2013: The Year in Review

World News Now recaps the biggest stories from the past year.
3:00 | 01/02/14

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Transcript for 2013: The Year in Review
News now viewers know news never seems to stop even at this hour. This humble overnight early morning program is there for all of the big stories. And here's a look back at some of the stories covered in 2013. So what was for the president. And he and second inauguration of President Obama is now in the history books if we. Truly credited wolf then surely the -- commit to one another plus being -- as well I Saturday. Good morning Hillary Clinton will not have a job Friday is the last day -- secretaries and not making any commitments or obligations. It -- a remote part of what -- it didn't get a visitor from space. -- meteor right streaked across the sky early this morning triggering powerful shockwaves. Pope Benedict now -- has. Final hours as the head of the Roman Catholic Church. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hope -- that by all accounts humble and holy whose. Whose very name marks a new beginning. At the Boston Marathon. Twin explosions -- a celebration. Turning a day of joy into a deadly nightmare. Last -- smoke and magistrates suspect at the finish line of this iconic events -- home. -- -- So where and it's a pile of bodies. The worst thing I think I've ever been in my life this is all -- -- religion but it didn't. -- -- -- -- our citizens and we will bring them to justice we have a special report your major developments in Boston right now. Police and FBI descending on -- town not far from the city of Boston where suspect is in custody. New video shows him hiding in a boat as stun grenades exploded leading to his capture we have -- truly disastrous situation unfolding this morning. -- -- to begin this half hour that breaking news from Texas it is a fatal explosion happened at fertilizer plant. And -- -- relatives in Tennessee could not believe that when they finally heard her voice on the telephone. Her grandmother and her cousin had not spoken to -- -- more than ten years. News cameras were there when all right here is part of that joyful conversation and let him. -- -- -- -- Everyone who has come from. -- -- Fiery Asiatic airlines crash course certainly harrowing for the millions of Americans -- -- to the skies every moment. But -- apple -- -- smoke coming out explosions coming out. Guilty with those words George Zimmerman left the Seminole County courthouse a free man. The nearly monthlong trial over his attorney telling ABC news in an exclusive interview you'll still get that a central piece of evidence has done. He'll trade on mark I think that he feels truly in his -- that if it did not have that weapon that night he might not be here to do you think he would. If he could he would. -- -- -- -- -- Just got word that it Catherine duchess of Cambridge formerly known as Kate Middleton and even admitted to Saint Mary's hospital people started setting up shop as soon as they found out so that they can get the first. Glimpse of this baby and the brand -- parents whenever and they emerged from the hospital. These things are far behind me 100 person going to be in this armed with a growing pressure on former congressman Anthony -- now get out of the New York break. We have suffered a major setback over the weekend when his campaign manager quit I like to make it clear that I had made terrible mistakes that effort to people -- care about the most. -- deeply sorry we'll. A final countdown for major change in how Americans get their health -- president Obama's bringing out the big guns convince skeptics that the new system will be cheaper and healthier. Senator Ted Cruz staged a protest beach on the floor of the senate -- -- embarrassingly. Admit. And that I took. Towers. Do you like. Green eggs and -- I do not like them Sam I am I do not like green eggs and ham thank you thank you. -- The shooting happened at the State's largest small garden state plaza and -- -- Stocks -- when the shots rang out near the Nordstrom department store have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years. -- I'm not gonna I didn't have any short they're not being true. That's what we'll have you committed to -- -- and I have no interest being about an outside not a crack user don't. There are so many people out there that were touched by this man that have their own stories I now live on -- the legacy. -- True. What a year it is amazing the amount of things not only that we report on but the kind of forget as the year goes by he's the one story that stands -- for him. Well I have to say the amount of hype that the royal birth god stands out but I think it was the Boston bombing that really grounded everybody for quite some time to realize once again how vulnerable we -- and seeing how this city came back so strong. Not all right Natalie -- -- city -- ended the Red Sox brought it home for them as well.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"World News Now recaps the biggest stories from the past year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21395940","title":"2013: The Year in Review","url":"/WNN/video/2013-year-review-21395940"}