09/24/20

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Transcript for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s loss felt in small towns
And as hundreds paid their respects to justice Ginsburg in Washington who is resonating even in small towns in leafy suburbs hundreds of miles away are Devin Dwyer has more on the outpouring of both reverence and grief across our country tonight. In downtown Minneapolis the mere mention of Ruth Bader Ginsburg tree green deep grief what. Take Friday night that it is oh I's attorney decried. I'm only trying to. Early voters for president grappling with the loss of an iconic justice. We have been playing alone time that Bruce. Could make it through. She didn't. And I have great. Prayers of comfort for her family and for the nation to as a whole she. She was a little left to senator but she found in this. I want it made sense legally. I think she looked at facts. That she was fantastic just. Thousands of miles from the Supreme Court that outpouring of affection for justice Ginsburg since her death his been profound. From candlelight vigils near Oakland. Gwinnett affiliate young girls and I got him. To silent prayers outside the courthouse in Bloomington Indiana so many Americans calling for kindness in unity in her honor. It says. A woman who has provided sometimes waiters now. Inspiration to yeah. Ginsburg's death most acutely felt by legions of female professionals. But Jamie Becker fin a mother of two and lawyer specializing in domestic violence. It's been devastating and like as an attorney if you look at after if beaten her attorney. What did she is a person has meant that so many of us to go to law school back then. That's an amazing thing. And two face the challenges she did as a woman. Let's keep fighting for others it got to admire her partner retired CPA and Swenson a devout Catholic who opposes abortion. Had nothing but praise for RBG oust talk about liberal or conservative judges. But to me she was just. An outstanding member of the Supreme Court. Minnesota law professor David Schultz sharing the cherished personal connection a letter from Ginsburg out of the blue in 1999. About his research on her famously speedy opinions. And I thought it was so delightful that might lead to real ink by the way. But I love as the first paragraph it talks about what her kids like complaining it's like a slow eater X that are federal like that I love this line did. Nice to know my slowness at the dinner did it right this counterbalanced by my opinion production speech she was famous for writing past. That's best for many voters the race to replace Ginsburg is unsettling when you act was. Kind of just like old crap you know Ali what's next. It's it's. 28 when he. What what crisis is coming. Down the pipeline. Michelle Fazio working mother of three in self described Reagan Republican. Thinks her party should wait where I get so I would have said that. That the next president but it Donald Driver and I do think that bad that the rates are at war I gave himself. Before RBG's death majorities in both parties said they supported holding hearings on a nominee before the next president sworn in. But a vote to confirm a new justice potentially change the balance of power on the court trust decidedly mixed reaction. I believe we should follow are constitution the president is obligated to put up a nomination. So I do believe he should. Whether that process can be completed before November 3 after November 3 I don't know but I think the Republicans blocked. President Obama considered their parlance I think both parties. Trust and believe both parties can play their games so you don't think that the senate should push ahead it's irresponsible act as a Communist. To put somebody on there time. Absolutely not it is obviously be most. Hypocritical. Seeing that they could possibly do I see both sides. But I feel like so much of south Wallace maybe you remember. But the president and senate Republicans are not waiting so article. Our constitution. Says the president shall nominate justices. Broken constitutional duty to fill vacancies on the High Court in a mandate from voters who elected them. It's the nation mourns a Supreme Court icon tonight many facing a sense of unease about the political battles to come. We also have to trust our justices. Like our justice as I understand that Amy will be brighter and you laughed and you know they're appointed by Republican and democratic presidents that they are titans of and right left or otherwise I trust them to act that way. And Devin Dwyer joins us now live from the Supreme Court DeVon tell us what we can expect the rest of the week here in Washington DC in honor of RV EG. He review thousands of people have already turned out here at the Supreme Court today you can still see folks lined up behind me to pay their respects there would still at this hour. Lined up around the block five city blocks just to see justice Ginsburg that will continue tomorrow we expect president trump. I will be here is well on Friday justice Ginsburg had to cross the street to the US capitol should be the first woman. To lie in state there all women members of congress expected to pay their respects in the next week. Shall be finally laid to rest at Arlington national cemetery. I becoming the fourteenth justice laid to rest there in a private ceremony joining the greats including her meant term Lindsey. Herbert more from Lindsay. DeVon our thanks to you.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on how Americans thousands of miles outside of Washington, D.C., are paying tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73205125","title":"Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s loss felt in small towns","url":"/US/video/ruth-bader-ginsburgs-loss-felt-small-towns-73205125"}