A look back at 2018

With 2019 fast approaching, we're checking out all the highlights and wacky moments we've had on the show this past year.
5:22 | 12/31/18

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Transcript for A look back at 2018
Linear city peaceful. And nice tomorrow night will be. Yes and mourning will be a whole another scene as it would for the ball to drop so Tony eighteen there is no doubt to Ben a wild year for news headlines. Yeah absolutely has been it has been or. Busy year for world news now to talk about the crazy story of that the stories high jinx it really. The downright bizarre behavior of our anchors you know who they are Diana Candace both of whom. Perhaps not so quick yeah see up there a lot of what else. The sit here now our world is now year in your preview. We begin this half hour with that breaking news the. Big breaking news the breaking news we have a busy busy day. No no no no I totally I am not down would that. We can't miss yeah candidates got offended. Down ten days. Ladies I feel like it. Battery. Don't know that. I'm these fat and Sosa Howard's team. It. Taking up his shirt c'mon c'mon c'mon at. Two more. Like an eight two more and it's where you on this first day of summer. And it's a good good good defense and. They do it. They hurt you. Welcome back turn goes to goes overnight Wright mess Elvira Jordan he's the top. Yes we always sets up what NASA astronauts. Career diets good but he was soon but says. Yeah. But didn't want. Little good night I am African MC hammer and these. Thank you got he could be bill I think that I don't know don't let us live today. Great. Content. It's cool. Here in Indiana and waving at work. There is no if it's. Love that way it's very lady like this clearly intended bleeding maintain its lead for national safe. We were proof yeah I'll hug angered and. Found it to a wait and see tip. Again we got it we got it exhibit that is right and didn't let you hit him management. Well you apartment yeah. Can tell you. Supplant the nightmare. We can't go anywhere I was caper for real if we can be heard let's start Cady. Yeah hello. Hey these are becoming better about his. Though we don't assume it's back there in case you want to know what it's about life. Just head tearing us because of visuals event that's tough on him Bradley let's. Who run crippling disease and to see moonlight at grist. Synthetics. I don't know what happens and I got. Behind the scenes of the shoots before and the one thing that low. How big is tag below ground well our twins should Goodman about a and next is not David it on the here literally dozens running backs and ages. How do you. We try to. Okay there's been an issue that says there's one she has says there's one cent per off now. The resemblance is one can't tell you. And eight people. Call your hand there. Intel I'm well that's every Owens and Molly that it we want to perform on world news now visit meal. Lipkin blow up. I conceded you rats. Oh yeah back. This is why don't like here it tickles coming out. And go pile. I don't know even how. Pick up their vehicle for these little beer and medical loss could. And that's just what they'll do we only have about as them. How they have a. My eyes tell the dollar Gonzales and yes so much but I know we all miss Diane in Kenya's people are still laying on Twitter that they're not gonna watch anymore but you're probably wanting this. For now. That's right now.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"With 2019 fast approaching, we're checking out all the highlights and wacky moments we've had on the show this past year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60087428","title":"A look back at 2018","url":"/WNN/video/back-2018-60087428"}