White House deputy secretary on American Rescue Plan’s child tax credit

Among other benefits set to be sent out to families next month, the child tax credit gives $3,000 per child or $3,600 if the child is younger than 6 to families making less than $150,000 a year.
7:10 | 06/21/21

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Transcript for White House deputy secretary on American Rescue Plan’s child tax credit
Starting next month nearly forty million households across the country will be eligible to get child tax credits that passed as part of the American rescue plan. The credit will give families making less than 150000. Dollars a year. 3000 dollars per child or 3600. Dollars if the child's under six years old. White House deputy Press Secretary Korean John Pierre is here to break this down for a stream. Thanks so much for being here tell you what about a how the administration is expecting this credit to impact American families and eco. On a new more broadly. Hello and thank you so much for having me here today so the child text credits such a critical. Critical component element of the American rescue plan which was a historic plan that the president. Dot god that was passed and the president signed just a few months ago. And what and the way we see the child tax credit it is giving release much needed relief to it nearly all. Of American families and one of the things that is I think Craig critical and important. That you'll see from from this child tax credit it will cut cut child poverty by 50%. And when we're when we're in this pandemic coming out of this pandemic. Dealing with an economic down downturn the president wanted to make sure when we think we think about the American rescue plan to meet the moment and that's what this. This Chapman this child tax credit does. And not in not only that I mean if you think about this summer if you think about. How families are still trying to figure out how to put food on their table. Pay rent also hit some families really want to try and make sure this summer that they have activities for their kids or belt or be able to buy some supplies for schools. This is the relief in the help. That the child tax credit will move will be able to do for families that country has some Republicans and analysts have criticized the structure of the child. Tax credit that is not linked. To working because they say as is it will dis incentivized parents from seeking work. And could reduce the number of two parent household so there argument is that in the long run it actually won't help child poverty what's your response about. Well that's not what the experts say the experts say in the annals in the long run as you look at this child tax credit it will indeed cut. Poverty by half when it comes to children child poverty so that's what the experts say and here's a thing as I was saying this is. This is an opportunity that the where the president wanted to meet the moment to meet the moment and then beat the Stanley is where they are and make sure that they have the needs. That they need and so you're talking about at the top where we're talking about a households that are making up 250000. Dollars and cents couples. And head of households that are making a 1121500. Dollars of this is the real help. If you think about children if you have if your family that have kids six years and under. That's you know that that's going to be some much needed help of 300 dollars a month if you think about. Families that have kids 66 years old to seventeen that's 250 dollars a month. I mean this isn't real needs that we're seeing you think about. How more than two million women left the workforce this past years because of the of the pandemic. This is the type of me that the president understand is is this critical. At this moment as as families and and parents are trying to get back on their feet. All right I want to voting rights attic of the senate is set to vote on the for the people act tomorrow now moderate Democrat senator Joseph mansion look toward some revisions to the bill. Including a voter ID requirement that would include things like utility bills he seems to have his party's support but still not enough support. From Republicans to break a filibuster so what's an administration going to do if the senate doesn't move this legislation forward tomorrow. Well let me first say that we are you know we are encouraged. By what we're seeing this is this this kind of movement on voting rights look it's an incremental step. We've herds Stacey Abrams who is a fighter. For voting rights and who has that lead that not just in Georgia but across the country we've heard that from many for many Democrats you know just senator Manchin is trying to bring. Bipartisanship. When it comes to voting rights and we encourage that. And so as you know the president not too long ago about two weeks ago has asked the vice president vice president Harris to lead this effort. I'm voting rights so you'll see much more to come from the White House but as you can imagine we continue to support. The efforts and ring courage by what we're seeing. And Iran has a new president elect Abraham re C a diplomats are already expressing some concern that this could complicate. The returns the Iran nuclear agreement he's set to be inaugurated in August he has already said today that he will not meet. With president Biden so how's the president planning to handle that. Well first let me just say we just ended. A session and come as you get the European Union just ended the session. In the end in Vienna just past weekend to continue that conversation. On the Iran deal that is gonna continue but to happen we are working towards that. That is our focus that's been on folk our focus since day one. Of our administration and and that's what we're we're zeroing in on right now. And so. Is the administration worried at all about this are you trying to get this done by August. We're focused on it we've seen we've seen some progress and we're just enough we're gonna just status to stay ahead be laser focus. Hunt on what what what what what it is that we need to do is make sure that we have. An hour oh Ron deal and and what we're moving in the right people to the table we are video we are worth thankful for the four before the you know the difference sessions that have occurred Indiana and those were continue we don't have a dates set yet or to announce on Wednesday. The seven session is gonna happen and that's going to be our our focus and we have seen yes we have seen some progress there we're just gonna continue that. Effort and train every close up pride month I know you made history last month becoming the first openly gay spokeswoman to take the podium. In a formal briefing at the White House are also only the second black woman to do so. What's its significance to you of holding this space and history. Well here's a thing you know I said this I said miss that than the day that I briefed and and I truly believe that witches you know the podium. The briefing room the White House is not about one person it's about the American people. And to be quite honest it's an honor to be doing this job. To be speaking in communicating with with reporters like yourself and the American people in a truthful in the truthful way and I would not have been. A behind that podium if it wasn't for this president president Biden who believes that representation matters and when you believe representation matters you see. All to well up all the voices or different dive into diverse cities in it and then administration and that's what we're seeing this is the most. Diverse administration ever. And it makes me incredibly proud to be working for this president and also to to just be doing this job that I love. I White House deputy Press Secretary train jumped Gary appreciate your time today thank you thank you so much I appreciate the time.

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"Among other benefits set to be sent out to families next month, the child tax credit gives $3,000 per child or $3,600 if the child is younger than 6 to families making less than $150,000 a year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78408811","title":"White House deputy secretary on American Rescue Plan’s child tax credit","url":"/US/video/white-house-deputy-secretary-american-rescue-plans-child-78408811"}