Woman's Flea Market Find Comes With Extra Heart

Tammie Diaz bought the Purple Heart military medal for $10 and returned it to the family of a U.S. Navy gunner who died in World War II.
1:59 | 11/29/16

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Transcript for Woman's Flea Market Find Comes With Extra Heart
Thanksgiving may be over about the family of an American hero in California still counting their blessing and unlikely discovery at a flea market has prompted an urgent mission to get. A hard earned military award into the hands of its rightful owner. We get more now from Jonathan bloom. For Tammy Diaz the capitol flea markets a Sunday ritual but this because it was like no other thanks to a little purple box and. It happened. And I couldn't believe my eyes she stared in shock at the purple heart the medal awarded to those wounded in battle or those who pay the ultimate price and I knew in an in and. Minute in a second that. This has to be returned to somebody to family it had a name on it surely are Macon she bought it for ten dollars and began the search I knew what had to get rid of it as quickly as I couldn't. And so I immediately went on the Internet of course the turning point came early in the morning not even 24 hours after finding the metal here at the flea market. Tammy found a name on a genealogy website for a family historian in Alabama. Was derailed. And drag things difficult for me to. Continues Billy King worked there for awhile without. I got pretty emotional. Teresa Cunningham told us all about her uncle we called in Rudolph is language surely Rudolph. And he was a US navy gunners mate in World War II he survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and wound up in San Francisco where he met and married his wife. Then redeploy to the Philippines. It's and it said that. That was the largest battle greatest battled the toughest battle. In the battle off some are the USS Samuel B Roberts was outgunned and outnumbered but made a daring maneuver that helped take down a Japanese ship. Macon man and one of the massive fight inch guns but was killed when that gun exploded as the Samuel B Roberts was sinking he gave his life for office. Now is Tammy packs up that priceless honored to send to his family it's truly a Thanksgiving to remember Aaron just can't thank her and her. In San Jose Jonathan bloom ABC 7 NEWS.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"Tammie Diaz bought the Purple Heart military medal for $10 and returned it to the family of a U.S. Navy gunner who died in World War II.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43846151","title":"Woman's Flea Market Find Comes With Extra Heart","url":"/US/video/womans-flea-market-find-extra-heart-43846151"}