Ski resorts embracing the snow

How ski resorts have gotten creative throughout the pandemic.
4:07 | 02/17/21

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Transcript for Ski resorts embracing the snow
While the recent dump of snow is an inconvenience for many summer taking advantage and hitting the slopes theater Bolton takes a look at how ski resorts are faring during the pandemic. And how they're welcoming guests as safely as possible. For families trying to get fresh Sharon exercise during a pandemic but many are in breezing the snow. We're all looking for ways to enjoy life his family right now. Big inch do you. This is still wage should you wait for us. During the winter and family such as Mike said there's an extra layer of health and safety to consider what's and who has Down's syndrome the age the activity she loves most throughout the year people on the Internet and an increased risk of getting calypso. We took into how one team. Options and ski resort town didn't but shaking around New Hampshire. It is a responsibility that resort companies such as Waterville valleys manager Tim Smith takes seriously brought trying to get. That most officials ERR illustrate our trying to make sure that they're safe and end accommodated our guest. Bradman Coyle the general manager of owls nest resort is of this scene minds a lot of spam ways com. And an end here in their little in her room where pot. And I think that that helps keep things safe couple thoughts on the other rules and regulations and policies that we haven't place. Alice Nassau for individual lodging units within no contact checking process the email courts rely just said there's no physical check in plain water filled alleys Condo units have customers staying for weeks and months and his time. For many families with parents working remotely thinks she's in virtual learning programs they have safety and their lodgings and on this slopes. We're operated a program where what is used people offerings Gonzales there's he's walking up the bounds. But nets team back down which allows you to get up about the needs of data analysts are important yet even giving Dolan remains a year we're already very much. Dressed in Hazmat suits as citizens where fast gloves goggles. Ready to go. Be sure in the national 65 billion dollar per year ski resort business is taking it this year and many resorts it had to put restrictions in place to comply with state laws. Would be skiers coming from long distances may not want to green air travel more than quarantine and may be required when they return home. Of the resorts that means thinking outside the. Don't you saw will be dealing not long socially you cross country skiing all these activities that are often considered an album outdoor activities. That is really been the job and the crush. All of all of our whole existence of how we've made it through this whole thing and hand him. The very blessed soup to continues to. Business judging die equipment sales of back country skiing or ski touring which often involves climbing secluded snowy mountain ranges that business is booming. That's contributing sales jumped to 76%. From August through October compared with the scenes I'm a year ago according to a and PD group sales of snow routes also. 221%. In that time some analysts saying the strength of equipment sales shows that when steers or within driving distance of instate resorts the businesses have a fighting chance. Overall it's been going really well. In this resort it is. Two numbers that are part of an awful lot easier but not too bad much better than Buchanan was and didn't want your opt. Men and skiing and I'm not. Actually helps bring you a little bit to reality you can teach us just still in the wind in your hair. And didn't then German just enjoying the beauty. And the cool air. The key and getting outside getting some fresh air no matter how does he do it Diane these hearings Deirdre Bolton thanks for that.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"How ski resorts have gotten creative throughout the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75955777","title":"Ski resorts embracing the snow","url":"/US/video/ski-resorts-embracing-snow-75955777"}