Western New York Faces Melting Snow

Residents battle the aftermath of the recent snowfall.
4:44 | 11/23/14

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Transcript for Western New York Faces Melting Snow
Good morning I'm Dan Harris ABC's world headquarters in New York this is an ABC news digital report. Developing right now the weather whiplash in much of the country but nowhere is the change more dramatic than in hard hit Buffalo, New York where after days of fierce and fatal snow fall they're now looking at a whole different problem a big warm up which will melt it all that snow. And produce potentially dangerous flooding as of right now though that mass of snow pack is very much in place which poses a giant logistical problem. For the hometown NFL team the Buffalo Bills have had to move their gained some of the players even hitching rides the airport on snow mobiles as you can see right there. And ABC news senior meteorologist rob Marciano is covering all of it from well Ralph Wilson Stadium rob the morning to you. Hey good morning Dan the pavement here in the parking lot is pretty much Claire's long been wet at Ralph Wilson Stadium but it didn't see behind me the stands are still covered in snow so no game he'd been player today I suppose it there was a roof. That would help but it would have to be a strong one because with all the snow that they've seen here and now the rain. The roofs around the south buffalo area have been pushed to their limits and many have fail. I you're looking at one of nearly thirty roof collapses just south of Buffalo, New York this week under the weight of nearly eighty inches of snow. As the rain begins to fall residents fear flooding and more collapses are on the way take a look the weight of the snow cracking glass and window panes. And as for the roads they started digging that car travel what's a cent to me in this road hasn't been touched you imagine living like this for six days and counting. Residents unable to climb over the compact snow and ice are cut off from food and medicine. This man turned it was tractor plow when his wife's water broke you have got to be kidding me and what are we gonna do how much. Only one thing in my mind driving in white out conditions to the nearest hospital baby decides the comer were known blizzard unbelievable. This is one of the few road in south buffalo that's actually clear main reason. The way to the hospital. Hundreds of volunteers stepping up in this city of good neighbors armed with snow shovel and the trauma in the guise buffalo right. Still snowed out of their home stadium the Buffalo Bills will play their not so home game in Detroit. Some of the players so snowed in at their own homes they were hitching rides on snowmobiles to make the flight on Friday. As the icy weather sets in across the region highways becoming dangerously slick and riddled with mangled cars from mission to answer and yet. It runways so slip from my eyes as delta flight to Detroit skidding into a ditch on landing. No one was hurt. We did have a brief period of free. Is hearing yesterday but since then we've been well above freezing and that temperature is gonna continue to rise we go through tomorrow look at this. Into the sixties that they don't want heavy heavy winds as strong storm developing seven eagle on the East Coast. Well above normal certainly well above what we've been seeing here the past couple of days all associated with a very large system that's gonna increase in intensity Torre brought severe weather across parts of south Texas. And a severe weather threat we pushed east today from who wants to to how Tallahassee especially across south the panhandle of Florida. And then now across the Carolinas as well so we watching for. Heavier rains and gusty winds potentially a few small. Tornadoes flash flood watches or flood watches have now been upgraded here and both look to flood warning some of the creeks and rivers that feed into the buffalo Revver are swelling. And they'll be going into flight states today. Cresting throughout the day tomorrow to mention temperatures getting the sixties will probably see another half an inch of rain will come after midnight tonight so that's why flooding. Is going to continue to be an issue as for what the bills are doing. They've actually I'm told at least that they're bringing in something called a snow dragon that they'll put in that stadium and clear some of those stands and the field. This is something that basically eat snow Dan if there has a nine million BTU burner and it and it can melt up to twenty dump truck loads of snow. Per hour so we'll see when it gets here it's starts working we hope it does because they've got a home games scheduled here. Next weekend. Dan clerical in the meantime I'm rooting for the snow dragon rob thank you a big tanks in fact for braving the cold for us in buffalo for days now when I think you for watching. But we very much appreciate that when remind you to stay tuned abcnews.com throughout this day for the latest on this and other top stories and of course tune in later. For world news tonight again thanks for watching this ABC news did you report I'm Dan Harris. Have a great Sunday.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"Residents battle the aftermath of the recent snowfall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27117011","title":"Western New York Faces Melting Snow","url":"/US/video/western-york-faces-melting-snow-27117011"}