Singing Crowds Await Pope Outside DC Residence

ABC News' Kenneth Moton talks with crowds awaiting Pope Francis outside the Apostolic Nunciature in Washington, D.C.
13:16 | 09/22/15

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Transcript for Singing Crowds Await Pope Outside DC Residence
Good afternoon everyone this is Kenneth vote here from ABC news reporting live right now in the middle of Massachusetts avenue. Right outside the Apollo like. Not yet sure apostolic not a huge tourist usually here because everyone is excited I'm excited for what if happening behind me and what is happening around me. I want to look around here on Mathieu that leaders argue. Well I've. What's going on that's a live look Massachusetts. Right near the papal residence where appropriate that the will be thing when you're waiting at the rival but France's actually end the era right now coming from Cuba. You give you the very Lars checkpoint security checkpoint. That it's been set up here on Massachusetts this is a very large security effort a national special security event. You're in the US where it is they'd massive undertaking. That is happening across the yon north east let me get ready for pope's. Francis a rival as you can see that number of people have already started right here to welcome Pope France's defeat. About a little newspaper action there what does that say for us. Welcome all. That's welcome BM and you know what I'll Washington. There's a little bit of my Spanish for you there. As so many people get ready to welcome Pope France's here I don't know walking around a walk with me here you can see. We have a few dozen people ditch around the tree here. Who have come out here really early look. To help celebrate this table or rival. The first in the US for footprint for the first time he's ever been in the US even before he would vote. And you'll get quite a welcome celebration. When he gets here to Massachusetts avenue just behind all of these folks here you've beat through the trees they are. Not able rabbinate if Carly. The not yet sure but I can tell you that is essentially a Vatican Embassy where we know that inside. With the surroundings might not be welcomed France's views do we here at spirit Austin by the year it's very beautiful here. That have not has. Humble. Surroundings or quarters. The Pope would like or what he preaches. But we know that you have to be accountable and I that people resident. And it leaves. Tonight here in Washington before Hebrew thoughts York. And and that the grand finale for the world you know family. And at Philadelphia that's right here if the they're holding a sign. You are Peter welcome to USA. Holy father does and right here. Santo Padre here's Mike Spann is a little bit pay at prohibitive. Without if you need. I can tell you from my New Year's standings and is that that's welcome to the United States we have a number. Media outlets reports who have gathered out here for this way and that it will. At. It a deal before this city. We've been planning for months you're watching the bulldogs have been planning for quite some time soon as the announcement was made that the Pope will be coming here. And the New York City also doing with a huge security you meant as they get ready for granted and the arrival here. I talked with them votes correctly. Right now. To welcome the Pope tape that's untenable when they instantly asked why he wanted to come out here your life AB unit that Hubbard now what you thought about being on your right. We welcome all. What's that like right now he's been here and experience that's all these it's just nothing in my life and I'm really glad we acquired him. When you see the Pope and I mean here and that is stored in your brought your little one out here as well what do we have here. The hope that you she might get a chance that tickets by the lack of or badly for a year. What do you think about corporate. And he's beat. You'd think about some of the policy some of the things that the princes gone already. In changing the church. Are you a member of the Catholic. Your thoughts on what the Pope has done so well I don't keep anything different from other as bad. And we support. Ali plans to gain valuable reward. Me. Hey thank you so much I appreciate it yet people are coming from all over. It just try to get a glimpse of hope Francis hopefully after the security sweep they'll be able to get a little bit closer because we know that right now. Mom I showed to the security area earlier. We know that large barricades concrete barricades are being brought him for Massachusetts avenue right now there are actually these types of checkpoints where. There are areas for the cars as well that have been thought up. On this stretch of road which is really a residential area there are number of other embassies. I'm that are also on this street in in this neighborhood a number of people I talk to a neighbor earlier who I told him. You'd realize you have on the most secure street in America right now if that's. Death but still somewhat of an inconvenience but it's. Nice to have put France this. Still in the neighborhood as though we know that traffic in this area it's going to be Majorly impacted. And all three of the US cities report France's it's been hitting DC Philadelphia and New York as well the security sweep we don't know how long. It will live we've been told it will lots that the longer it takes as so many officials from. Federal officials state affairs and local officials make sure that this area around the papal residence if this safe as possible. So. At this point we know that people pointed out here has long it's possible we're going to be out here is well. Just take implement the fight them down but we think about what Branson what he's done this man has really. Been. And encouragement and inspiration to a number remember that the Catholic faith there are. In this area alone there are more than a million members of the jobless charts and many of them have called. But France's aid transformer. Someone who was really brought them back to censor me but the background here prospective. As a fetus group is really having a good time circling around this. Is 11 o'clock news. On third. Grade here at the effectiveness have a drummer here. Let me let's let that go to bed here. That's. You. And there you go to some beautiful sounds they are from this group that is amendment. That would. Quite what it where you're from. What Rico. Why do wanna come out here and products of this beautiful music out here as we get ready for Pope France is the rival. And you can be given away and we come here from all man urging him to see to receive the holy father what were you playing just now. It was they arrested. And that's you know Sunday's that they governments pick. Though obviously you'll be here when the Pope arrives at here is papal residence. Yeah hope I'm sure you hope that he hears you us we will play out at Uga. Would appropriate mean to you. His. And is a lot of humble man is is that example. Paul Sarbanes. That you summit that's sealant there is glee the music it dig a little well deserved. Break that's happening right now they've been playing for quite some time ago and a really good job. We got them people who got some signs that here let me turn it back around the what's happening here we got a little one he's making some signs for Pope brands that hey guys I need. What do we have here past where you got brown. And that's close here in our Washington DC area whites got gonna come out today to speak out France's. What does it mean to yet to be able to get a glimpse appropriate. I'm really inspired the end. You are so any added Richards. Now. And you're seeing the Pope before. We're ready writer first time getting a glimpse of the broad rally. What are you guys know about appropriate. That he's. And he is that there is. What do you think about that. I think that's really cool that I'm betting so I think that's just off them. So tell me about your signs and you got worked really hard on them so. Tell me out of order we got here what are the signs that. Do you. And that we love you Pope France's and governance managed. It. You go and we even look at this we've had a little hope grants since faith here. Hopefully we'll get to see the real Pope right. What do you think about that all of this then celebrating the pokes the rival. Why do you clinic a mad you're even after today. No I guess I'm coming on Thursday scenes. Capital. So obviously when it get a glimpse of the Pope and see him which do you what do you plan to do you play this Adam. I don't know I don't know what I'm. Out. Out. We're we're let me ask you this you know you see this large security on effort out here obviously is to protect. And holiness than. Something that's needed your thoughts when you see this massive security undertaking. For his safety. And for RC. Captain. Out and it tactile. Thank you so much I really appreciate taco it me. Yeah I've ever bodies coming from all over just to you. Experience all of this and just yet and we see people that are hanging our right now we're just waiting that you know the countdown is on. Pope bring that is due to arrive at Andrews Air Force Base and about thirty minutes or so he will be greeted by President Obama First Lady Michelle Obama. Vice president Joseph Biden and doctor Jill Biden this is a rare. Moment and time is a rare occasion. Before the president. Who will agree to but France's. At Andrews Air Force Base and so there'll be a lot of pomp and circumstance will be a very short meeting that won't happen. At Andrews Air Force Base and then. He won't make its way through DC. Suit. Does not feuds were right here what are also get a briefing and it'll get to rest up a little bit after his. Cuba trip and then he's got a pool jam packed schedule. I'm throughout the funeral will be speaking. Will meet the president at the White House tomorrow morning. Where there be about fourteen or 151000. People. On the South Lawn of the White House. To greet the Pope in U wave at them and of a lot of people also most likely on the National Mall they'll be a short parade after. The Pope meets with President Obama and then of course there's also the addressing of the joint session of congress we do not know what the Pope will say but we. Understand it will be something else and it will be something that could be surprised. Meaning they've got a surprise to others who know that has focused. All about. All about. Surprises and all about. Transforming the Catholic Church so we're expecting community announcements from the Pope throughout the bid it. As a good thing right now I want to flip it around again. To show you that there are just don't even slide here who just so excited about this arrival and they are waiting. Again I security sweep it's still happening. And that we you're expected to get back glances in the spoke France's and his motorcade comes on Massachusetts avenue home a share to have that for you right here when it happens. I'm gonna vote with a ABC news. I'll see you later.

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{"duration":"13:16","description":"ABC News' Kenneth Moton talks with crowds awaiting Pope Francis outside the Apostolic Nunciature in Washington, D.C.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"33956561","title":"Singing Crowds Await Pope Outside DC Residence","url":"/US/video/singing-crowds-await-pope-dc-residence-33956561"}