Veteran Mount Everest climber talks recent tragedies, climbing safety

David Morton, a veteran climber, discusses why 11 people have died this year climbing the mountain and what steps can be implemented to prevent this from happening in the future.
3:40 | 05/28/19

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Transcript for Veteran Mount Everest climber talks recent tragedies, climbing safety
I want to continue this conversation I want to bring in David Morton he's actually a veteran climber who is at the base camp on the Tibetan side of Mount Everest. David from your perspective you know we just heard from James that from your perspective since you've done this before why do you think that all of these deaths are happening right now. You know I think yet pretty bird get perspective on what's happening it's it's percent of all side I was on the Spezza this year on our side and mountains and on the north side of the mountain. They're about a 150 foreigners trying to climb. On this outsider approximately 400 and so he overcrowding has big issue but primarily it's still the inexperience of the climbers policy and experience are. A lot of operators that are supporting those inexperienced climbers on climbing Mount Everest now days it is those who really a logistical. Complexity and you have to have good operators to support those climbers is no question that there's lot of experience all air out. But the big factor as you mentioned this this season was there were only a few days there were under the good weather windows and back to the jetstream usually moves to the north and the mountain already by this time in May. But 88 it has been shown no signs of leaving and it probably won't until late June and so that means that there's just and I went season and it's made for very very short windows. Gang in in James sort of mention this to but are there going to be any government regulations so you know no one else will. Died when they're trying to summit. You know I mean not to cut in matters frisky probably always be too little dot they. Let the level risk right now is unacceptable in terms the overcrowding in the experience and so I think that. And welcome government really does out suits step up at this point and show some leadership in terms of limiting their numbers of people. I think that if there's any more seasons that are similar to this one you're gonna see even bigger tragedy insight do you think that the team they need to limit the numbers and outweigh. EIN and I just want to ask you like a since you've done this before it can you just give everyone an idea of just how much room. The people are actually look working with when. They're on their way to the top and then when you're actually at the top. Well you he is so I this is my tenth expedition this year and it's nominates from the south side six times that bit. The picture that went viral the scene with of people lined up along ridge line there it's Jerry typical at that point to pass anyone and so. You know you really are in a position where you're stuck either deciding to go back down and and it battening summit attempt. Or just waiting for. Outlined to keep moving and you maybe can pass one or two people that really you'd have to assess the weather and if it's did not and you want to weigh in that sort of lying you can that you can do that umps did what happens is the inexperience once things start Tuesday. Go that way you're waiting too long lingering out Russia not sure to do you're getting to call. That's were really plays that's where really comes in a place of this bad weather there's long lines that inexperience really is exacerbated and then you get the sort of trustees it happen. And really passing keep up theirs is almost some. Possible. Yang and David the following guidance on ask you where exactly are you and on the mountain right now. I actually left base camp the north side base camp this morning and search estimated to town as you can see I'm inside now. But I was at Luka on the nor societies from April 12 until this morning. All right well we appreciate you joining us to give us updates on this and we certainly hope that. Everyone else up there is staying as safe as possible thank you so much for joining us. Base.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"David Morton, a veteran climber, discusses why 11 people have died this year climbing the mountain and what steps can be implemented to prevent this from happening in the future.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63325007","title":"Veteran Mount Everest climber talks recent tragedies, climbing safety","url":"/US/video/veteran-mount-everest-climber-talks-recent-tragedies-climbing-63325007"}