What’s next in the Andrew Brown Jr. shooting case

How the decision not to charge the deputies who shot Brown affects the federal investigation.
4:20 | 05/19/21

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Transcript for What’s next in the Andrew Brown Jr. shooting case
Terry Austin host of legal analyst a lot of crime network for a little bit more on this what do you think about this decision by the prosecutor. Good morning Diane I think the prosecutor was looking at this video tape. And using it really as an excuse to say that there was. Force buying the individual and that the police officers were co whack to any using force against Hamed and his whole theory the DA's theory wobble here. Is that this was used as a deadly weapon and that there was. Some up parent or actual. Threat to the life of the police officers or others around the police are prisons and sell the conclusion that the DA made it was backed the use of force was reasonable and that they eight were spotted it correctly and that there should be no charges brought I think. That clearly the public is responding differently we heard there. That the attorneys are saying that this was criminal negligence and frankly I think they could have brought a charge. For involuntary manslaughter in North Carolina under the lobbed there. And that the force was X access. At a DOJ is also investigating this case so what can we expect from that investigation and is the chance of a criminal investigation now. Shut for good. I think that the DOJ is going to take their time I'll look it the evidence here we Nelnet Merrick Garland a US attorney isn't there is serious about making sure there's individual accountability and transparency. And so I think in this case and many other cases we are going to seek charges that might be brought as far as the federal government is concerned so I hope that it doesn't always result and that of course. But I do hope that because it's independent it's on the federal level that we may see something happen we know that these investigations in the past. Have not always resulted in actions we saw that in New York with Eric Garland but. Higher think that's here Witten this new US attorney. Matt got the we might see some difference that was with Eric garner of course. And how could it DA's announcement in this case affect the families potential civil suit. Well you know obviously when you have a civil suit and there has already bending a criminal action and there's been. It does help the civil suit often times you CD suits Diana and they are settled. And when this settlement a cars it's usually because it might be behind a criminal action it's going to be a little bit more typical. The civil action is for the constitutional rights of the victim. As saying that there was no due process obviously. That there was no jury every individual is. Entitled to a jury of their peers and hear the individual did not have acted charges weren't there where at. You know Eric charges underneath. For this individual Ford drugs and it date he essentially was. Convicted and killed all at the same time without a jury so that's what the civil action is going to look at whether or not lagged due process. And so backing continue but. The criminal action. Really not having been brought is going to affect to a certain extent the civil action and cherry is there any are there any other avenues for that they only to pursuing a terms of a potential criminal action against the officers or is that the end of it. Well I think that that he can rely on the federal investigation now at this point I mean obviously it any point in time if additional evidence comes up we cash and seen that the decision not to brain. Charges on the state level could change but it does seem that. DA wobble and didn't share wooten we're pretty defendant to Sharon wouldn't even talked about the fact that dale will be training and he talked about. There were no body cams on a couple of officers that were not turned Don they didn't have Ian mass on the scene. They should've done the risk assessment and writing verses verbally. But those are all relatively. Minor issues so it doesn't seem as though they think that they'll be additional charges brought. Right Terry Austin thank you as always. Thank you Diane.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"How the decision not to charge the deputies who shot Brown affects the federal investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77780577","title":"What’s next in the Andrew Brown Jr. shooting case","url":"/US/video/whats-andrew-brown-jr-shooting-case-77780577"}