Amber Riley Wins Season 17 of 'Dancing With the Stars'

The "Glee" star and Derek Hough were crowned champions.
3:00 | 11/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amber Riley Wins Season 17 of 'Dancing With the Stars'
Buchanan champions -- The stars. Three finalists amber Riley Corbin -- Jack Osborne vying for the trophy -- yes. -- winners and new champions of Dancing With The Stars. Bar. So -- -- -- you start letting you know am I that we did I just like I just when he had just I've really really -- And near Basra and everything that would meet in the nineties. Like yeah. Many other -- just assassin. Fun to watch and Derrick called the fifth time he's one now so he's got he's got the -- Portland -- awesome -- imagine there -- times I saw him dance I don't know that I didn't think he was person that's Jack Osbourne by the way who came in third. He you know he was the only really sort of non dancer background -- so for him to go that far -- likened it to rocky where he went the distance so. Really amazing and a great highlights Phil -- hit the floor again Valerie Harper was back -- -- He said it was some season wasn't. It really -- I cannot but she said at the end of this that amber Riley did not have one of foot misplaced and all of her dance tonight and just takes that -- -- tax and loving every minute on the body -- the winner's name early on GMA today hundreds of very calm. -- today is not such -- -- polish on MSNBC is being canceled -- lately Alec Baldwin -- only five episodes. He got some pretty good reviews he had about a half a million viewers in the first three episodes the last two there was little bit of -- dip in viewers. And all of this is stemming from that incident that happened a couple of weeks ago where he blurted out an anti gay slur at photographer here on the streets of New York City. And it all. Spiraled out of control there because he essentially said that he lost his cool. -- it because you is. He he didn't realize that what he said was offensive that gay people when he said he was trying to protect his family any sense that the driver had misunderstood what you really sad because he didn't say the word he said the work. -- -- debt instead and all of -- really made no sense initially MSNBC suspended him for two weeks and then -- come out with a mutual statement that says now he's gotten. -- choose your words better gas. Here we go thank you when -- guy from Malcolm in the Middle yes. Second stroke in. To see so -- -- -- daily news reported missing -- really a shame he's described experiences miserable miserable former Malcolm in the Middle star and he basically said almost a year today experienced another mini stroke. Hopefully it will be my last two I'm miserable I was a tweet from him. He suffered another mini stroke last November -- which he described -- Good Morning America and this is -- -- this is that I couldn't -- words. And I thought I was saying them he told Michelle my fiance was looking at me like I'm speaking a foreign language we just couldn't get the language -- Anyway he just says that he never -- acting again I'd be fine with him we wish him all the best as he recovers -- Oh my gosh we're things can -- that's incredibly young. They have some really cool video to show you now Prince William for this -- is believed -- John. Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift check this out this of that though winter -- gala. At Kensington Palace and you -- on Monday night. He's karaoke Hudson River that he can be a little -- with singer but this what's incredible is talking yeah you're just an -- -- impressive thing and that. -- -- -- -- Okay. Okay.

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{"id":21026549,"title":"Amber Riley Wins Season 17 of 'Dancing With the Stars'","duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Glee\" star and Derek Hough were crowned champions.","url":"/WNN/video/amber-riley-wins-season-17-dwts-21026549","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}