Trump calls for unity, bipartisanship and immigration restrictions at SOTU address

Days away from another potential government shutdown, President Trump delivers State of the Union address with no signs of yielding on border wall.
9:04 | 02/06/19

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Transcript for Trump calls for unity, bipartisanship and immigration restrictions at SOTU address
A gag in the big story of course that we're all talking about in Washington and new York and across the country the State of the Union Address that all who wasn't. And the president talking about unity bipartisanship. And I'm gonna go to some my favorite analyst. Rick Klein and Karen Travers they are in Washington and out the White House respectively. Some guys big headline. Right let's start with you. I'll give you one word for this speech weird. This was almost out of a different time and place almost from another planet this president. Seem to be speaking to himself. In terms of what he talking about in terms of its hone. And it really was a couple different speeches and want there's a lot of red meat for the base kind of a kick off for 20/20. But also some notes of of bipartisanship and unity even at one point the chamber singing happy birthday to a holocaust survivor so it didn't really fit. With almost anything else this president has centered on. And Karen York take away. Getting the president at did with the White House said he was going nearly to his call for unity and bipartisanship. But the question is where does it go from here. Like bricks that they're almost two speeches yet the president in the same breath talking about paid family leave and I got a lot of applause from Democrats and then in the next sentence is taking a very hard line on abortion so I didn't think the president issued that call for coming together but he's certainly indicated he's not budging and some of his top priorities including. Border security immigration and national security issues so let's talk about that care and border security the clock is ticking as we all know what's the possibility that you get in the sense of in the White House that the president would allow another government shut down. Over the border while. Salon eye he didn't rule it out last night but he also didn't threaten to shut down the government what did last night was essentially saying congress. This is all line you the deadline is February 15 and he said that congress now has to come together and pass legislation that funds the government and also addresses border security he almost took himself out of the equation here president last week said he's not negotiations taking place on border security were a total waste of time last night he said they had to keep working pass something by February 15. To make sure that the government stays operating but lining in this only comes to him he passed a sign legislation buying midnight next Friday. To avoid a government shutdown he didn't mention that last night that's fascinating luckless into a little bit of his speech excellent plan some of what do you say about immigration. I want people. To come into our country. In the largest numbers ever. But they have to come in legally tonight I'm asking you to defend. How are very dangerous southern border. Out of love and devotion. To our fellow citizens. And to our country. Well we heard the president say he wants people to come into this country the largest numbers ever break why can you fact check some of what the president had to say last night. You may want Japanese are acting like that is administration in fact has put a lower cap on the number of refugees that that they are to be admitted every year only 30000 and have ever had been admitted in history of that program editions of that. He's talked about eliminating. Does this so called up visa lottery where people after they undergo background checks have the opportunity from countries all around the world comes United States so there's nothing in this administration's actions that back up that claim in hot I was struck lot of it actually that phrase about the largest number ever it was not of the prepared script the president ad lib that. And it does not appear to be any policy that backs that up. That is so interesting because we as journalists will get oftentimes a copy of the prepared remarks as we know the president likes to sometimes. Speak off the cuff so that was actually one of those remarks of the president just inserted in the moment wreck. That's right angle to this is a president that Doug does a lot more at living and other presidents particularly big speeches he does stick to the script more often than not that they were a couple of moments last night. Where he seemed either caught off caught off guard by the reaction in the room or just wanted to add a flourish. Well speaking of reactions when the reactions we were all watching for was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi let's let's take a listen to. Another moment in this speech that's getting L a lot of I guess. A lot of reaction take a look. And economic America was taking place in the United States. And the only thing that can stop him. Our foolish wars. Politics. Or ridiculous. Partisan investigations. So you saw in that moment when the president and ridiculous investigations. Speaker Pelosi just. Ever so slightly. Showing her her reaction. To the president's words there looks are with you Karen what did you think where the top headlines in terms of how Democrats. He handled the state of the union. Well I think this sends going into this speech was that is going to be very chilly reception for the president is the first time he's speaking before a divided congress that new house democratic majority and there were so many visual moments just to show the differences between. That new majority. And the Republican minority not all of those women democratic lawmakers wearing white singing together Nancy Pelosi behind the president also in a white suit. And there were moments though where there were bipartisan. Applause lines criminal justice reform for example with an area where he saw Democrats liking what the president was saying and I thought the White House effectively use their gas to meet that policy point talking about the legislation the president signed late last year and Lana in the bringing out criminal justice reform is done. He signed it and you're already starting to see its impact but what the president was doing was saying we did this once let's try to do it again look what good things can happen when we all come together now the moment you're seeing there all the democratic women lawmakers in white cheering and high fighting. It may work and finding themselves after the president noted their record numbers in congress the record number of women. And the president seem like he was really pleased with the reaction he was basking in the applause but let's not kid ourselves here Lana they were congratulating themselves. And you could also argue that the reason so many of those who now lawmakers are there is because of the president not because it's something he did actively but. The backlash to his tone and policies over the past few years certainly sparked a being weighed in November and led many of those women into congress. Especially in this critical suburban district. Still care and that tees up perfectly. I think what is on everybody's minds following this speech in heading into 20/20. With her the democratic response. From from. The governor night Torre held candidates Stacey Abrams of course he did not win that election. But but we're starting to hear some themes emerging so Karen let's start with you what do you think those things are for 21. I think certainly border security and immigration depending on what the president gets it anything in the coming weeks and months and he's agency the president talk about issues we don't hear him getting into here at the White House we're ad campaign rally even abortion was a part of that speech last night and that was not something that usually on his greatest hits list. Lot of the president is going head to Texas next Monday for a campaign rally in El Paso that is his first rally of 2019. He comes just days before that deadline you can expect a fiery speech on border security starting delayed background work but you know and still are always a way he could mix though a lot to be done in Washington for the campaign season for the president officially rolls around can't try telling that all of the people who have already announced that can't I'm right. And Rick Klein your lungs it's not enough and I'm I'm I'm Rick I know you have thoughts about 20/20 that us. Well first of Stacey Abrams I think the Democrats made a choice to talk about biography and background rather than political titles she doesn't have a title right now and I think. The image of her the first ever African American woman to deliver a state of the union response I think was striking into the union hall that she was that. And I think more broadly it was an extraordinary moment maybe the last moment for the president captures the N divided attention of the nation and a political event. Before the campaign begins in earnest there were at least a dozen potential presidents either. Declared or possible candidates in that audience staring right back to back at president trump as he delivered that speech a visible reminder. Of the battles ahead so isn't that the big Victor out of this this speech. I looked and I think Nancy Pelosi with with the the way that she kept the poker face and maybe a calculated I roll or to. I think it was a big moment for her and that's out all of though the women that were dressed there are white I think that will be the visual that people are stuck with it was different. It is a different congress a younger congress and more diverse congress anymore female congress than any American history. Rick Klein Karen Travers thank you so much for being with us like to talk with you guys for days but we have to leave it right there.

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{"duration":"9:04","description":"Days away from another potential government shutdown, President Trump delivers State of the Union address with no signs of yielding on border wall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60889778","title":"Trump calls for unity, bipartisanship and immigration restrictions at SOTU address","url":"/US/video/trump-calls-unity-bipartisanship-immigration-restrictions-state-union-60889778"}