Travel challenges for disabled veterans

Veterans explain the difficulties of being disabled when traveling and talk the importance of accommodating travelers with disabilities.
3:30 | 11/26/19

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Transcript for Travel challenges for disabled veterans
Countdown to the holiday travel crush has begun maybe you're already on that while a road watching us on your phone here at ABC news live more than 55 million people. Now set to take. To the as to the roads in the skies over the next few days that's the most since 2005. According to triple way. Adjusted the air alone there is a record 31 million passengers. Expected in the next few days over the Thanksgiving holiday. The busiest day at the airports will actually one of them will be tomorrow Wednesday wind. More than that three million passengers will be expected. As you see there on Sunday is the busiest air travel day of the year in fact the airlines are seen it's going to be their busiest day ever in history. Here in this country and if you're going to be driving like I am look out those highways are going to be packed especially here in the northeast 49 million people. Are going to be on the road. As we found today they'll holiday travel could be even more frustrating for the tens of millions of Americans who live. With disabilities having to navigate those security lines pat downs tight seats on airplanes. Many of them are veterans and today our Jacqui you caught up with Sean castle. President of the paralyze veterans of America. For a look at how the group is reaching out to airlines and passengers. To help make everyone's travel easier and safer. Flown six hours you can't use the bathroom you're being treated you know your ring handled that way and then you get there and a broken your 100000 dollar wheelchair in. Now how are you supposed to get off the plane. Now Howard you're supposed to go on again this is not an inconvenience this can be a life threatening medical thing personally have had it happen about a month ago. Where I was transferred they didn't grab me properly my heat and slept when I was trying to help them push myself off and I wanted. Flatten the middle of the aisle. Not all that fond. Definitely embarrassing if you break my wheelchair you break my life the this wheelchair is literally my politics were asking for the equality that is guaranteed us. Under the air carrier access regulations that's what we're asking for something that's been in place for. Thirty years we're just asking them to follow it so again but most basic and fundamental thing is. Train them properly teach them what they're supposed to be employed people who have the medical background find out. The basic necessities and it's not just you know veterans right issues not just a disability rights issue this is a civil rights issue human rights issue. And Jackie dress now Jackie great story Sean cat and our thanks to shine castle with the current paralyzed veterans of America point sounds like. This pretty overwhelming for a lot of these people we've seen it firsthand but to hear the testimony there it's it's tough stuff that really can be overwhelming that it takes them an extra 3845. Minutes to go to them on boarding. Process and peace staff members don't have to proper medical training and China is really putting that out as a priority to make sure that. And his organization we heard him talk a little bit about it they're rituals done some reporting on this they're reaching out both to the airlines asking for some accommodations and also their. Telling announces passengers to be a little more patient. Absolutely and you know what that. One thing that's honorable mention was that he cut of these challenges. People would much rather be on a car for thirteen hours and to be on the clean port two hours apiece. You can see that in those wheelchairs difficult to navigate you've been there are narrow miles in the have to stow them as well. Sore hats off to everyone traveling this week and especially our veterans and those with disabilities. We sizzle viewing stand with you Jackie you thank you for bringing us that piece today.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Veterans explain the difficulties of being disabled when traveling and talk the importance of accommodating travelers with disabilities. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67330039","title":"Travel challenges for disabled veterans","url":"/US/video/travel-challenges-disabled-veterans-67330039"}