SPECIAL REPORT: 1 Dead, 'Multiple Critical Injuries' in NJ Train Crash

Authorities are responding to the incident in Hoboken, New Jersey.
6:56 | 09/29/16

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Transcript for SPECIAL REPORT: 1 Dead, 'Multiple Critical Injuries' in NJ Train Crash
This is NB BC news special report. Good morning for those of you just joining us Hank -- robot and we are live with breaking news this morning. There was a deadly train crash in New Jersey at least one person has died. More than a hundred others have been injured some of them critically. For the very latest let's head straight to the scene and ABC's GO Benitez whose there in Hoboken, New Jersey good morning GO. Any good morning to you a rough morning indeed for so many passengers here. In this area just take a look there are emergency workers are all over the place trying to get a handle this is the very very. Serious situation here Hoboken one of the most popular train stops in all of New York City in fact. Here in Hoboken N in New Jersey of course we're talking about those hundred people who are injured are so many of them seriously some of them critically injured. And of course that one person who has died. We have spoken with a witness take a listen. To what he saw. GO I know that we are hearing from witnesses throughout the morning in you talk to with them specifically many people describing it. As a shaking and just really affected the train wouldn't stop there were no breaks and they came up onto the platform is proceeding. Some of that video coming in from the train station wall where some of those witnesses telling him. Well they were saying that that train just slammed into this platform and that's what we're worried about his. Did it hit many people as it was they you know this slamming into this platform where those people just. Waiting there waiting for the strain we know that the train was late so we don't know what factored into this train. Slamming into the path platform. When it did bad we're told that one of the columns actually collapsed and support of the roof inside that train station also collapsing. And GO we've heard reports throughout the warning that their main V. People still trapped as emergency crews are first responders a rushed to the scene almost immediately this happened just before 9 AM East Coast time. Any word on what's happening inside in terms of any rescue or recovery efforts. We have seen emergency worker after emergency worker Amy going in and out of this they are Jeff. Definitely trying to get there are many of these trucks have been just moving all over the place trying to get there to see a who was still trapped because we don't know. How many of the injured were passengers and how many of the injured were just waiting for this train as you can imagine. This is a rush hour traffic I was getting calls from Keefe said. I was going to get on that brain but I missed it by five minutes this platform here is of course the fifth at. The busiest in New York court sari in New Jersey right now it's the fifth busiest I'll platform so. As you can imagine so many people were right there but we know that the first core. Was most seriously impacted we're told that other people in the other cars were actually able to walk out of the program. Yeah we've heard from some of those people in just for folks at home warned familiar with this area this is just across the Hudson River. From New York City and for most people who are there in Hoboken. This is the last stop the final boarding stops to make their trip in two New York City each day this is a huge commuter hub there Hoboken to New Jersey we know that the NTSB the National Transportation Safety Board. Is on the scene they are now investigating. Possible causes GO what have eyewitnesses said that is there any indication what may have happened here. All they were saying is that it was going very fast so Amy that's all we know right now but one of the things that the NTSB is going to be looking at they're going to be looking at maintenance they're going to be looking of course that human factors possible fatigue you know did that operator. Lethal enough we're going to be looking at track conditions the train itself many of these trains are older trains or they're gonna look. Whether it was properly maintained so many factors could be responsible for the. RE GO thank you so much for that eyewitness report we'll let you get to doing what you do best to get out there. And talk to people and see what's happening at this hour in the meantime we have someone. Who witnessed part of this tragedy unfold Matt how and it was on the other side I believe when the train came up onto the tracks off the tracks. On to the platform they're mad I know you're joining us by phone. Just to set the scene for us tell us what happened what you saw. Well I was coming from the opposite the the outcome of the labor outside a mop pail bottled water about broad enough to train. I'm at O'Hare the woman yelling that the bill was enacted in yarder trying to crash couldn't get you street everything was blocked off and what you're sure you know what she was saying oh what we've gone at that point but as I turned the water to go into the station. It was already pretty chaotic there were people everywhere in. You stop and pick exposure to either training doctors station you can see the roof or in the you know some of the structural. Or is stationed at collapsed there was water leaking the wires were poor and he was pretty crazy. Ike I can't even imagine we know one person has been killed. More than a hundred on third injured. I can't imagine what that scene looked like did you did you this did you see some of the wounded. I know that there were a lot of walking wounded reports of people others perhaps trapped as well just tell us what you saw. Blood out walk to waiting area inside. To get out to get to work I saw some people who. You know looked like they had been inundated in some way a national hero on the train or you'll in this speech in. And were expected doubt weigh what they were you all lot of people shaken up while some people get medical pension. What I got outside there was some people wore on the ground not getting medical attention and and that's warning in the U you really start to see him blocks. 01 responders. No jewelry some on the scene but then there was no I was getting out there were part of your police how to fire personnel medical personnel. And they hope you're just been an important first spotters all morning. All right well we are certainly glad you're okay thank you so much for. Setting the scene for us telling us what you saw this morning of course saw such an unfortunate situation Matt Hellenic thank you so much and again more than 100. People injured we know that one person has been killed that train coming into Hoboken just before 9 AM this morning on its way to New York City. We are going to have much more on the story throughout the day here at ABC news so stay tuned for that in the meantime though we are gonna return now to regular programming in some parts of the country. That is Good Morning America and of course there will be a complete wrap up on world news tonight with David knew or. And of course you can get any information at abcnews.com throughout the day I mean you robots during New York. Have a great day. This has been a special.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"Authorities are responding to the incident in Hoboken, New Jersey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42448570","title":"SPECIAL REPORT: 1 Dead, 'Multiple Critical Injuries' in NJ Train Crash","url":"/US/video/special-report-dead-multiple-critical-injuries-nj-train-42448570"}