Thousands of residents flee as wildfires rage in Southern California

With the blazes uncontained, authorities urge residents to heed evacuation notices.
3:00 | 12/05/17

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Transcript for Thousands of residents flee as wildfires rage in Southern California
You're looking at live pictures there from Southern California where thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes. As firefighters are battling not one not two but three fast moving and far reaching. Wildfires. When an alive now's the latest on the scene Don Young actress joins us live now from Ventura California she's been covering. Some of those fires out airing can bring us up to speed on the latest how firefighters are progressing. Sonja give us a sense now of what we know about their reach. And the scope of these fires and how the firefighters are able to respond right now. I'm that this thing about this these fires is that they are moving very quickly because of Ciena and a wind here wind gusts here were up to about somebody miles per hour early this morning. If you know anything about fires especially in Southern California that win basically fuels these flames. And it B is become extremely unpredictable on I just wanna kinda show you how unpredictable these fires can be what you see behind me. Is destruction just a glimpse of the destruction that is left behind by these fires and when a talk about them being unpredictable UC. Right here that is just the frame of one home but right the cited another home still stands. That's how these things go when these fires start to go that wind is is. It's whipping around it is basically sending those embers flying into the air and those embers can catch joined two different being so you'll have one home burned down. Beside me another one standing and then possibly on the other side that went down to that's how unpredictable these fires are. And when you asked about how firefighters are able to respond right now. They are really in a tough predicament but 'cause they say this fire is so intense the winds are also so intent is really hard for them to make access to those. Area is and they're basically saying that it's gonna depend on mother nature how they're going to be able to respond to this fire so right now. They're almost helpless. In this situation earlier this morning because of those winds there weren't even able to fly the helicopters at the usually used to make rocks on these fires they dropped flame retarded when a lot of the flames that usually helps to get them. Some kind of containment. But because of those wins the helicopters were able to go up. Because of the winds in the smoke that was all around the area it made it really hard for than to see their targets. And what we've been told is basically if they did go whopping did try to drop some type of retarded the wind was just gonna blow it away and it was gonna hit its mark. So right now firefighters are definitely in a predicament and then you have tens of thousands of people who are also. Right now have evacuated and they're not sure what they're going to return home can you comment. Said done its house a little bit more about how many acres have been affected because from looking at these live aerials right now an all you can see. Is smoke just smoke billowing across. The land there as far as you can see how how many homes have been affected how many people where are they going. And and that is a good question this fire because when he as you mentioned there are multiple fires going on right now. The area that I Ming is the Thomas fire and that's when has exploded to at least. 45000. Acres that other fires in the area are. In babies ranging from about five to 8000 acres but those are still growing as well so when you talk about that we have multiple fires burning across Southern California in the Los Angeles area specifically. That are burning at least 50000 acres of Lee and you talk about that smoke. Even as we were driving in from about twenty miles away you could see that smoke billowing. In the air we talk about. Meehan power we do know that there's thousands of firefighters who are working on these multiple fires being stretched thin of course trying to go to different areas. And then let's talk about the people who live here we know where Ryan theirs had been at least 27000. People who have been evacuated. In other areas that number is lower in the hundreds to thousands but still we're talking about. A good number of people in this area who of course are having to evacuate meaning than going to shelters that are set up in this area. Some of course going to a family and friends homes in this area firefighters do have a plea and they're telling people everywhere. It's called ready set go that means when he'll firefighters come knocking on your doors and they're telling you that you need to leave you need to leave the telling people to make sure that they have a bag packed. Get all of your prized possessions all of your medical paperwork. Any important paperwork that you need to have that packed in a bag ready to go in case you're one of the people who have to evacuate. Donna you mentioned. There that the firefighters are course being stretched thin across these multiple. Wildfires there are stretched across thousands and thousands of acres do they think that they have. Both the manpower. And the re sources to eventually and hopefully soon contained these wildfires. Absolutely they have the Meehan power in the resources we've seen this time and time again and fortunately in this area you may remember. The wild fires that hit northern California just months ago. They do have the resources and killing at times because we didn't know that this was coming not the fires were coming good that we were under this kind of threat. With the scene Ana winds we have red flag warnings that we knew we're going to be in effect from high yesterday until the end of this week so firefighters did staff up. They were ready they actually staged in places that are prone to this type of fire danger so they are ready and then of course. If they are stretched thin too thin here they usually call in other units. From across the state so right now we do know. That there are multiple units in this area not just from this county but from surrounding counties and if necessary they will start to call it other units from across the state. And I knew we know we have the latest now from officials who briefed reporters just a little while ago the Thomas fired they say is that right now is 0%. Contained. The creek fire they say is also 0% contained the rye fire which seems. Smaller by compares in his 25 acres burning right now began later there's been some evacuations there so far cracking at iiroc I don't believe there and old. Confirmed fatalities. So far so that is some good news. In in all of this. Your your right that is what you're hearing right now no confirmed fatalities which is great news right now but we do know that this. It's still a very. Fluid situation meaning that because these fires pop up so quickly. Because firefighters are of course their first priority is to save lives to get people out of their homes. We don't know right now if that could change we did see that when I was in northern California where it first there were no reports of fatalities. But as the days started to progress as firefighters were able to get in some of those areas that they weren't able to police initially. They did realize that there were some fatalities so right now no confirmed fatalities of course we are hoping that that Stacy saint. And done it before we let you go give me a sense of what people are telling you there some of the folks who must have been talking to who had since. Leave everything behind in a hurry you may already know that their homes have been destroyed what are they telling you about what's life. To live through this. You know. You know I'm know what's so interesting about the situation especially living in Southern California is that we know that this threat is real. But unfortunately for many people it's not real until it affects the dead. Meeting that they've seen these images on television. They know that the fire dangers here red flag warnings. But of course I think many times we think that it isn't going to happen to me but what I'm hearing from people especially in light of what happened in northern California just months ago. Many people saying that they were not taking any chances once they were told to evacuate. He basically left with the clothes on their back. And got to safety so I think that's what's different here is that sometimes when you're going these fires before you the kind of see people waiting around kind of watching it out. You know hoping that their fire at their home would be effective at this time people say they're not sticking around they're not taking any team. Sure authorities are very glad for that Tonya back us live there for us. In venture at California with the latest on the wildfires thank you Tonya. He knew who are leading you now with live pictures these are aerials and Southern California tens of thousands. I've acre is now a blaze there as authorities work round the clock. To contain some of these fast moving and far reaching fires.

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{"id":51593967,"title":"Thousands of residents flee as wildfires rage in Southern California","duration":"3:00","description":"With the blazes uncontained, authorities urge residents to heed evacuation notices.","url":"/US/video/thousands-residents-flee-wildfires-rage-southern-california-51593967","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}