Stop the Hate: The rise in violence against Asian Americans

Increasing hate crimes targeting Asian Americans are a silent symptom of the coronavirus pandemic.
51:55 | 03/05/21

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Transcript for Stop the Hate: The rise in violence against Asian Americans
This is an ABC news alive special events Asian Americans are under attack. To. Asian continued along the verbal assaults. Patient. And brutal violence on the rise. I got very angry because I thought this is now a year but these kinds of things like. Anger and fear in the shadows of that can Jennings. VP his administration. And China she. The sad thing as public. An apologetic in the blanks from giant G helped duke still deprived areas. God called to action did the entire. Being visible and ignored. Bremen street's. Blue. To this studio. I am an American. Born and let. To golf halls of congress Sierra RO. Instances where they eat are made this video that we are foreigners the right now across the country. An unprecedented. Events. Stop the hate. The rise in violence against Asian Americans. Here now juju Chang. And even pilgrim. Good evening thank you for joining Assad's we talk about something. Deeply painful and deeply personal a spike in attacks on the Asian American community. And it turns out this is not altogether new it's been a silent symptom of the pandemic. Verbal assaults and violence surging at an alarming rates attacks against our neighbors and our loved ones evoking fear and anger. Anger that some of the most vulnerable and venerable are elderly are often the target of this violence last month an 84 year old Thai man was senselessly pushed to the ground in San Francisco the grandfather later died in the hospital from his injuries sustained during the attack. Some Hollywood stars seeing and that kind of violence and speaking out publicly to draw attention. And take a stand against these attacks actors Daniel day Ken and Daniel Wu joining forces to get justice for families. From coast to coast the drumbeat for change and growing as Asian Americans uncharacteristically. Taking to the streets to denounce the attacks refusing to stay in the shadows any longer reminding us all. That we too are American. Tonight is an uncommon gathering we're joined by Hollywood stars athletes congress members activists and everyday Americans all sharing their lived experiences as Asian Americans you'll hear from Daniel Dae Kim from Bolivia Mon and from Jeremy Lin all talking about what's inspired them to talk about their roles as advocate. Spur covering events across the country with colleagues from Los Angeles our local stations in New York Philadelphia. And San Francisco are joining us. With their first hand reporting on this violence in their own cities to enduring racism as they do their jobs. For many of you who look like us or who have to loved ones who are Asian none of this we'll come as a surprise to you but for the wider audience. It still largely invisible problem and the attacks escalate. We have to talk about it and we have to report on. So tonight we want to move this conversation forward by looking at the root causes of the anti Asian racism in our country and talk about what's being done how to stop the hate. From the activists to the allies and the loved ones finding hope. Amidst hard Hank. This is the video that help spark a movement. This senseless deaths of 84 year old Thai immigrant be sharp rock to not talk dean and knocked to the ground while on his morning walk. Spurring people around the country to stand up against anti Asian hate Hollywood stars like Daniel Dae Kim leading the charge. It was a very visceral response I got very angry because I thought. This sound like a year these kinds of things going on it was disheartening to see how many people did not know the attack was one of several against elderly Asians and Asian Americans and cal. When you stay area over the past two months. Prompting more than a thousand people to gather in Oakland and speak out against anti Asian violence calling for solidarity when an armed. But while his death has galvanized the community it's his life that his daughter and son and long one honor and he. Rent and he anger and. Iraq. Family men's ten until men he taking care lollar found me. The pain still raw for his daughter Mon Thomas who sat at her father's bedside as he lay dying. Pineiro makeup a game and creating and he sprained what did you say to him when you got to see him in the hospital. Dad wake up they like him to. Stay I used to make up incumbents the immediate game. They Hejduk who make up and can't. They made plans for him. Police arrested a nineteen year old suspect who pled not guilty to murder an elderly abuse. His lawyer insists the attack was not racially motivated because the victim's face was covered with a mask and hat so there's no knowledge of race and his lawyer instead calling it a break in the mental health of a teenager. And even though besides the task is not being investigated as a hate crime it's still drawing attention to the alarming surge of xenophobic attacks against Asian Americans and across the entire country hanging. Throughout the entire year of a pandemic. Which has been largely. We ignored all. It isn't something in the same team loves this country where somehow it's all came to physically or verbally abuse Asian Americans we're reasonably good doing. And this is not just one comedian who it is every community we have this as CEO and the Silicon Valley and who's verbally abused an Asian family in a restaurant. Nation pieces. OI. And then we have old tortoise hair to. Asian country belong but that hate us too often crossing over into violence. Greenberg coming through community leader doctor Connie one says it's clear how Asians have called. Different ethnicities and backgrounds are being indiscriminately targeted and blamed for the pandemic when. The previous administration. Said sings public clean like the Wuhan virus China flew. Still play from China we have to be accurate and apologetic. He helped to stoke the fires. Anti Asian violence against our communities. Stop API hate began collecting more than 2800 reports nationwide. Of anti Asian hates between march and December. The NYPD alone reporting an 800%. Increase in anti Asian hate crimes last year. Now a growing movement of young people like will Lex hands are refusing to stay silent. Sick and tired from being visible and ignored in our country the pain of the Asian community has been muted for. Yeah after flew from his home in New York to San Francisco last month meeting with local leaders of all races on the ground to learn how to turn his outrage into action. You don't fight racism with racism. You fight racism was solidarity. Thomas says she is trying to find hope it is an easy. I'd you know cited we think kids and then being attacked local wal believe they yelling in NBA ERS take you how why anesthesia and how did your kids react to that beat Leno is awhile and see just walk away. But that pain pails in comparison to her father's murder. I I miss him god and the de Jesus carrying Chris thing. We can't believe these these happened. No one of the biggest challenges in stopping hate crimes is prosecuting them while they differ by state and jurisdiction further complicating and pro longing the legal process so. How did authorities find concrete evidence that a suspect was motivated by hate. It's a sign camp are our film from our affiliate here in New York Debbie ABC has the story. A wave of violent unprovoked attacks against Asian Americans consuming this city of New York 56 year old man in Manhattan this week. Pummeled for no apparent reason a man riding the subway sliced across his face from cheek to cheek a woman. Viciously shoved in Queens a 71 year old woman punched in her face in Chinatown a 36 year old man stabbed in the back. Now fighting to stay alive. Is not a general news I have seen this DA put people on chicken and there's been JL what old stuff but now what that's patient gets its. Full no good reasons to me beside not to prosecute. Community leaders simmering mad this week on the Manhattan DA's doorstep. After he dropped the second degree attempted murder as a hate crime charge just a day after it was filed. Saying there was no evidence to suspect saw his victim's face because he was wearing a mask and had. This should've been kept yeah. I can't fathom why within one changed and ABC news analyst and former NYPD chief of detectives Bob boy says any unprovoked attack absent any other apparent motive. He would charge as a hate crime a spokesperson for the Manhattan DA in a statement says. The defendant's statement that he didn't like the way the victim looked at him. Does not establish a hate crime when the evidence to date shows that he ran up to the victim from behind and may have never actually seen his face. He comes in the only crimes that require troops move this. And it's and we can't and they don't machine angeles' three people's minds doctor Phyllis Kirsten felt as a criminal justice professor at California State University. She says it's incredibly difficult to prove that motive. Beyond a reasonable doubt to reach a conviction. According to the most recent statistics tracked by Syracuse university in 2019 through June of that year the 99 federal hate crimes charges. Only seventeen have been prosecuted. They handling of the stabbing in Chinatown isn't the first attack then embrace the community last July and 89 year old grandmother and Brooklyn was lit on fire. In that attack at and so many others at the outset of the investigations police said no racial slurs were hurled so hate crime charges were ruled out. As a result of that fury the NYPD created the Asian hate crimes task force yet even just last month. After the 71 year old was lodged in her face on the subway police said because no words are exchanged it was not racially motivated. But why weren't cops investigating at least the possibility we sat down one on one of the commanding officer of the task force who set the record straight. I think that's what department doesn't express what we do correctly. Just because we don't have evidence that yet does not mean we're not investigating as a crime historically you know Asian Americans have been victims at a disproportionate rates in New York City. The service to get from the police department. They don't really look forward. Because general speak English they're afraid of the police this cultural barriers and differences. Console on the reporter for the Asian Americans you don't want to come forward. And to find cannot WABC joins us now I mean you I'm best Asian cultures very much put your head down don't make too much noise don't talk too much attention to yourself. These attacks are really hurting Asian in an uncomfortable position. Yeah and the questions and asked that why region for so many victims these days and I think there's been somewhat of a snowball effect as we're able to find one victim in convincing her speak. Another and another and another each of them felt like there were no longer alone and they've told me that they felt like there is speaking out for much larger. Purpose. So fun I know that you were born and raised in the United States joined the US army raising to the brink of sergeant and now earlier this dogged reporter on the street you don't appeared to be someone who would experience bias and discrimination. Yet I happen to know better. Yes sure Weathers from my childhood or into the military and as a journalist right I've had in elementary school teachers make racial comments about me. Drill sergeants make racial slurs about me and these are authority figures and that is a definition of institutionalized systemic racism. And tonight at my mother's generation would never speak out but as younger people feel very differently. About that what are you seeing it with in the Asian community as you talk to people that's a thousand inquest I'm hearing from community leaders that even within the Asian American households you have the second generation the children blaming their parents are being racially biased so this is. An incredibly uncomfortable conversation but these discussions are happening. Within these intimate Asian American households this discussion people are having all across America tonight. Thank you so much to find salmon Debbi ABC for your great reporting we really appreciate you and of course let's check in with you later on in the program. Moments from now. Actress Olivia months on the moment she knew she had to speak out and blind she says so many hate crimes bill and punished. Chinese Cyrus. He's not only scuffle. And Wuhan. How his racist words are linked to violence against the ancient community and then. Deep bond court experience that made basketball star Jeremy Lin speak out. He joins us with his story. And welcome back to know actress Olivia money as part of a growing chorus of Asian Americans and Hollywood. Who refuse to sit by silently lending her star status to help stop the case but like so many for months. This became personal someone she knew the target and attack and is she recently told me she had to step up and help. I know that even before me your friend's mom was attacked. Even before that horrible incidents non you've shared a message on is a Graham riding then over the past few days I've found myself at a loss for words and the rise in anti reasoning crimes. The racist verbal and physical assaults and left my community fearful step outside of the. What you think you when you posted about what was the message. We've been hearing about these attacks for a long time and it's especially during her last year away and then be pandemic was weaponized against Asian Americans and Asians across the world in memory. Actually seeing that footage seen in these elderly Asians just being attacked. I really was. Paralyzed I didn't really know what ten being what to say and it's been really difficult said she'll like. Our people are not being seen. So take me to that moment when you saw the surveillance video of your friend's mom being attacked. While went to your mind. I was in shock I mean cheese and dairy tiny woman and she is. Hurled through the air exit point where her body as horizontal her legs are whale. And then I know that she was knocked unconscious and I think about my own mother and the about my hands. Red of people in my Camry and how it could have happened to any of tell me how the younger generation is responding to that sort of cultural. Need to sort of seeing ally and arms are younger Asian Americans being more multi room. Yeah we're being a lot more mobile than our parents and grandparents my grandmother and her children are here into the war and Vietnam and it has speak any English and they all came here for a better life and really wanted to see you yeah. Be a part of the fabric of our country and act two and land a big part of that list to just keep your head down womb and except being a second class citizen in your own country. Our generation. We are res due to speak up for people who really need our help to dry out when there's an injustice and when you look at our parents or grandparents dating paved the roads for us now it's our turn to take about six those broad and lock them down those problems ailing look you knew you belong here in America. And I say yeah. Now Olivia told us that Sam's mom is on the mend and at first she didn't even want to report a crime but now after the suspect was arrested she's feeling like her pain matters all of the also talked about being biracial that when she says she looks in the mirror she sees an Asian American woman and that's why no matter how scary or exhausting she's gonna continue to speak out its. And like Olivea my colleague Dion Lim and ABC seven in San Francisco also harness the power of social media using the original platform to share information. On attacks against Asian Americans her social posts even helping police arrest suspect. And inspired a new sense of community amongst viewers encouraged to now speak out about their own experiences. Dion then you so much for joining us have really appreciate it I don't a lot of your reporting the victims actually reached out to you. Only on social media using the direct message feature. An hadn't even reported their attacks why do you think that is. Even this is something I never experienced before in my career and it's actually pretty cool I know why should because the majority of these victims don't report their crimes to police for a number of reasons there. Either scared they don't think he'll be heard they don't want retaliation. Or like we heard from us on injured Cilic is -- acceptance culturally she had down cheap nose clean don't cause trouble on social media things are different people get to know me on a little bit Morgan intimate basis they learn about should meet being bullied growing up in during non diverse parts of the country so they feel that connection and then on social media there's also offer there's a screen phone or computer actually steal protected they don't have to lay it all out on the line -- and then when they see other people comment on the East Coast they realized oh my gosh I'm not alone I can do this I feel empowered to share my story. That sense of seeing other people as hearings in the same thing you spoke again. Out a lot on clubhouse also. How social media platform has been being in getting the word out about these attacks and how important have forums like clubhouse bin. Ash in it's crazy I personally didn't even know clubhouse existed a few months until election it's a neat platform and that people can feel that sense of community each and speak one on 100 people four inch positions of power these change makers can weekends ago like participated in the clubhouse which. Daniel day chin and under will and other politicians she was so incredible to see the power 3000 people join inch and in this conversation that we expected to last for maybe thirty minutes an hour she ended up being three almost four hours long so it's that sense of community that gets Foster online H that really urges people to speak out and want to do something and help. Turning clearly on had a lot to say Dion thanks so much for joining us we will see you later in the broadcast. Well a pandemic has ascended all of our lives we are all living with heightened anxiety during what has been no doubt a different coal year. But that can say this fear is being weaponized against the Asian American community. And they are pointing to president trumps routine use of racist language saying is stoked the flames of hate. But all along we've seen our colleagues pushing back take a listen. Japanese iris and so we're trying to flew out. Firms aren't big giant is virus. Chinese denials got hold of an individual honor. No fondness risk catching on. Co wrote about this. Coming blue. Or. Some people want the Chinese. Randomly go okay okay. China giant and irises we know. I prefer my news fire started trying to is that reasonable is it wrong are you worried that. Tiring yeah. He's married and I'm going to say they won't let our borders and dozens of incidents of my bias in the news. In this country you're only eighty secretary kids are says he does not use these terms of ethnicity doesn't harm that my friends. I don't like Carrie. Generous system you. Comes from the chain around her feeding. He did not think it was racist even calling them whole slew of hits. Lame and hateful and pathetic this is not just offensive language to many this is not just what many are gaining racist language. Potentially dangerous language no one should be using this language because ethnicity is not what causes it met Lindsay I'm willing demand the president is not gonna stop. And it's important to note the majority of cases of the current and iris here in the US actually originated. From a European strain and not from China. William our next guest is conducting an urgent study on the effects of xenophobia. And how does the Asian American community reacting to the troubling surge of racially motivated violence we'll findings are simply staggering researchers asked nearly 700 Asian Americans about the types of hate crimes they've experienced since the start of the pandemic 34%. Say they have been victims of verbal abuse 24%. Cite workplace discrimination 16%. Say they were cost on our spit -- and twelve say they were assaulted. Physically. To discuss these numbers let's bring in one of the co authors of that study and why you associate professor doctor Doris Chang think she's so much for being here with us. He's reminds me a dutchess and clearly there is fear and anxiety and people are suffering in silence and Europe. Practicing clinical psychologist what the best ways to cope with this sort of collective stress and tension. So. There is power and our stories first of all talk about what's your feeling when you're going through whether picking up. The owner posting on social media filing a formal report should know by sharing your stories you are actually helping others in the old salon. In a letter sent to this problem. Secondly. Drawn strength from our community east let's read claim when in beautiful and meaningful our cultures. Because. Being proud and we are actually. Stats and then there are those of us. Worst restaurant relaying things significantly. Stressed having a different kind of war are functioning school. Species how C professional support don't sound friends islands there's help available. And yet we should note that there is so much diversity within the Asian American Pacific islander community not just ethnically or culturally but also geographically were spread out all over the country which makes solidarity that much harder where the solutions going forward. Oh I do think it. Some money and medianews emerged as a powerful armed we are reaching out with us. Sharing our stories connecting on. Rides they didn't bring to recognize that there is tremendous adverse not everyone is happy dancing experience in this. I'm actually here in our differences and how we're meeting this isn't really important part of dealing solidarity. And we all know these events are prompting important and difficult conversations about racial reckoning soaks how to honor the struggle for example of the African American community while leaving space to talk about the pain in the Asian American community. Well I think we have to recognize. When there racism directed towards black communities are Asian communities or other communities back. Racism stems from the same room costs. So we beat I think for see you began by educating ourselves and our own racial histories and he lasts and how this current arrangement anti Asian violence and discrimination. Into larger historical pattern and then CE should be. Only strengthening our coalition. And our networks and community support. I'm building allied Sunni communities and lack ground meaning NY as well we collectively I have to dismantle hundreds of racism in our country. The best way to fight racism is with solidarity thank you so Oman stores Chang appreciate your time in your insights thank you. When we come back basketball star Jeremy Lin's speaks out yeah. What is going yeah. Quarter and realized there's people who are yeah. Actual physical attacks our country's painful past through DR makes it feel that he are foreigners. Plus. The incident that got the attention of actor Daniel DJ and do what he did in recent bonds. Welcome back into ancient fascinating is not new and it certainly didn't just appear during this pandemic it's roofs. Run deep in our country back as you seen throughout this hour there's a new generation coming into their own task of facing a troubling legacy. Here's ABC's serene shock. The recent attacks against an American community and easily. Do you not yeah. We need the Asian peace and meet the pandemic or just the latest bid battle. Hill is here. Voter could chill Kong remembers when his son was the target. Cup races are at school things and believe more than once. You're on the playground or school. Shall simply because he's Asian and that's really touched me strange to Lou. At that time four year old and that means six in the eight but it can those three different periods. Concept was pretty smooth insulin for what they are. I didn't have the words it was a really hard just sands didn't know that my son is gone are the same generals talk about it. Painful reminder of the gulf between mainstream America and fastest growing minority group in the United States I think it's getting teed Asian American. It's coming needy he has tenure figures he has in American comedy BS but the perception of being other has followed Asian Americans since their arrival in North America. The core of the problem has been fed a daily assume. That you are not from sheared engine don't. Belong here. But you're a transient that you just came out and the united because you don't belong here that you re not the mirror and. The 1882 Chinese exclusion act which reflected racist stereotypes of the time. Is the first and only a lot restricting all immigration by a single nationality or ethnicity and into the US. And the law repealed in 1943 was among several anti Chinese laws passed in the United States and hate crimes like the case of Vincent chin. Beaten to death after two men who mistook him for Japanese. A group blamed the decline of the US auto industry as seen in in 1989 documentary who killed Vinson chi and go let me. I. Listen only yeah yeah and and I don't know. I don't wonder just. Of instant. I don't. Hello I'm. A history of violence inflamed by prejudice and empowered by government. And across America demonstrations. Are fierce and crown room as Asians almost a 170. Years later. Still proving that they too are American. Unfortunately you all this she has gone around is included in the fast but do not believe you belong here. And because that's a lot of these folks. I believe you that you belong here. That during. It's so easy for someone to stay where you don't want your solo in Cuba are hurting you or. And serene joins us now from Los Angeles in Chinatown there I'm curious how people working to combat this racism. You know we've seen activism in nearly every floor you seem neighbor standing guard to protect Asian American family homes you see people jumping and to support to protect the elderly crowd Clinton each and raise money for those were injured. Were you select three. Store's alarm social media acts. Thank you Serena and we'll see a little bit later in the show we turn now to NBA veteran Jeremy Lin and now with the Golden State Warriors G league team in Santa Cruz who recently spoke out in a FaceBook post writing. We are tired of being told to keep our heads down and not knee trouble. Being an Asian American doesn't mean we don't experience. Poverty and racism should begin nine your NBA veteran doesn't protect me from being called corona virus on the court. And we're being joined now by Jeremy Lin an icon in the Asian American community and each terminal we can said it's investigating the slur you chase on the court you have said ash you don't have any interest in naming or shaming the Aaron Walsh which. A sense of how he reacted in that moment and what are my motivated you to speak out now. Do these green. And we unionized debated whether battered. Oh I want to bring awareness words. Means. I went through and Euro. Was going on. Order and realize when people who are doing with. Actual physical. Things of that nature people who zeeland east and around and people who murder mysteries listen. Wording in an. These are the real stories and and when he serial. We know the NBA's taken a pretty vocal stand in supporting the black crimes matter moon and other social justice causes. Are they doing anything to make sure that you were being treated risk actually an I'm curious what's the response been from your fellow players. It. Is on board and are more easily hired or. You seriously going to laughter and teens. Who who. Solar elderly Marines unleash billions from seeing the way he is an era. They're Smart column. Boys that's gone to court. And that are in their weight more serious and insulated Hulu Yahoo!. Yeah being an every everybody in the organization and now I'm spending in order. And the basketball player you're in a role few Asian American men are in. I'm curious have you ever shall age you had to improve your Amir king is Cheney grappled with each being treated as an other and both your professional and your prime arrange. Michael. Not always been and an Asian your mama always to. Prove and Lou Muller and knowing and situation. And with somebody else you know and either in grand Ole I win and Nolan. You this might not be your albeit and you'll end. I think we're all guys. Used you you. Using beyond what you're doing and I casino. Are in the next. Asian or Asian American comes along you know we it won't be. Difficult. Are they won't be labeled as we went in. That is hard or I don't know you usually do. Stimulant that's an important conversation we really appreciate you taking their time to join us tonight. Ben Eager. And Mike cool factor just went three for just saying yeah. But still ahead for us we have one woman who is taking her flight to Washington. Congresswoman grace Meng joins us live to talk about her fight to denounce Haiti's and a racist rhetoric she received in return. Plus actor Daniel day camp says enough is enough. Welcome back to England to give me. Encounter that left the last. Seeing impression on our next guest Debbie PBI reporter Nydia hi and was almost hit by a car nearly four years ago. But it was what the driver said that moved Nydia to take action against racism. It was three simple words this. Is America Nydia responding in a now viral FaceBook video that has led to attend talk. And it W peavy I Don T series that examines racism in America her experience inspiring so many to share similar stories. In the eyes and I thank you for joining ads do we used to work together so I know. You are not one to get on a soapbox. So what about this incident made you feel like you need to say something. Even a mile of partner honored to be with you tonight I felt like I needed to respond to those three words and this is America because they unleashed in me an anger and the pain I didn't even know I was carrying inside I assume the drivers that those words to me because she didn't think my Asian phase belong to that of an American. And after a lifetime of ignoring similar incidents. I felt compelled to respond especially as I thought oh my children who look a lot like me until I hope have a different experience. Phil I responded publicly to say enough is enough this is not okay please check your knee jerk reactions and your biases and see I. For who we are not ads forever foreigners but as fellow Americans she Andy and I really hope the knot this gets out there because this heat we're talking about tonight she didn't spring up out of nowhere cash it is rooted in our continuing struggle to be seen as Americans as everyone else it's. And we know experience I castill races and I like. Where you from question in the name calling starting from we were kids on the playground into our adulthood so many people. Rarely see anything about those casual moments. This is their true even though they are terribly cutting each I have to tell you even as we cover these brutal physical attack against Asian Americans I think we need to continue to shine a light on other forms and refilled them when he do you two examples here in Philadelphia a board member of the labor union that represent actors and artists. Posted a recent mean on social media a Philadelphia hoagie shop advertised a recent menu item calling macaroni and cheese covered in Chinese garlic spot. Hope that not after those stories were amplified. There were real results not board member resigned to the menu item was removed I think only shared these stories we're sending announces that there are consequences for this kind of behavior and reason against Asian Americans is not okay each and even though we know that even casual racism and has an incredibly profound impact not only does that courage and also really heats up and then explodes into the kind of ugliness and violence we see today. The so I guess the natural question and that a lot of people are asking is what can they do to help their Asian American friends and family. Yeah I think there are a lot of thing that people can do let me tell you it's three thing that I hope people can deal number one and be informed. Wean. Worse then and watch what is happening in our community and share our stories. And number two used stand up for us even when we're not in the round especially. If we're not in the realm and intervene when you see things happened I had seen and windchill currently by the stories as seen across the country volunteers. Walking with Asian Americans seniors and also by seeing neighbors guarding the homes and agent American families have been the victims of racism and threats. And the third thing that people can feel instant use their pocket book. So please don't need to an organization that is working to stop the hate. Frequent and Asian American dozen or watching a movie that is made by an Asian American filmmaker features Asian American actors those are three things that people can do Eva. Some good actionable items forest Nydia thank you so much for sharing. Your story we appreciate you. Thank the and a we clearly all need allies and one of our biggest allies in Washington is congresswoman grace Manning who's joining us live from queens new York and she's on the forefront of passing legislation condemning anti Asian rhetoric and violence -- introduced a resolution last march that passed in the house despite a 164 Republicans voting against it congresswoman thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me junior. It's good to see you even digitally again you know you've been calling for more attention and action against hateful rhetoric and violence towards Asian Americans for the past year frustrated has it being. For use it says shout out about these attacks and not have any action and yet at the same time do you feel like there's momentum to finally tackled some of these issues given the renewed spotlight. I'm the bolts are accurate it's been really frustrating to feel that our community has been seen. Invisible in the past are especially during this past year but I will say in the last few weeks. Although it's sad because the number of incidents had gone out. I do feel like the mainstream world as being more ads and shed. From corporation's. New politicians. And to our allied communities. You know you let me listen to some of the racist voicemails you received after you introduce that piece of legislation. When you hear that kind of vitriolic in people's voices do you. Ever get concerns that may be d.s racist attitudes and behaviors are so deeply ingrained. No matter what a government official says or does she. While it makes Steve feel sad but I try not to take it personally. There's always an ocean in many Asian unmarried kids are harder and it just saddens needs your field. We are often prime still viewed as outsiders are not as true Americans. But I don't take it personally I'd think I did as an opportunity here. Or our community to unite to speak. To show strength within each other and with other communities as well. So let's just look ahead to some solutions you've worked in Queens in your community for years to build bridges what do you see as the most important action that needs to be taken and also local and the federal level sit to stem these attacks. So we do have a legislation we have our resolution in which condemns anti Asian bigotry. President Biden sign a memory and some that's as similar things. Well we are also trying to work with the federal government I have pending legislation for example that would require the Department of Justice. It's allocate more resource news. More person now that specifically folk kiss. On an Asian American community each and the discrimination that we faced during cold bid on it's also important to opt for me to remember the words of local activists who said the answer Teresa's own. Is never more racism it's solidarity we does wonder well. Opportune moment right now -- strength and our coalition's. Went in our own communities and with other communities as well. Congresswoman -- thank you for your time and for your service. And only a turn and we go one on one with Daniel Dae Kim and how he plans to keep on working to stop violence against the Asian American community. We talked tonight about how anti Asian page has been going on for months a silent symptom of the pandemic but there was tipping point recently in the moment the API community mobilized to condemn the rise in attacks and forced the country to start listening to the outrage and pain you've heard Daniel Dae Kim talking about that moment and tonight's. He shares that moment an inspired him. I know you've been outspoken on the anti Asian bias from them the very beginning of being over the outbreak and yet you became very publicly involved. Recently in the Bay Area. And what compelled you. She stepped forward. When I saw the murder of a vigilant and eighty it was a big this little suns got very angry because. This is hell out of here but these kinds of things going on there attacking our most vulnerable population and know what it means you media outside of the Asian American chamber is heating up this story. And so I called my friend Daniel Wu and I said let's do something more than just talk about. Let's really trying to raise the stakes of this issue let's. All through a war. An Italian I'll turn overwhelming response that you gotten since he struck out. Absolutely it to taste more credit than I should. Because it was a combination of things. They succeeded in that now you and I didn't talk about this issue other network should dig up the story and people for the first time or sing. No idea this was going. And next to me means that we're making progress in in shining a light on the bra. Room what. The fact that when someone says you I had no idea is what's going on what is it you about you disability. The Asian American or Asian and eat them in ongoing her a year in. This is a lie because some of these things have been going on for so long are you know that they're at 1800 decisions. Like conditions. In march of last year and war because so many of them go under rewarded him. And you an honor to meet you here's your going. You so bids bid and the idea that this year and the anxiety. Economic and otherwise not engendered by coach Rick. Has been weaponized. Against Asian America. You group and we do not. And anyway by the rhetoric are former president. You know there can draw a direct line between deserves these kinds of cases when he started seeing things like yeah blue and China by elicited a concerted effort. Who choose to place blame them more room and industries is in ruins to someone else and he saw this notice. There was each unit where the word of corona virus is literally grew I'm. And replaced with his own handwriting city in China by parents. And wages you're staying. Racial awakening that occurred because George school as a weakened Asian Americans. Young and old sees the how and speak out. Against. Racial inequality they. Heard earlier there had intentions between African American and an American communities. We didn't sing George good. Oh as the communities in the way that I ever seen before so I'm hoping that the momentum carries over into these cases it is crucial to really understand the we have all contributed to advocate this country and how. Progress as a country clubs here because we are here we're not going anywhere and didn't the Democrats. She is changing so we must do our best understand it as a truly it's not what we saw Douglas. And we've heard tonight about the importance an ally is against heat so we want to broaden our discussion with Nikita chattering a board member South Asia ends. Leading together thanks so much for joining us really appreciate it we even focus tonight on incidence of bias that Asian Americans have faced. In recent months but isn't really one thing it's a lot of groups of people. But we're all were lumped together. Apple personal Inky is so much for having me and so let me comment Asian American Nancy it in this sense of homogeneity that has mostly been a tool to benefit white race and then why the umbrella and them let there be dissing distinction and alleged that we have do you actually accountable and address the ruins of community. And part of that is because of the model minority men and it's because of things and being used as a tool you sneeze at color against one another we in the larger umbrella of the U meany I'm and it just an angry black Americans can be without even acknowledging that fact that there are. Members of the black Americans means eat we in his each American Media as well. I'm and actually seen this evening and seen and very recently when. Folks in positions of power are able few. Utilized by 1982. Then radicalize heat and eat higher at eight and create this this sends a and I'm of unity. He talked about that model minority myth talk to us about why that's a math and what kind of harm it does to. Good groups who many groups and individuals with the same mistake in label. Unless of the non minority men and is ER at it in this sense that an Asian American nest which reached. Is already as we talked about this huge umbrella and it is this is this model is is an example of what CD marginalize me eager media member and be what does is it not only treat this one identity and then and it lets administered dairy has passed this way but it also like I mentioned just in Great Britain. This this meeting is closer to lightness assembly closer lightness. This is our version of success. And therefore that's what everybody else should ask your. And what it and it allows or is not only that distinction and Asia and prevents us from working solidarity gather from coalition building and deals buying ads liberation and and changed. And solidarity so key in fighting racism Nikita thank you so much for joining us tonight. And still to come won major American city vaccine website wasn't working so this man who spent fifty dollars of his own money to build a new one. But when he turns his life saving site into a protest against hate. Everything changes to this story when we return stay with us. Welcome back you're about to meet a software engineer who used his skills. For the greater good creating a website to help others find a coping nineteen vaccine. For free for pretty. But when he pauses side in protest of the rising hate against Asian Americans to he'd started pouring his way but that does not stop him. From standing up. It all started when I trying to help my mom find a vaccine. Airways are pretty arduous process they're just not that medium. Made easier the idea behind Tara vaccinated as easy as possible to find you feel time vaccine available. Put out this little solution that ended up helping thousands of times and the thousands of New Yorkers. Growing up in Queens I was not immune to anti Asian bias. I drew with people making offhand remarks about my plan to guys my Ellis and lashing Chung means. Last Thursday their lands stabbing pain in Chinatown this victim was at 36 year old Chinatown resident I knew that on. Another day that could've easily been me. I want to illustrate through this action now taking the same time the first two days that if we as a country don't listen to the concerns of Asian Americans. Then we risk. Losing the contributions of the Asian Americans as well. Hey what's that Twitter Stratton outlining the situation by recommended that they donate to a local nonprofit called welcome to Chinatown. Helping preserve. Part time town here here but also working to fight anti Asian nation to date we've actually raised hundreds of 5000 dollars. I just hope that my experience and show. Others that technology takes initiative. And stand for what you believe in. I think that you can make real change regardless. However big or small. Maybe. Standing up to the haters hue told us that he felt amazing to be reunited with his fully vaccinated mother and celebrate the Lunar New Year. Together as for Turbo Max he says that he'll continue to provide the service until the vaccine is fully distributed. So cool what he's doing absolutely. And we are also gratified to be able to share the stories with you tonight be sure to stay with us live for ABC news is continuing coverage of the Asian American community I'm so happy to be standing next to my good friend -- a program on to teach. Hang and we have to give a huge thanks to all of our colleagues who jumped in from. All parts of the news division and at all over the country to make this show possible we are so grateful to have that much. We're all in this together. Stop the hate. Have a good rest of your night.

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