YouTube updates hate speech policy

The video platform sets guidelines banning white supremacy and neo-Nazism.
3:41 | 06/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for YouTube updates hate speech policy
You two but new changes the platform is updating its hate speech to prohibit the videos with white supremacist continent. It's also removing videos that deny certain proven events have taken place like. The Holocaust these changes are affected immediately so I want to bring in Matt Katz digital trends he's the digital trends and news editor. Matt Matt we'll just start with what prompted these changes. Well there's been a lot of criticism against YouTube over the past couple of years that they are sort of a gateway to extremism hod the YouTube algorithm is how YouTube kind of serves you up more videos. Bombing and it was very easy for someone to for example. On be watching a video about world war two and then the next video YouTube would serve up would be something that denied the Holocaust so there was a lot of criticism that this was a way to I'll radicalize people's views com and spread hate it and that's we YouTube is trying to address here. Yeah it's it's interesting because they they have these changes happening effectively but on the other hand. There's a little bit a confusion about their harassment policies on they said they will reconsider them after this conflict between. To content creators of can you just sort of give us an idea of what's happening there. Sure so odd there has been some ongoing. Criticism of YouTube. Are over the acts of Stephen Crowder he's lay out right wing comedian are McCue often uses. Racist and homophobic language. Our when talking about in this case a left leaning journalists from box dot com. Com a lot of YouTube's creators have been. Criticizing. YouTube's policies saying that on their being targeted by. Some of his followers. All I'm saying that other getting harassing phone calls from from people to watch their videos so YouTube is gone a little back and forth on this at first they said they weren't really going to do anything. I'm and then eventually. Yesterday along with all of these videos that were taken away for how to hate speech there also. Going to. These videos will no longer be able to share in the ad revenue with YouTube. That being said they are able to make money in other ways for example patriot on or third party sales so it's it's it's being criticized by some. As true. Little too late. Yes so is there a reason why there deciding not to just remove those and those videos as well instead of just keeping the people for making money. Wall. Eyes as we've reported on digital trends dot com. It's kind of balancing act for YouTube one of their major things that they want to encourage is growth is engagement is people watching videos. Com and some of these videos that either encourage harassment even some of the videos on that encourage racism my arm holocaust denial. Get hundreds of thousands if not millions of views. Com and that is you know a number overall for all of YouTube's videos that they want to see going out so they're trying to strike this balance. Between armed engagement and also making sure that inappropriate things are not on the site. I'm at the same time any time a major Silicon Valley company ought takes down contents. There are immediately freedom of speech concerns arm but it's not illegal what what these companies are doing. Our buddy can be bad PR for them are among certain communities that think they're being censored. All right pretty interesting there Matt Katz digital trends news editor thank you so much for joining us with the updates there. Thanks threat may.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"The video platform sets guidelines banning white supremacy and neo-Nazism. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63532422","title":"YouTube updates hate speech policy ","url":"/US/video/youtube-updates-hate-speech-policy-63532422"}