Woman Survives Days in Flipped Car After Crash

Colorado mother of four was found seriously injured after veering off a highway.
1:42 | 05/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Survives Days in Flipped Car After Crash
-- -- -- stuck helplessly in her car after a crash but she somehow managed to hold on for six days with no food no water until someone finally found her. ABC's Molly hunter has more on her harrowing ordeal. She had the will to survive trapped inside her wrecked car for nearly a week -- Hopkins was discovered critically wounded but alive. Her drive was. And we don't know but there were -- the -- and it kept her hanging on in fighting. On April 29 the 43 year old single mother of four was reported missing. Five days later someone spotted her a man who stopped to snap a picture just following that lead on May -- her bright red Chevy. Was found a 140 feet down intervene. As he was preparing to break the window. Do you nexus of the patient she put her hand against. Against the window and -- we said. -- life. No food no water but breathing she would. Write a note on the road there was a red -- -- into right in the away portion of the umbrella and then made it to get it out of the vehicle opened it. Reports say one of the messages read need doctor -- and bleeding. Barely conscious emergency personnel airlifted Hopkins to the hospital she suffered numerous internal and external injuries and underwent surgery. -- will be undergoing surgery here -- Anthony's. To amputate both of her -- She remains in critical condition and police are asking that man that man who has stopped at the side of the road and spotted Christian Hopkins body. To come forward so that her family can say thank you.

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{"id":23614151,"title":"Woman Survives Days in Flipped Car After Crash","duration":"1:42","description":"Colorado mother of four was found seriously injured after veering off a highway.","url":"/US/video/woman-survives-days-flipped-car-crash-23614151","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}