New York state senator on Cuomo controversy

State Sen. Alessandra Biaggi discusses why she called Gov. Andrew Cuomo “a monster” and why she thinks he needs to resign.
5:46 | 03/02/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York state senator on Cuomo controversy
A third woman has now come powered accusing New York governor Andrew Cuomo of unwanted advances. And Iraq told the New York Times it at a wedding 2019 pummeled put his hand on her lower back then when she removed did he called her aggressive put his hands on her face. And asked if he could kisser she says this is a photo of the moment to former aides are also accusing Cuomo sexual harassment at work. Now the New York attorney general is investigating and some New York lawmakers. Are calling on the governor to resign in New York senator Alice Sondra Biaggi is one of those lawmakers and she joins us live now for more on why she thinks the governor. Should step down congressman thanks for being here you know you have caller senate on site. You have called on Governor Cuomo to resign and you even called him a monster on Twitter. But these allegations are now being investigated so why not wait or that investigation to be complete before calling for his resignation. Me and ask and so I wanna be remembered where. I am the writer. And a legislator and her final year and our unity and one Antonin reason why does he. Also one of the main things I had champions. In Albany is changing your. Sexual harassment. And not only in Albany but it all work. Is being. Brightly that I had neatly your. Policy OR and so. I'm looking at about looking colony in Asia and each county. And into when of course the women and Charlie and I don't have org share. I need a eaten by Aaron and eat working environment and to governor has not only in his cast your team so. Channel 8 or. Percent lane and older men have sex in her Asian she. Very clearly. Costello and certain. Behavior online and are highest on. As an a BIG and its chairman and you're already a veteran in state politics there in state government once worked in the governor's office. And did you witness any inappropriate behavior there. There are any idea how. Here is and I Whitman deeply management Charlotte had. I don't hear sirens in the nagging you to center. Around such as survivors which of course is what. They are describing is just ten. But what I did and Ernie and I. Wish what. It was lawn where people were Brady. Bill I'm here behind me like Imran less Spanish. And a legally under it and rounding managed only read worst days he you're seeing right. And unfortunately. All of show hosts. Did you work mostly in. Fortunately. We're. Here. I am is. Not only unbelievable. He's credible. And Governor Cuomo was already under fire her it is his administration under accounting Kobe deaths. In nursing homes so what do you think needs to happen next in investigating those allegations and ensuring that nursing homes or space. Well suited. No cursing at. In nursing home or. Orman is an and you were. Really act sure that our nursing homes are not seeing you deny each others. And the number one number you wish I mean yeah. Or you investigation moderately. 100 or actual raskin an hour course one edge and going on our nursing and I mean what is really. And behind your. Car and clean up. I was lucky ones who deserve an answer. On cancer in their government and parents and comfortable and a half year and not only the federal investigations going on her. And what are you I don't eat and why you also meet an Asian BI. What aren't your decision made me and I. Shoot down in the north in harm's and the public. But. And and one more word hearing rumblings maybe you are two that you could make a run for governor in 20/20 two in New York Cuomo stage and he goes can you show yourself running against him in a primary running on your own. Honestly does not what I centered in about. All. Beyond is you what I did and it is or. East handled her for every day eighty do not only eating all go away is almost a year in Britain is about he her and your mom and New Yorkers are eating. You are sorry I don't own an aging. Virtually golden rule and so is it in my mind. And hurry Ers and a brawl that many people know how hard is only need a whole country to. Her Michael Russell in. And yeah and your politics. Is not. Out. Nine near senator Alice under Biaggi we appreciate your time today thank you. A.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"State Sen. Alessandra Biaggi discusses why she called Gov. Andrew Cuomo “a monster” and why she thinks he needs to resign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76212075","title":"New York state senator on Cuomo controversy","url":"/US/video/york-state-senator-cuomo-controversy-76212075"}