WNBA star sits out season for activism: ‘This is bigger than basketball’

Natasha Cloud discussed her decision to sit out the WNBA season to focus on social justice.
6:10 | 06/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNBA star sits out season for activism: ‘This is bigger than basketball’
While many politicians entertainers athletes and public leaders have raised their voices all's part of that calls for social justice. We're about to talk to one woman who is putting her money where her mouth is soon to speak the WNBA season was supposed to begin in May but. Instead we'll start in July however one of the league's star players and the defending champion Washington mystics. Says she is sitting this one out citing her responsibility to fight for something that is much bigger than herself. And a game of basketball we now welcome in the top chip cloud to the show thanks so much for joining us Sasha. You recently wrote a piece for the players Tribune titled your silence is a need on my neck where you said quote. We need to meet this moment would accountability solidarity and leadership. Tell us how you intend to do that by by making this remarkable decision to sit this season now. Absolutely. Credibility solidarity. Unity is our aren't there in San. Let me she's she's or. At least an. That's exactly what I intense you I want and I'm convinced. It's. Us. And I'm salute. Taking into it again it is in the ensure that. We shall now our. Own organs means you're. We. Changed in you know the docking test this is has not. It can beat her. Intimidating at. Unlike some other resources and rakes in the writing on Ayers. And that we arms England. Or. Numbers. Are immunity. Iranians aren't just needs. Was this an easy decision or something you have to really grapple way. Hardest decisions. I. My entire career. Not only my only team on our. As well as taking a financial learned. A news not in the Euro. There are. Losing the hardest decisions that me. To me. Donna and her Shas in my knee in any us any early. In. End let's let's talk about the the financial aspect of I mean you've signed a deal with commerce and they've made a donation to the ACLU on your behalf William to be making any income at this time a lot of people would. Ideally like to be more involved in just can't afford to leave their day job oh what would be your advice to them as well. It absolutely. You know this is yeah. Lawyer or not. In the middle. On the pandemic it is it golly corona were also in Yemen is. Economically I was in life America in. And put the beautiful mountains where I and day. Congress is so we. I knew immediately. Emily Harris in. Now Leon. And Orton. They didn't completely. And it got us here is based on an and he listens. Henri actually corroborated my contract who's and so. Rumors he yeah. He wasn't expecting. The financial burden that are wrong. You know I can't understand that this is really. Didn't ask all. And numerous arena and that knew her or an aren't. And I'm. Is huge indeed it obviously didn't just start your advocacy work right in this moment so tell us more about the working you've done and social justice of the work also your planning to do over the next several months. Absolutely taxes on being his. Arrest and he lacks the and there is. We saw Henry elementary which is inside BCC. Dory Obama did you summer bullets penetrated Billy Connolly from there. Just. Year old she. And joining every talent not. I'm here and there are. All on the news. They are the it usually donate we've been. Or on an island really. Numbers ask me increased dairy and Simon joining with. This continue. Its and that is our country. Something and his round and social equity loans social. O'Meara in regardless. It's a little background on this a race color congress. Writes in an insane and eat it shouldn't be here. And what's. And in this and where we each. Tree. Ability and you what you and you as a waste and blue. And lastly speaking of the pandemic would have you been doing during this time in quarantine in and how are you staying in shape. Yeah heart Acxiom or an. Irrigation. It was really hard and he had. A new green area. Are now. I was. A court. It'll be unity huge and a mile or who we're. Using and initial. I'm saying I went there they. Re law. Lebanon and it was all angles I'm. I have. Aren't anti should thank you so much for years I would really appreciate it. She pattern.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"Natasha Cloud discussed her decision to sit out the WNBA season to focus on social justice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71486684","title":"WNBA star sits out season for activism: ‘This is bigger than basketball’","url":"/US/video/wnba-star-sits-season-activism-bigger-basketball-71486684"}