Tens of thousands of Trump supporters protest in DC

Demonstrators protested the certification of Joe Biden’s election victory.
1:51 | 01/06/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tens of thousands of Trump supporters protest in DC
Congress is convening in a joint session today to ratify the Electoral College vote sir to fighting Joseph Biden selection when. The president trump is still pressuring vice president pence to overturn the election and some Republican lawmakers are gearing up to challenge the results. A some of the president's supporters are also protesting in Washington after some clashed with police overnight. Kenneth Snowden is there in DC with the latest Kenneth what is happening they're so far. The Diana while put me let me show you what's happening we've gotten tens of thousands the president on supporters who are right here on the National Mall. And just very close to the president front yards there on the ellipse right now they are hearing from. A number of side front president front allies of the president Stanley spoke earlier. Bother waiting for the big headliner possibly potentially president trouble speak to this crowd to stop this still rallied. We are expecting about 30000 people here at B a lives. Here on the National Mall throughout the day I'm right close to very closure to the Washington monument you see right here and its all because the what's happening. On Capitol Hill just on the National Mall there and congress is certified knows November election results. For president elect Joseph Biden. These dire thing to him have intensified after the overnight developments that happened in Georgia and so the rhetoric we're hearing from folks like Rudy Giuliani. I Don junior has really intensified over the past hour or so because they see what's happening in Georgia and obviously they're here to support the president as well. You mentioned potential costs as we saw those last night I'm black eyes matter bother. DC's mayor has mobilized the National Guard every police officers on duty here in this city. So they're trying to make sure things they come here Diane we're keeping a watch on him on ABC news lives. That's DUIRA Kenneth mountain with a floor board thanks Kenneth.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"Demonstrators protested the certification of Joe Biden’s election victory.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75085030","title":"Tens of thousands of Trump supporters protest in DC","url":"/US/video/tens-thousands-trump-supporters-protest-dc-75085030"}