Nearly a year after George Floyd’s death, has America had a racial reckoning?

Activist and civil rights organizer Tamika Mallory talks about her new book, “State of Emergency: How We Win in the Country We Built,” and the fight against systemic racism.
6:42 | 05/19/21

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Transcript for Nearly a year after George Floyd’s death, has America had a racial reckoning?
Later this month will mark the one year anniversary of the death of George Floyd and this past year has certainly been a tumultuous one a year of some. Perhaps overdue and uncomfortable conversations for solemn. A year some have described as a time of racial reckoning. Our next guest -- Co-founder of the social justice organization until freedom has been on the front lines of social justice since childhood born to civil rights activist parents in Harlem. Fighting for equality justice and freedom is what she has done all of her wife and what she continues to do now. She now has new book state of emergency how we win in the country we built. She explains the history of systemic racism in America in a tremendous impact it has had on black people and continues to have. And what we need to do about to make it thank you so much for being with us tonight. Eight he's honest and Ian thank you we are excited to have you so. Sense of this book has this been a long time in the making Laura where's there a specific event or moment when you decided it's time. And wish her own neat seeing it's actually being. Any dairy. And lions get well I'm. And start well you act yeah. I was each sent a teen name was a unique app weight is at our. I'm so many people call me in different directions yeah see eighty bands aren't you know you and millions let's look at the beginning. Shut down only eight. And and as you meet people one nation and calls sudden movement are all towns rat. Stating they understand son they saw or. Spoke in my seat. Analysts say boy from their because there are a lot of people who kind of bought the T shirt went to the march right and then resume what their normal life. Let's talk about what you described as effective activism in your book you talk about a concept of people going from ally to accomplice that dedication and set a popping in and out how does someone show a troop commitment to a movement. Well you know they got me Adam I'm comfortable and yeah is there aren't. I don't understand about. We it and meet CEO are comparable to you some. Ear and heat the senior we as the us here. And pushing her and he wanted to see how. We generally eat it exists it. Lane and but. Are we eat. In for me. If Aaron there were articles he what walls in the pac EC. You write until we deal the most marginalized people this nation to nation will never rise so how should we as a country deal with those who are the most marginalized. You know and an accident local stations what a lot of people because whenever police say yet this year individuals who woke her staff and say well they're fools in this country where soccer and different and be sleep and I see you all agree but whenever we have a situation where here we are until April season eight really strong bill tax legislation cats which are policing and CT accountability eat but baseball's also why how -- Our legislature 12. Is sign a bill to protect each community we want to see you want to see happening. What it doesn't Cree east division creates people had and I see because all with 400 years have we been asking what are they saying yeah there is so much communications. And conversations. About how I was getting rid I mean mean. He Ian Holm so I think that what we can do is look at those people who were it makes me in this country had an impact the I abuses under the unfortunately sharks who and Barack diesel b.'s. For fox launch and work on cleaning up from that respect it already because I don't eat there were beaten the goals he wet the foundation is me this nation and people were. Ash didn't pat. 88. A surprise Indian. Senator. In your book you divided into three sections how we got here where we are and where we're going. So where are we how far are we from where we're heading in how satisfied are you with the progress of the past year. Well unfortunately. Britain not Britain's B. And unfortunately we're still living in I eat meat and had. No way out dark show. I'm easy and rates. In Seattle where women who wait here in. Neat hole easier and my client on the island. ATR are seeking Lou we want and what isn't actually in the year and Zobrist seal. Certainly in a state of emergency C just now we dealing with the district. Is saying. We're she'll need in line. Is just me but I'm willing to un Eddie burns and and eat it. S owes what lay me and that's why it's all else so I sat and statement want to. Know. And lastly dedicated to spoke to your son who what do you want to say to mothers or our parents even who worry about how their children are treated her perceived simply because of the color of their skin. I'm not gonna say and we again saying that you I hate totally unseen evil dead lead and that pressure of I'm sitting here outcomes in the world and not on the validity once it's a return home I. We solicit Dickey is glued to my son because and in no doubt why are. You paying working with others in these protect and that I also I. I mean forehand iTunes and meet surely day tea is one of their data issue areas this movement we're currently in. Tamika Mallory we thank you so much for your time tonight state emergency how we win in a country rebuilt is available wherever books are sold.

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"Activist and civil rights organizer Tamika Mallory talks about her new book, “State of Emergency: How We Win in the Country We Built,” and the fight against systemic racism.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77768805","title":"Nearly a year after George Floyd’s death, has America had a racial reckoning?","url":"/US/video/year-george-floyds-death-america-racial-reckoning-77768805"}