Sister of limo crash victim speaks out

Twenty people were killed Sunday when a limo crashed into an unoccupied car in Schoharie, New York.
3:55 | 10/08/18

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Transcript for Sister of limo crash victim speaks out
I'm Arial rat chef for ABC news live in scary New York this is ready and TSB is investigating what it's calling. The country's deadliest transportation accident in nearly a decade twenty people killed when a limit dean plowed into a parking lot killing two pedestrians and then. Ran into an embankment while where all eighteen people on board that limo. Were also killed we spoke just moments ago with Corina halls who lost her sister Amanda. What's giving you the strength to come here and talk about this today making my insistence that means really helped me push along and I'm kind of the spokesperson for my family right now song. Ten have to have. Headstrong an ambulance and I'm Tom Mandel was imminent assault strong willed and she's stubborn and she gets the sea lions. And I think she's just here with me pushing me along what else you want people know about your sister about her boyfriend Patrick if I can let anyone know anything about Amanda let them Nall. That she was spontaneous and she was fun. And that not to take things so seriously. I think the world today everything is so serious and so Graham and like this story is like ice rolled right past it because how many times do you see it like people are dead or. I'm until finally hits you it feels a little bit differently but to fight that anyone know anything about it and I don't think things so seriously have fun. And then do it makes you happy when you look at the scene and you hear what happened didn't make any sense to you. No made us. Wolf and I Chris came in this morning. It it made me feel really. Heavy and my heart thinking like my sister die right here but now when I'm here during the day later I think that we just need to make it changed for this road. I'm apparently he wants that Perry county have been saying that this road is dangerous thing to do something else foray. So now that this tragedies happen let's make it changed forever because it's not happens again. How was your family doing. Right now I'm how devastated. Obviously has Imus saying just the Middle East and her family and Amanda was the middle child. We're all just very devastated we're all looking for answers and don't have any. Just broken. Perhaps. And how old was Amanda Hernandez what is he doing lies what he's. Tell us a little bit about her life son Ennis 26 years old she was a waitress at Shea her sweet and water believe. She was happy go lucky she went to work with a smile on her face everyday word but old people. Samoan she loves. And she always tell me stories about them. She was artistic ever since it was such a high old she would be trying out everything I'm bashing that's hurt its earnings grew up more self portrait. Just a little paintings and drawings. I don't forever treasure because. Pounds of green. Komando slick assist game and earning power inseparable. So it's just kinda going to be hard coming forward having. And patches were inseparable they were perfect for each other and I'm so glad they found each other they need each other so happy and it seems like it's his sisters were very close absolutely. She is definitely my other half my best friends and not show them that anyone out there but. I'll move on panel hold very dear my heart and under its so be around me all the time. He really does feel like she's here you know supporting you as you so much for talking to us we have. Appreciate it thank you his mom and him. And they're already been to vigil set out to honor the victims we also know one of the victims worked at a school nearby there have been grief counselors on hand there for the students and faculty. At the school and we also know have there been stressed. Debriefing is for emergency crews who responded to this horrific and unimaginable scene I'm Arial rash act for ABC news live in scary New York.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Twenty people were killed Sunday when a limo crashed into an unoccupied car in Schoharie, New York.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58364677","title":"Sister of limo crash victim speaks out","url":"/US/video/sister-limo-crash-victim-speaks-58364677"}