Tom Brady Discusses Manning Matchup, Missed Practice

New England Patriots' quarterback discusses recent illness that kept him from an important playoff practice.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Transcript for Tom Brady Discusses Manning Matchup, Missed Practice
This is a special room. Hello I'm -- Hernandez in New York this is an ABC -- digital special report it is the most celebrated rivalry in pro football and yet. Don't step on -- field together until the game is over patriots quarterback Tom -- to launch -- a seventh round pick in 2000. And Rocco -- -- the first overall selection two years before Peyton Manning beat up for fifteenth time this Sunday. Here is a news conference about. What's about to happen let's listen and Tom Brady is speaking. And physical -- could use the -- 04 mental reps in the -- work is this morning via. -- everything is important at this point so it's that. You know yet -- six and six and a half days to prepare. Hang on -- clock so it's really matter. You know last. Folks in on all the details attention in meetings and Walters and certainly got a feel the execution asked you -- -- guys are focused and you know quote Cherokee. Certainly challenges every week and -- play against my best teams on the you realize there's very little margin of air so. Can't go out there and turn it over and you know not be good on third down not -- -- veterinarian think you're gonna going to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know we have to be -- be ready -- -- and play our very best. It is -- the event. What's the motivation that you do see. -- -- well he's always been very focused and you know we don't we haven't talked. You know ever too long about his situation there are no son he dealt with and that's in the past for him and he's always got great focus this week so. You know there's really no motivation for our team -- going to try to win a game in. Certainly when the biggest game idea that we -- to this point that's all the motivation that -- -- -- -- You know he's always focused accuser -- As well when he's won best coaches I've -- you know been around and I love. -- being coached -- him because he brings it every day they're great enthusiasm. He's got a great understanding what they're trying to do defensively he's got a great understanding of our skill set offensively. What we're trying to build toward. Degree -- of -- here so. You know he's he's fired up as Miller. Injuries effective and as. Let them. Yet what we've gone now sure every -- probably at this point overcome a lot. Nine on Denver's penalize those things too if they've overcome a lot of pains and injuries and so forth and it's just part of the NFL football season it's. You know throughout here play sixteen weeks and really see we stand the end of those sixteen weeks in the playoffs by the best teams -- if you can advance. It's -- it's certainly not easy to do it's it's very challenging him and I think it's the mental toughness of the team and the willingness to do whatever it takes to win. And were -- here you know on a daily basis -- coach Belichick showed do the right thing says. You -- -- put team first and I think that's. What this team has always been about and I think guys that I learn from over the years and guys that play with that are no longer on this team -- That's kind of leadership you can provide the smugglers have been here because I was -- I was there would learn from some great guys -- wrote great mentors for me. Go back to -- -- for some of those other guys that have been -- -- long but still have to understand what it takes to win on a consistent basis. On the different levels as first second we bowl game. I think you know they're both important to to kind of see what we did well I mean I know we did we we. Turned it over three times in the first quarter and we can do anything offensively -- -- just. Pretty terrible and they play gave me tickets and takes a challenge us. -- however the game -- and flows I think we have to be prepared just play for sixty minutes so you're not -- arguments against this team. And think he had -- figured out there and change -- -- -- change I think that's the thing they're able to do on offense and defense -- adjusting so it's not going well. They have enough players really Smart players on both sides of the ball it can -- -- adjusting get that thing said. -- -- -- better so it's kind of what we do to me you know word game plan team going and we think that it play a certain way. If they don't we -- make adjustments and try to move forward so. You can't really played thirty minutes in the first thirty minutes ago you know at the end of the first quarter likens over got -- -- -- -- at the -- All the way through this hour long it takes accidents -- beyond to -- if we can. Ultimately score more points and -- do. Appreciate his contacts. Future hall of -- I think I'm pretty much focused on this week -- I'm. I don't really think about those things truthfully it's just not. -- my mind is. He's great -- they got a great team and won -- best offense in history so I think what that -- for -- is -- -- -- to score some points. Because I know there you know that's what that's what they do best this -- -- score you and they can score quickly they can run the ball like they did against us last time they got. What you guys have caught a bunch of touchdowns so. You know what that means -- -- offense that we got to -- a -- -- we -- Eliminate the ability for them to possess the football weather that's. Controlled the ball to third downs well that's not turn the ball over whether that's get the ball and in the red area there's not want it. Phase of our game offensively that we can't. Get our very best so. -- yet there's been at a grateful to and they employ grates and so we ended the season and we've kinda had to find -- when a little bit. Annan out of there really matters is just although at this game. Sunday looking back. Well though they'll play certainly play a factor and they've they've really played a factor for us. Over the course of the stretch of the season so. Thank you really -- -- you know what you are over. A long time for -- and that's. I think we're -- we're definitely hard nosed team and that I think shows and our ability to run football ability -- special teams. You know different guys -- filled in on defense but you know we're doing great job against -- and so that's really where you establish your style of play him. You know we've tried it we talk about that for a long time about how we've become a team that's more resilient and mentally tough and I think we proved -- courses he's that we are that. You know we've wanted a bunch of different ways think we won't come from a time we've won with leads -- -- with. You -- pretty crappy weather conditions so. You just fight through whatever it takes and it's all about winning a football game that's. That's our airplane that's life when shows up and watches and its tunes and on television because it received was when I just -- -- -- -- Roberts went. You really missed Wednesday practice but he -- the divisional championship that you didn't play your best game in east and it worried me right now. And then you look for him anything. Which came with that -- more world. -- your factory that. -- -- that. He's been better than 57 estimates. He's worried. Physically -- -- I hope I hope they shouldn't be worried. But you know this team's gonna test -- About the and do my best. All the preparation -- where we've had to this point is part and going forward and get three more days to really get after. You know I'm brought -- Clinton uttered that's. One so question here. Shirtless non accelerating now. It is holding its annual national poll and you'd be easy it's life and or that really -- Expected -- might well behind me -- You know he has quietly thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know that's a great question. Again you know -- not only football success. Might. What kind of like to have -- That. There is -- -- it at an equally -- -- -- pretty good night I do I live a great life and maybe. Yet -- think that plane and monitor that. I'm not sure I'm sure you -- -- those people that you pulled. But you're right there's nothing I'd rather do that put the ball -- the patriots and yes the great thing. Thank you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well not necessarily posting a football -- just about winning football I think guys like Tedy Bruschi and toward brown Willie McGinest and you know drew place guys that you know I really learned how to. Become professional football player. Wes Welker were you know guys like that that I played with that you watch him he's he would take side day and day out basis to prepare yourself so you can be your best for the team. And that that translate the post in her translator I was in a translated offseason. So. Ultimately you're trying to view most consistent player that you can be for the team and show up so that the keeping count on you and it. They trust you to do your job because if you're playing next guy you don't believe that you can do your job. You know you're gonna affect his mental preparation because he's worried my -- -- -- get that schedule and get this block the signals you make that tackle -- And you start question that they are not able to play your best so. Doing your job as a big -- and I -- we we we use it quite a bit but it's it's -- football's all about and -- -- -- 53 guys in the locker room that. You know I've really committed -- that this year and I think that's a big part of why were more in this position that you know -- one who plays a role has really -- folks from what their role is. And they're gonna go out there and try to do it as best they -- The -- you can do moving into that visitors are blown off in the did you feel a little bit more -- -- -- Well I I think I've always tried to just do whatever I thought you know we needed to do work to try to fill -- spots that. You know the coaches can always do so. There's a lot of different rules and policies and program now and I think there's things that we can do -- players to try to get ahead. You know maybe that you know the teams don't have the ability to do -- you know I've been around here long enough -- -- understanding what our coaches ask of us. I've been coach really hard over the years and I try to convey a lot of those messages that players. As well. You know when we're not -- in a meeting room and work you know in the locker room where on the airplane some like that so. I'm costly kind of pain that but maybe there's some of the guys you -- its entire series that really just like me I could definitely see that it. -- I just tried it. -- whatever message I need to in hopes of us just all -- on the same patient we go -- next -- are best. Well Denny said you know great season -- he's he's really thought he -- we really what he's all about he's fought through. A lot of adversity during the year. You know it's really plan -- best football so. He's -- a great job he's been in and out of different roles. In the whole offense in different positions. Different formations. -- to learn a lot of different spots and he's willing to do whatever it takes. He's doing great night you know looking out -- -- people in office but. -- for the balance when you're doing really well yet Ron Paul. Three games and -- -- -- Denver's defense and do you play has worked pretty healthy industry -- -- monitor you know we're look at -- the night. Made his first. Yeah I think that's definitely. You know you try to hear what you do well -- you try to figure what they don't do well and and you know it's you try to find a balance. You know sometimes you watch -- team's defense and you allow we'd love to do you know these types of things but you know -- that's not really what we do very well so you -- do. Thank you gotta figure out what you do well and then try to go out there and do his best you can as the game where matters the most so. Susan -- like you know trial -- their game this is you know let's see what we do well let's see how consistent we can be added. And -- challenge them Tennessee you know what what they do well it's not like they're gonna install hold the defense this week. I -- they've got what they've done we've got you know eighteen games to really see how it sorted itself fountain. You try to make educated guess on how you think they're gonna play against that's that's what you game plan and then you go from there and then you be prepared to make adjustments -- -- need to. There and yes and he came up plays alive and life recently won't be found. I -- maneuver is as that we give. You know -- The red handed doing right now knowing that he -- Yeah -- he's jamming the way he's run in the way we blocked -- -- -- it's never a problem for me to check to run because they. Another excuse and it's so well. But -- we're trying to take what they give us and there's times where his good -- looks to right. And then that's what you got to try to do your Stratford quarterback -- the soft spot in the census. And the more you can find it more you can identify and get to that spot you know let's challenge will be so. You know every defense -- the strength and weakness do it. And you just try to you know go from there are some times you. Based on the situation you just -- and it happened right into the -- of the strength of the defense but. You know some of those have been are best friends this year also so. In Hayward and play your looks in the last three weeks where as a member to run it we -- -- -- anyway and we can a lot of yards so. We've become pretty -- -- team you know hopefully we can be capacity in this weekend to and we need it -- vote. And -- your first start and it's time. Under banking is there anything. Probably an open IP newsroom as we -- -- a different team than I was much younger than. And our long term. We want I was the most important thing that would be great film that they would be great in the duplicate this -- and Peter -- You know we're all there for one thing and that's to try to go out there when the game. That's our teams really focused on so that's because focused on thirteen years ago fourteen is -- folks found that. Workers told. -- -- All. The things. He told me about it. As good for him I'm happy he did he deserves it he's worked really hard over a long. Time. You never knowing you're gonna get your opportunity I think there's an FC championship game that I -- get to finish in 2001 answer came in and second half basically you know during touchdown -- lettuce and lettuce -- that win. In -- disassembled so everyone's got to be prepared you never know -- numbers can be called. Whenever it is that's really got to step -- and two -- asked to do it we got a lot. A -- wrongful death -- it would do those things and I certainly believe if Bryant gets his opportunity to do that through. -- -- -- -- I think it's just about -- so. I'm glad we want and that's what we need to do and if we need -- for 500 yards then hopefully we can do that but we need for -- -- Fifty yards opera for securities laws we win and whatever it takes -- -- today. Score more points and the team that's we have to do. Thank you -- -- haven't Tom Brady out -- since Wednesday and look a little worse for the Wear but in good spirits will be ready to go on Sunday in Denver again this is -- fifteenth meeting between Brady. Denver's Peyton Manning for just the third time they've played with a trip to the -- ball in the balance. This has -- ABC news digital special report appetite Hernandez in New York.

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{"id":21562208,"title":"Tom Brady Discusses Manning Matchup, Missed Practice","duration":"3:00","description":"New England Patriots' quarterback discusses recent illness that kept him from an important playoff practice.","url":"/US/video/tom-brady-discusses-manning-matchup-missed-practice-21562208","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}