Thieves Crash Through California Jewelry Store

Police say suspects were selective in the items they stole, making off with $100,000 in loot.
1:21 | 07/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Thieves Crash Through California Jewelry Store
Watch the surveillance video closely the battle security doors of Kay Jewelers are smashed early Monday morning when -- struck their car right through. Three thieves wearing police had masks Russian and get to work they -- sledge hammers to smash display cases. Filling bags with pricey jewels and gold -- But police say these bandits were discriminating. Knowing exactly what they were looking for. And they were somewhat selective on what they did they get -- said some -- display stands and while they targeted others say was. -- he was a group there was looking for specific items. The price here at the better the thieves were inside the store four minutes and made off with 100000 dollars in -- Ball security was on duty but only saw a white station wagon and it -- it sedan speeding away. It's the first major burglary at the outlet ball which only opened last November. -- -- by -- happening here in the morning. -- -- BBC news I'm not I mean I'm surprised at the same time they really could happen anywhere so. I'm not -- -- targeted here. Police officers responded to the store's alarm but -- too late they're -- the place for any evidence these brazen jewel thieves may have left behind. And Livermore Cornell Bernard ABC 7 NEWS.

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{"id":19679270,"title":"Thieves Crash Through California Jewelry Store","duration":"1:21","description":"Police say suspects were selective in the items they stole, making off with $100,000 in loot.","url":"/US/video/thieves-crash-california-jewelry-store-19679270","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}