'Whitey' Bulger Gets 2 Life Sentences for Boston Crimes

The judge said the sentence for the 84-year-old mob boss was a "cold comfort" to victims' families.
5:18 | 11/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Whitey' Bulger Gets 2 Life Sentences for Boston Crimes
This is a special room. -- from the ABC. Hello I'm Taina Hernandez in New York this is an ABC news digital special report. -- -- the Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger will spend the rest of his life in prison. He was sentenced to two life terms plus five years by US district court in Boston this morning we're joined now by Michelle -- who was in the courtroom. Hello Michelle after sixteen years on the run this is how it ends for Bolger how did he react to the -- -- -- So -- in no reacts. I'm witty -- -- the -- out in on hand wearing that game orange tree in John don't -- want brought this trial. By the judge -- he committed -- admirable. Not bad -- about weigh in on him he would have. His lap -- in a federal jail. Can you break down that sentence for -- that was there were a lot of different charges involved is pretty complicated. -- Illegally because of the that's accurate but he attacked -- hit -- light at its bid but -- -- here. And and that was because -- -- eleven -- convictions. That he was convicted and our -- and -- -- that the area and target. So earlier in the session the -- heard from families of soldiers. Victims what did they have to say. Well -- very moving day yet Aaron -- victim impact statement. People were primarily because older GD unit are direct and the -- and many. He was called a variety of games Howard rat. And some other. But it. If you people that -- a decade. Prices -- but I never loved ones Romney and that I in US district blackjack at -- -- primarily each. Our current view is the idea that -- eagle would get. A decade but what -- the war Harvard in the so called Bulger graveyard on the city -- Last week prosecutors -- had -- bought it. The ball and violent criminal and Boston Nestor age and I think a judge reiterated those remarks today it is -- and to. Why the 84 year old actor -- Keller. Which effective and that you -- back -- by the. As you've been referring to the judge often do -- directly addresses the defendants in these cases right before the sentence is handing down what else did she say to Bulger and the people of Boston. Why -- -- into the next Europe hurt injured legendary status and -- idiot plot and and she -- very quick to point out you do not record -- spot. You know there are due -- tragedy -- I -- top spot it has on route that. On -- what about the marathon bobbing bank and what the World Series. When that we -- -- I -- -- and -- angle directly and they do not paint it's all the ink that has been -- about you. That you and I do you interpret that -- -- that you represented Beijing -- steady at that Jerry get up but the guard an epic what you -- polite. What's next do we know if he has -- intention to appeal immediately and any chance he'll see the light of day again given names. Two life sentences plus. But there are all that it is unit that you are absolutely we -- he has throughout this trial. All the -- share. He was not able to protect evidence there it was in the community -- -- -- got. A couple of big part of this trial. They're department got -- in particular the -- in FBI a staggering corruption but all the crimes trial and it -- referred to. Iraq on -- -- all of the camera is better dressed for. He added Wheeler it's either let me billionaire businessman. -- -- -- -- Said that the FBI is jet that is responsible. But the bullet that was either between spotted diet -- -- -- -- before -- And -- also. -- -- -- I -- Lauren what officials who were both on Bulger a role in his pocket instead they let their. It was an indictment -- he outlaw -- what -- tactic that we years. -- -- popped up not a formal program. -- do we know where he'll be spending that prison sentence very often these high profile criminals go into protective custody do we know anything about -- situation. -- nothing whatsoever I know that some of the families of the victims have remarked that -- hoping. EI is one of these prisoners -- -- put on a bus and -- and perhaps turn around the country different federal president. What was the case whether it's great that her hair but -- -- it. All right we shall make him -- -- thank you so much for joining us Michelle. In the courtroom as Whitey Bulger sentenced to two life terms plus additional years. For homicides. Committed in Boston this has been an ABC news digital special report I'm time Hernandez in New York.

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{"id":20888724,"title":"'Whitey' Bulger Gets 2 Life Sentences for Boston Crimes","duration":"5:18","description":"The judge said the sentence for the 84-year-old mob boss was a \"cold comfort\" to victims' families.","url":"/US/video/whitey-bulger-life-sentences-boston-crimes-20888724","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}