Tornado outbreak hits Kansas, Oklahoma over the weekend

Forty-one tornadoes were reported in eight states over the weekend.
2:24 | 05/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tornado outbreak hits Kansas, Oklahoma over the weekend
I write we begin with severe weather a new storm system bringing tornadoes and flooding in Texas. In Oklahoma's I wanna go straight to rob Marciano who's driving around Oklahoma right now rob how bad is as damage. Well we earlier this morning we were reds and last night we caught up with a couple that. Get pretty bad damage from the storms came through on Saturday. Here in southwest Oklahoma idea to do with the twins have a 130 miles an hour. Luckily for them provide a better word that would lead him to homes and those whose homes are completely destroyed the woman her husband. In the house when it. The walls came crashing down that she was into the Slorc. Underwent Rick's pretty dramatic stuff now. Older couples so they're Logan banged up bruised and sore but they survived very happy about that the bad part of boldest sent us here. Got hit this weekend especially yours southwest Oklahoma. We're at a higher risk zone. Or seen I just tornadoes. Likely violent large. Long live tornadoes as they on the ground for. For a long time. Santa going to be more difficult to avoid these things likely you and it 4050. Maybe sixty miles an hour and this storm come again they'll get an in this little bit of the storm coming and he's seven. March or even even Federer is very strong winter like cold blood agenda energy. So bloody streets coming together to where we're gonna seeing some serious personal action here. Across parts of Oklahoma and in and in Texas and an initiation of net when he really gets there isn't just really know where senator a couple of hours ago. We've got some time there and doing that here. Kimberly in the Olympics those the public schools along I 35 and Oklahoma City that area down here in this high risk here is an expanded yeah I 35 hour. Witches. I'm glad it's out lot of people never get a look at a large tornado. Going through that area it's getting its hands and being asked. To sit and ask her to thread the needle and not getting so. They need a lot of luck today saying it's you. Some sort of damage if not injuries or loss line of summer to. An innings eater. Her and grabbed thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Forty-one tornadoes were reported in eight states over the weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63153106","title":"Tornado outbreak hits Kansas, Oklahoma over the weekend ","url":"/US/video/tornado-outbreak-hits-kansas-oklahoma-weekend-63153106"}