Texas Congressman: 'We’re missing strong leadership from the top'

Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, discusses Texas’ battle with COVID-19, the disparate impact on Latino communities and the 2020 vote.
5:13 | 07/15/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Congressman: 'We’re missing strong leadership from the top'
And more now on the government response of the pandemic we bring in Texas congressman Joaquin Castro. We want to start by offering our deepest condolences for the loss of your stepmother. Who passed away last week due to coveted and we also wish your father also battling this disease. A speedy recovery so thank you for joining us especially during this typical time congressman. No. Words and I appreciate it very much. And Texas in your district which includes part of San Antonio are now co been hot spots as you're well aware after reopening the state Texas governor Greg Abbott has shut down some businesses and mandated mask wearing list be enough in your opinion to bring down infections and what is your community need most right now from the state and federal government. Well governor very early on followed Donald Trump's model see no evil hear no evil. So the governor in the state slow walked testing tracing and treatment. And we still need a heavy dose of all goes things as you mentioned. Corona virus cases are are surging in Texas and right now there is no end in sight crews searched. And I'm glad that the governor did put in place a mask order. But he's also loud for large loopholes and exemptions. That mean that right now seventy counties in Texas on a bit smaller than you or where there is no mass order in place. And ultimately I think marina drew more than do better to get this under. Drawl and what is it about Texans that may. Them so resistant to wearing masks. Well look I mean there are some folks who feel like it's an infringement on our rights feel they're being muzzled amassed gone. But that's 880. Minority people I think what's been missing a strong leadership from the op. The people of Texas good advice and when necessary. Mandating. That masks be worn. And also giving control. Sue the local governments. You know. What their own policies. Strengthen in the eighties during. I think when you combine all of that you see why we're in the situation that word. And and you course co founded woman Filipino an organization that address is a disproportionate impact of coded on Latino communities. How can congress best health. Well the love the love your community. But during this pandemic has been. Incredibly infection affecting it in fact most to inspect these community. In many parts of the country when it comes to the number of cases and also the number gas. Because of the corona virus. And so the law the community just like all Americans need congress to step up. And paper more casting Traci treatment but pro ninety but also handle economic or. There's so many people that are. Lost their apartments now despite the predawn eviction. But people to leave their apartments. Small businesses that are never going to be able to reopened their doors. They're gone under and say at least whoever you are you actually so strong federal government becoming there and help the people. I don't Wear that you know it's still are not happened from the congress vicinity surpassed the heroes act. And we continue to do more. And Texas of course helmet voting today and run off primaries in several states that conducted primary noting weeks ago. Are still waiting on final results due to the high number of absentee ballot so we're seeing that now how concerned are you about this happening on a massive scale in November. And is there anything that should be done now to help prevent. That potential chaos. Looking at the V experience over the last few months filed wished. People going to vote in different states. Including Texas today I'm very concerned about how our elections. In November. Texas got rid of straight ticket voting for example means it. People will be taking longer to vote. But many folks are fearful about avoiding in person and standing next to someone when you still have the virus. And all you persons that we. It sort of doesn't we can do is provide an alternative. And people having to show up in person that's what I believe a strong mail ballot we're. It's necessary to allow as many people as possible proposed biennial. Well and pressure to different states to make that happen. And finally polls are showing Joseph Biden in striking distance of trumping your state of Texas and Biden is starting to advertise in your state. So let's hear your prediction Tuesday July 14 will Biden be able to carry Texas is this near the Texas turns blue. I believe it can be yeah I believe that Vice President Biden can carry Texas in November. ID Donald Trump has failed the country. She's the reason that this rotavirus. Is still around in leery. And it's costing people their lies their businesses and their livelihoods. And the united Texans more and more are beginning this. So I think Joseph Biden can win. Acts as your congressman we thank you so much for your time in coming on the show tonight. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, discusses Texas’ battle with COVID-19, the disparate impact on Latino communities and the 2020 vote.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71787842","title":"Texas Congressman: 'We’re missing strong leadership from the top'","url":"/US/video/texas-congressman-missing-strong-leadership-top-71787842"}