'American Idol' says goodbye to some fan favorites

The judges eliminated more contestants during last night's "American Idol" episode. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.
4:40 | 04/03/18

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Transcript for 'American Idol' says goodbye to some fan favorites
It is time Palestinian. And all good things must come to an end. Like Hollywood week on American and a. Yes it would does that lead to our I don't analyst is here to tell us all about it well cast good morning here good morning I brought snacks. Yes but these are very specific kind of snapped a. And Doerr and you said you were like not into the hole smack I was there is very healthy ice cream pants patty screamed so we got ice cream talk Halladay that he. He's whining all right Eileen oh yeah you've said on in the dwindled sat in. And it's all because of what happened on idol last night calling plays unlucky star crossed love story all good things must come to an end. Hence my break up snacks. Okay. Yet take a look at the heart wrenching goodbye for Katie favorite construction worker turned it into Graham they're strapped these trapper he's that stupid because I want some. And a brand new. Bullying. This. I can't believe this. A again you've seed yeah. How do you say no to those ads and he goes eyes and that voice and and he was looking like a snack humans look. Infant not only have defects here yeah something tells me he and hit a 190003. M callers are going to be just fine what did you think that. Fiat tabled this is what makes me think that all of this what's on his instead Graham. We'll know we'll cast what could access and their underwear thinking it screaming on obvious. That we got that unlock. How could cut it doesn't matter what he senior and Alec even if we have the volume down on that. He still gonna get the likes he's still gonna get plenty of life yeah yeah site that's is answer going to be accidents are gonna pound go give them a follow resident. Pick your hugging a call while I mean come from. Zdeno yeah yeah. But let me tell you guys that was not the only bad romance in last night's episode take a look at Cady who is my favorite funky finally how singing. God does that Roman. Yeah she made it through last night she'll be joining the 124. Along with Shannon O'Hara who took a big risk again by singing a Katy Perry's song right from his annual. An American version of unconditionally wound lying aloof in Qaeda and. Soon. How do you mind. Not bad writing it's Aaron not bad at all I don't. See entire residence I don't. Earlier that I actually watched it last night because basketball game started so leave no another issue but then whose residents are very. It's a little pitching in times they were candidate got her. Are all right now though I'm they need it says it pull a Diane here into the Milan i.s contain is. This this moment right here was heart wrenching for me. And it's only the first in a series of heartbreak we said goodbye to my alpaca loving wig snatching no one. Yeah you know. Miller never stop saying wink. Earthquake in peace now. And he's we all know I can't another sad note here and I we're into this top yeah and his eyes that we could stand to. Now some lines it's a little it's a little present that I think about ice cream is that it'll be melting naps in and out. We can stand to burn fewer calories right unknown how about a dance break inspired habit of the most dangerous thing. And secrets from last night after that Garrett who didn't make it through to the top 24 but his dance moves. Might not know I can really. I didn't know I can really advance until about like a week and a half for two weeks ago. Yeah. I'll end up pleased that the please stuff yeah join dividend Garrett got either literally on Israel and the next. Thing that's. Let me away from and I did I don't fit but.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"The judges eliminated more contestants during last night's \"American Idol\" episode. ABC News' Will Ganss reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"54197962","title":"'American Idol' says goodbye to some fan favorites ","url":"/WNN/video/american-idol-goodbye-fan-favorites-54197962"}