Workers Rescued From Hearst Tower

Two workers were pulled through a window from the 44th floor of a building in New York City.
1:43 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for Workers Rescued From Hearst Tower
Workers spent during sea rescue for the 44 floor the first hour -- midtown. This is reporter Carolyn -- live for us with more -- -- -- -- this symphony building which is just across the street. Former Hearst tower it feels really hide out from where we're standing especially when you look down on the street but they cannot beat anything like what those workers went through on the forty -- -- floor. Just about her being stuck there for more than an hour work also we are just getting these new photos. From the perspective -- inside Hearst tower during that rescue. Did isn't -- moment does maintenance workers were brought back to safety back into that building and here's what they told. The rescuers. Thank you thank you that was good -- and that's the main thing is that everyone did think everybody. They smiled then they said. I guess -- got a call home now and they called -- let everybody know that were okay. That's not affect the world smiling while the mother out that they knew that blue outfit that will be coming -- -- -- -- And for more -- his standing as all of this was going on everything looked like he was being done by the -- This entire area -- shut down no cars no pedestrians allowed right around the building fortunately. That was all set up so quickly because as workers were being brought back into the building. My photographer and I Todd pierce heard this startling noise we could hear what sounded like. Metal hitting black -- debris kind of showering down all but that building but luckily no one it was below and no one was hurt.

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{"id":19386101,"title":"Workers Rescued From Hearst Tower","duration":"1:43","description":"Two workers were pulled through a window from the 44th floor of a building in New York City.","url":"/US/video/workers-rescued-hearst-tower-york-city-19386101","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}