Verdict in on Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Wife

Former governor and wife found guilty of corruption.
7:44 | 09/04/14

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Transcript for Verdict in on Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Wife
A verdict has been reached a high profile corruption trial of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen. Accused of improperly accepting some 170000. Dollars worth of gifts and loans. Well when I'm down Cutler in New York joining me now with the latest on the verdict that was reached days ABC news senior Washington correspondent Jeff -- Jeff what -- the charges what were the verdicts that we're not just -- We'll -- and we are hearing these verdicts right now just a few moments ago. In -- -- -- -- courtroom former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell guilty on eleven counts his wife Maureen guilty on eight. Counts these are what. A variety of counts ranging from obstruction of justice to conspiracy to defraud the voters of Virginia now this all goes back to -- A business scheme that prosecutors allege that they were trying to use the prestige and power of the governor's office of Virginia to get special treatment to a Virginia businessman. He in -- loan them some 177000. Dollars. As these verdicts were read in a -- really just moments ago Dan. Reporters in the room say that the B and McDonald's were weeping allowed and gasping as these war being read so this is. He's guilty verdicts are carrying less serious prison sentences the sentencing comes at a later date. But this is very serious for former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell we -- That reason that this was so interest thing. Bob McDonnell was a rising Republican star he was on the short list to be Mitt Romney is a Republican are running mate in 2012 he was ahead of the Republican Governors Association. So this is someone who seemed to have everything going formal. What we found out in the the course of this hearing was he was also flat broke and his wife was asking this -- -- for money so what we heard during this trial was this extraordinary. Defense that they use that in fact their marriage had broken down and that's -- That they could not. Conspire together because they were barely speaking together but the jury rejected that argument has sided with the attorneys the prosecutors. And and found them guilty governor McDonnell former governor McDonnell guilty on eleven counts and mrs. MacDonald guilty on eight counts -- In fact we do have some of the video of that McDonald's walking into court this afternoon this is just before. That verdict was read -- the jury as you pointed out heard a lot of essentially dirty laundry about the McDonnell marriage along the way from all of this. What about the gentleman the dietary supplement company he -- is there possibly that he could be facing charges. He could not because he was a government witness here he accepted -- a deal by government prosecutors that he was the central part of their case against the McDonald's. So he his name is Johnny Williams as you said. And that he was on the witness stand for several days at the beginning of the trial -- key part of the government's. The case here and he went through how he would essentially go to a New York City on shopping trips with mrs. McDonald she said and at least up her lawyer said that she had somewhat. -- flirtatious relationship not sexual but flirtatious relationship with him he took her on shopping sprees. And other things that -- cannot be prosecuted in this because he accepted a deal. From the government. And he cooperated with them against via McDonald's but I am just seeing a right now -- and that. For the McDonald's or found not guilty on bank fraud charges so there are found not guilty on on bank fraud charges but guilty. On a combined nineteen other counts nineteen other counts they found found guilty up. Do we have any idea of the possible punishment if in fact -- is carry through I'm assuming that an appeal will be made. Without a doubt this case will be appealed but the punishment these charges especially the conspiracy charges. -- -- conspiracy to defraud. The voters have -- Out of Virginia some of these counts carry thirty year prison sentences now most legal experts we've talked to throughout this trial really to not believe that the former governor would be a sentence of that long of -- prison term but. If these. If this jury's verdict is upheld on appeal there's no question that these are very serious charges that sentencing comes after this and certainly. He has the right to appeal and he certainly will appeal Jeff you talk about the fact that McDonnell Bob McDonnell was a rising star within the Republican Party. Has this case been compared to any previous cases. Again I cannot think of another case like this where we sought it's. Essentially. A flip persona here the McDonald's I can tell you they were more than rising Republican stars they were almost Republican royalty. In Virginia and elsewhere I interviewed the governor so many times over the years -- ahead of the Republican Governors Association. -- -- say. One of the smartest governors say a shrewd politician -- a good way and this was very much a surprise what we sought -- -- this case now a lot of legal experts thought that there would not be a conviction here because. The cases were so specific that they had to prove that the McDonald's were actually trying to sell the prestige of the office in exchange for something. But this a jury convicted and after three days here now one of the possible appeal points I was talking to a lawyer yesterday. Who said that the judge basically followed prosecution's. Jury instructions which means CI did not comment. He allowed everything to be considered. He did not to consider much of the defense argument going to these final days of jury instructions -- so that is one potential appeal point that defense attorneys believe that they did not get a fair shake on that but all that will play out in the coming days that I'm. So seeing more -- -- from inside the courtroom. The family is wailing and sobbing at this all the children have been with them the -- this other grown children it's divided the family. And this is. Certainly politically explosive in Virginia and for anyone who's been watching this trial -- Jeff -- -- Janice -- but I wanted to ask you but this because you haven't find this case so closely. From some of the lawyers that you've been speaking to on this appeal will they be taking each what do these charges separately or is -- going to be a better approach taken all as a lump again as you pointed out. Eleven counts guilty for Bob McDonnell and eight counts for his wife. Maureen. That's right eleven counts guilty for Bob McDonnell and it counts guilty -- For a Maureen McDonnell it's unclear exactly what they can you my guess is because they were convicted together. In charge together in a block that they would appeal these together in one block as well. But it certainly up to them how they would a proceed forward on this but we sought -- So many you know. Really heartbreaking. Did this and family details on this is almost like the script of as I said earlier like a soap opera he said that he this former Virginia governor was living with his parish priest because he couldn't go home. And discuss the case with his wife Maureen McDonald -- still married. But their legal strategy -- to essentially a present their marriages broken so all this has been air now and they were convicted anyway. -- -- Senior Washington correspondent Jeffs only following the latest on this job spectacle that lets you obviously the -- And get it together more information which can be available right here on Again that just coming in the verdict. For former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen Bob -- guilty on eleven counts of corruption charges his wife -- guilty on eight counts. Of course you can follow the story and get updates any time by downloading the ABC news happened star in the store for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm debt that's -- New York.

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