Students get snow day after overnight snowstorm slams New York and Boston

Late winter storm dumps more than a foot of snow, closes schools and delays flights.
3:22 | 03/04/19

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Transcript for Students get snow day after overnight snowstorm slams New York and Boston
Let's stick with whether a major snowstorm. Canceling flights shutting down schools in the northeast rob Marciano joins us live. In Boston and rob I got into New York City late last night took the train from DC. And there were so many people on that train that we're talking about their flights being canceled this isn't big deal and really disrupting travel overnight. On a Monday morning a good morning. Stephanie this sell hundreds of flights were canceled in the best round as you know from DC New York even when the weather's good as. Is to take dad train lot of folks are temp right they returned today from Boston. Down to New York is why you see the snow is stills. Falling just a little bit worse trying to get some sun and that the breakthrough to help melt some of this is having some hard time doing that but we'll have some success of that today I'm it. You know Boston is here has been relatively quiet three and a half benches was their biggest snowfall can you believe that. What is the landlord tenant is here. In the city of Boston you can see is completely car crew in white and this is that heavy Peterson wet snow high water contents it was difficult it's difficult to shovel. It's. It's difficult to plow is sticking out some of these trees. But. Kids get a snow day here. I was the first noted that no while you guys Dem slump that laughter just let me check get a better that you guys are giving it does. Rice who doesn't wasn't snow. Are be careful slow slick but check this out guys I mean. The sidewalks here and the pavement helps their blackened in the march sun getting through some and a cloud cover there helping melt double gonna need. A lot more melting today because what's coming is some big time cold. First a single under the radar you can see just left or bands and there's the very back gates. With not really humidity snell left over here may be a main. This all gets data here in the next couple of hours. And an end to replace it. Tonight. Into tomorrow morning is the air that's been in Chicago this been in Minneapolis has felt like the middle of January with. Wind chills at an intense twenty below summer that's getting to the northeast so. It'll be below freezing all day tomorrow with a grassy wind chills at a feel pretty brutal and stay at. Near or below freezing right through the rest of the week so what what is here is guard to a going to. Stick around a quick nod to our friends in the west who have had a pretty bad as well. California. A Bittermann about 36 hour break. Next round is coming in for you tomorrow and when's he won't be quite the atmosphere grimmer that we saw. Last week but nonetheless you're pretty saturated air you get some more snow up in the mountains. Com it's a thirties it's a pretty city Stephanie I know you know in Boston when it snows out but it's quite buildings. On the hells. They gets a little bit difficult to to get around early in the morning but they have a better time Vick today does help that has marked this is a third. Snow and now he's had a northeast this week. So all mail which are making up for lost time after what's been a relatively quiet lancer. Here and I'm on the I 95 Ford. Awesome rob thank you so much at fast moving storm making its way out and kudos here photographer out they're giving us. That perspective showing us at area but that extreme cold moving in so those kids. Enjoy being outside for today.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"Late winter storm dumps more than a foot of snow, closes schools and delays flights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61459300","title":"Students get snow day after overnight snowstorm slams New York and Boston","url":"/US/video/students-snow-day-overnight-snowstorm-slams-york-boston-61459300"}