Spring Has Sprung in 2014

Get ready for warmer weather and see how Explore.org's penguins celebrate the arrival of Spring.
3:00 | 03/20/14

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Transcript for Spring Has Sprung in 2014
This is a special room. Countdown the minutes because we can soon say goodbye to the snow the ice all the bundling up -- of snow -- -- the -- -- winter is over in less than two minutes. And what a winter at west 22 states -- -- hit below normal temperatures. Some breaking decades old snow records but as of 12:57. Eastern time spring will officially be here at old man winter you are no longer invited to the party. Everyone I'm -- -- -- archivist increasing officials bash report winter's over and certainly one for the record books is still a mess out there that take a look -- Michigan. All the melting snow all the rain causing some flooding. Along the river raise it. Hear reports of cars homes being flooding today and a flood -- in -- in effect around Grand Rapids -- the ice jams from the grand river. But that big news that we are looking at right now. Back to spring helping us welcome in the spring season as AccuWeather Justin -- -- jazz Justin I'm sorry I can't even future may -- get so excited for the. Countdown. I'm right there with you you don't count down the seconds myself and a well lots of warmer temperatures for the official start of spring some good news. It's about time now I know there's still some cold over the north but even there will see a little warm up later on this -- -- Here's what looks like right now we are dealing with some clouds a couple of snow flurries throughout portions of the northeast this is not a big storm -- Cannot be concerned about eighty huge travel delays up -- -- -- quarter DC Philadelphia Boston New York City. I think the for the most part so you be good shape later on today here's why don't focus on look at all the clear skies Ohio valley central plains south plains Tennessee valley Gulf Coast -- yet. It's nice out there and -- temperatures are warming up in by later on this afternoon. We are well into the 40s50s for degrees toward Indianapolis -- just for every -- cutting you off into present we're gonna about it. Perrier. Terrell. Why and spring is here just to give us our first spring forecast I interrupted you but I'm sorry up here in the northeast we have just been dying for this moment. -- gosh rates you know I just can't wait to get outside and a watch shop for Carl the solid all the residue open up the windows -- some fresh air and head out so they can't make it a little round -- off that a challenge it anything outside we just being cooped up for far too long. So we will be dealing with some warmer temperatures later on this afternoon and also into Friday for the northeast middle Atlantic -- the southeast this is what we like to see. Mild conditions high pressure in control over the southwest the south plains conditions looking good as well cool for the north -- but it's cost that is it was so. We have to take some positive away from that. And I think we will continue to see warmer temperatures into at least the start of the upcoming weekend so at least some good news here on the official starts for. Going out like a line clearly right. Pool yes of dateline. Definitely indeed our civil what are we look I mean the about a precipitation we have them with broken some with broken some records have we not this winter. All yes throughout the Great Lakes Ohio valley northeast -- -- -- some snowfall records. And as you know while we could see a little bit more snow here -- later on this month and early April there might be some chunks -- called still coming down the pike. Later on next week of course want to focus -- on the war keep things positive right now but we had a lot of snow. A lot of that snow is still on the ground -- as we do warm temperatures up here the next a couple of weeks. There'll be quiet and melting like you said earlier there's the potential for some flooding are before we let you go though what the temperature in Long Beach, California today I'll tell -- why in a second. I'll sort of California coastline looking -- -- -- -- into the seventies for the most part so. You know take me there on -- -- with that Johnson and -- Just a -- from AccuWeather just thank you so much look here's -- wanted to ask about Long Beach, California because take a look at this it has some penguins. Haven't -- springtime fun at Long Beach and keeping -- California has never even come close to having a winter this year obviously they've been dealing with. Droughts. Throughout the entire winter. Over here in the northeast at west's it was records now what a winter we have had thanks to the folks -- -- -- or for these. Live pictures of penguins. In Long Beach. We're also keeping an eye on the tweets coming in and here is -- queen of creativity -- even your mother nature please stop giving me the cold shoulder. I would like to be back in your warm thoughts hash -- first day of spring and -- body says this weather better act like it's that first day of spring. And take a look at this. Also being -- -- -- dress warm today well. All right I guess it got like. Two feet of snow on the side of the Nissan's Altima that's going to be a little tough to do but regardless enthusiasm -- out -- -- now spring is officially here so says the calendar. Complete reports right here at ABC news dot confidant -- that's New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Get ready for warmer weather and see how Explore.org's penguins celebrate the arrival of Spring.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"22988935","title":"Spring Has Sprung in 2014","url":"/US/video/spring-2014-warmer-weather-season-arrived-explore-penguin-cam-22988935"}