Sanders: 'All options are on the table' for Syria

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders doesn't count out any options despite Trump's tweet threatening a missile attack.
8:32 | 04/11/18

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Transcript for Sanders: 'All options are on the table' for Syria
Of the speakers out strikes are in good afternoon welcome to the briefing here at ABC news headquarters on different wire 200 deputy political director. Mary Alice parks or else what a day a lot of big developments to advance on many fronts. And start the day with the speaker of the house Paul Ryan announcing abruptly bit of a surprise he's not running again but he will serve on mr. He said that he expects he will pass his Avalon the next Republican. Speaker of the house than usual but than usual. But Democrats were quick to say this was all but ended meaning. That they are going to take back the house that is how they are selling it to donors and friends and that's how lot of Republican donors are taking this news. That Democrat takeover of the house in November is all but likely and in fact it looks like. Or Paul Ryan is is essentially banking on our or Orleans getting out potentially in time to avoid it. When that's not how Bryant's people are putting that they're spending it that the street was gotten so much done. That he just can't stand it anymore needs to get out of course that's not you know they only got some exempt. And there's an irony there were the one day thing they got done was the tax bill which was his big entree here is selling points a look he doesn't feel like. He can Ron it wants to run on his piece of legislation what does that mean for other potential Republican candidates who might be looking. To call it quits to in this political environment. I'm Ryan of course butting heads at the president a complicated relationship he did draw this tweet from the president this morning. Stealing a little bit a thunder before Ryan even had his moment in the spotlight if we put up the speaker. Said he's a good man by Donald Trump's of the speakers a good man. He leaves a legacy of achievement that nobody can question we are with you Paul but we just saw cirrus Sanders she wouldn't rule out. A potential wave coming perhaps a sign that the White House is very concerned about democratic chances. Come November. And it will be interesting to see if this president tries to play favorites with who should replace Paul Ryan Mack and hailed talk about. Nancy Pelosi the speaker all of a sudden are gonna try to game out. Whether Kevin McCarthy horse d.s creation should take his position so we'll have to be watching closely whose. Running down Pennsylvania Avenue more often than not it and coo of the White House might be leaning towards to replace speaker. That's right Kevin McCarthy very close to the president he's going to be at the White House tonight for dinner with the president with Paul Ryan as well. Other Republican leaders on the docket will of course be these looming strikes on Syrian Mary Alice. It in addition to. The tweet from the president this morning talking about launching missiles raining down in Syria and some extraordinary language toward Russia. And that dominated at the briefing there because it is unbelievable that the president of the United States will be essentially telegraphing military action. And it's hard to imagine that this is not now backing the president in two corner how do you promise. Bums and then not deliver. I'm wrong I am not sure I'm not a military expert but I can only imagine that. Not following through with that level of threat could have real impacts on diplomacy or foreign policy gold collar. That's right a lot of talk today about the president perhaps putting himself in a box a president who said he does not telegraphed his military moves. Let's get the latest on what the military planning is in serious situation for that we go over. To our Stephanie Ramos who is over at the Pentagon today Stephanie bring us up to speed and what you're hearing there from sources. On the planning for the strikes the president is now promising. Old avenue Mary Alice what we've heard here is that B president is still receiving. Options we know that Defense Secretary not its end chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. A general Don for where apple White House this afternoon likely talking about Syria and what options. The US house you to react to that chemical attack with a place over the weekend. But we are hearing a lot about these options and end here at the DOD there they're called strike packages. And what are the options it's being considered is whether to let attack asides. A command and control headquarters that's where he asked me the Syrian. Military that's one option another option could be two to allow launch a missile attack. At a storage site where they me howls chemical weapons that's that's another one. And the third that we'd been hearing here at the the Pentagon is where. The military strikes could come from a US navy destroyer that's out of the Mediterranean seat. That disorder could launch tomahawk missiles which is the same missile that was launched. This time last year so the president does have a lot of options we also understand that president Ron has been seat speaking way of French president the man on the Kron and UA UK prime minister's recent may. As to how the west should react to this chemical attack and so we're just waiting here to see in this will indeed be an. Allied congress. Applicants Wright and in denser Sanders saying that very clearly that the White House feels that Syria and Russia. Are responsible for this the president has not made a final decision yet she sat on those option to step he was talking about. Arm but what do the question Stephanie that we all sort of is lurking in the background here is how Russia. Could respond to an attack on neighbors Asad regime of course the Russian government. Has been propping up its not what what's the sense there on. The risk to US forces. From an attack or at least risk of a conflict with Russia here. Well is a tricky and sensitive situation as you mentioned we do have US troops out there in that region in Syria we have at least 2000 troops of their concern there there safety is in major concern we have heard from Russia. They've being a Russian ambassador did comment that Russia will shoot down US missiles and target. Launch site so again. The safety but the US troops that are there is a major concern it's unclear how. Russia would respond to any type of military attack from the US sort from other nations. Went near depend on whether or not this is eight. Coalition strike so and this is something that the department of defense and the White House is taking a close look at two really. Determine what the best course of action is. We were this this military response on behalf of the US. I was really struck and every think that Sarah Sanders was asked directly. Whether the United States was prepared for a direct confrontation with Russia and she repeated her talking point that all options are on the table. They are we think Stephanie Ramos has been burning the midnight night oil over the Pentagon. It's not just Syria it's not just politics up on the hill but also in new bombshell from the New York Times today and the a special special counsel investigation into the president this time on that referral to the New York right that's separate an explanation. He would idiot investigation spawned the off the Muller investigation now. Word that investigators the FBI are looking for documents. I really didn't Access Hollywood tapes. Rain that would be a big deal if in fact Michael Cullen was involved in some way with that scene way back when from. October before that presidential election looking at we don't know yet it seems like kick in York times reporting is cracked. That was one area that investigators were looking at when they. Raided his offices and homes and hotel room. But it would be significant because it could imply that perhaps he was involved in all their efforts to keep. Negative stories about the president under wraps and. Because it's still just after 420 today when a close up at today's edition of the briefing room with eight lighter note. I don't know I don't know wow speaking of speakers with talk about the former speaker John Boehner. Is back in the spotlight today let's take a look at the tweet he's treated he's taking a new job. In fact John Boehner is telling everybody that he's thinking on Canada's has evolved. And he's now going to work during the lobbying effort for cabinet candidates currently. Right this is our round two before Aaron wondered he's gonna have. Others the former speak turns in his lobbying burglaries are gonna make a pitch to Paul Ryan to join him. I don't know but it is an interesting next step it'll definitely bring him back into the headlines and dad doesn't like kept it. Bear club announcements I'm excited that will be hopefully answering phone costs. Right he's lighten up we are going to shut it down here and the briefing room with ABC news you can dad double BBC news apt to follow us. The latest reporting on now all of these stories and more and join us at we'll see you back here. At the next White House briefing on Devin Dwyer per Alice parks with you next time.

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{"duration":"8:32","description":"White House press secretary Sarah Sanders doesn't count out any options despite Trump's tweet threatening a missile attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54402781","title":"Sanders: 'All options are on the table' for Syria","url":"/US/video/sanders-options-table-syria-54402781"}