Spotlight on violence against transgender people

Juju Chang of “Nightline” discusses the violence transgender people experience in America. At least 18 transgender women of color have been killed in 2019.
5:02 | 10/03/19

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Transcript for Spotlight on violence against transgender people
And now we're moving again into a story that's often overlooked on the violence against transgender people. This year alone at least eighteen transgender women of color murdered and countless other surviving brutal attacks so. I'm joined by Nightline co anchor GG chain. Who went into the state of hate and violence in this community so. Tonight there is a special that's airing and I want you to tell us what you've been working on. Well it's something we've been working on for months basically looking at the question of these eighteen trans women of color who were murdered. But beyond that statistic the violence that is perpetrated against trans women of color often and why it is that they armed former vulnerable. And when you start peeling away the layers you see a variety of social mores that are coming took to the four for example. You have a rising tide of anti LG BT. He chaired that seems to be sorted out there and that's being met with a lot of sort of empowered young out and proud trans youth yes and not be cut their visibility that they're fighting so hard for. Is also what's making targeted. We met. Friends of Malaysia Booker who went viral this summer because after a fender Bender she was assaulted brutally it was Condit EO when viral. And she spoke out about it afterwards but within weeks she never sought justice she was found shot. Wow. Yes so. You where spending so much time with the someone ask you what surprised you the most in doing all of this reporting. Well it's. Something out more than confirmation the American Medical Association says. That violence against trans is at an epidemic level and what we're looking in as their vulnerability we went to. Costs of ruby in DC and looked at why it is that this population is so vulnerable because often they're kicked out of their families and when that happens. It makes them far more likely to become homeless far more likely to have drugs or survival sex work as part of their lives. And when you're out there it makes you vulnerable to intimate partner violence in May shoo bop vulnerable to just random acts of violence. And then you dig deeper there's the under reporting that happens right and the mists and during that happens mr. rendering of the term I never understood yeah. But what that means is. Look if your trans you're often being harassed by the police or by authorities so. The last thing you want to do was go talk to the police when I asked a number of trans women do you feel safe talking to police they said no we're not gonna report this. And if they do they are often miss gender as male. And so the statistics that we're looking at are just the tip of the iceberg because there's a lot that's not reported its and then there's money that are missed reported and that. If you look at one statistic right of these trans murders across the country. Only 60%. I mean. Only 40% are salt which means the majority and it's it's a higher percentage than other types of murders right and so you just have to ask yourself why is it why is it the trans women of color. Their violence perpetrated against them. Doesn't seem to be held you know accountable yet so we have a clip from the special that's airing tonight I wanna take a look at this absolutely yes. Wake up in a world. That is not the scientists support transgender people. To welcome us and schools to give us a chance to get an education. Employers are not eager to hire asked if you don't find. Nurturing that you need to survive. One unlikely we'll and most of us dying before where thirty. Zoe spears never made it to thirty she was 23 when she was killed this past June these things are memorial. News though and that sent to stand ruby takes pictures of all but girls like Zoe who call this place home. For a very poignant reason. Close this mind there. Because I know that there's a possibility that at one outcome. Paths. It's unbelievable so that was ruby Carano you said. And tonight when the special air is your co hosting it with the dominate Jackson from pose which is incredible yes she is. A high profile trans woman of color on this hit show Emmy nominated blitz groundbreaking in so many ways because of its cast because of its. People creatives behind the scenes. But what I love about Domonique and when she brings is a life of experienced lived experience. She has worked for decades for a group in the Bronx that works with homeless trans use an at risk trans youth so I said to her you walk the walk you don't just talk the talk and she helps. Illuminate so many of these issues and so we were so thrilled to have her on sets co hosting with me. Out arm in arm so when is it come on tonight it comes on tonight after Jimmy Kimmel. And our normal Nightline time slot and that's the entire show dedicated to amaze him amazing. Incredible work so we're looking forward to seeing it so happy saint Hubert sapping my did you any and appreciate it eight.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"Juju Chang of “Nightline” discusses the violence transgender people experience in America. At least 18 transgender women of color have been killed in 2019.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66037581","title":"Spotlight on violence against transgender people","url":"/US/video/spotlight-violence-transgender-people-66037581"}