Backlog of asylum seekers at US-Mexico border

Border Patrol agents said they won't be able to begin processing the asylum claims of the growing migrant caravan for at least five weeks. ABC News' Kendis Gibson reports.
2:24 | 11/28/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Backlog of asylum seekers at US-Mexico border
We turn now to the frustration along the southern border threatening to spiral into a full blown crisis. More migrants are flooding into northern Mexico as living conditions get even worse and now US officials are warning. Of a massive backlog. Saying it could be weeks or months before they begin processing asylum seekers. This morning the growing debate over how to handle the migrants surge along the Mexican border as conditions grow increasingly desperate. Days after border regions used tear gas to tell migrants Seeking Asylum in the US. Thousands of migrants are living in tents growing more vulnerable and frustrated. Let it all new the mother captured in this picture now seen around the world is talking about her escape. Maria Massa is seen grabbing her twin daughters as they run from tear gas. Pulled in one of the three canisters at landed near them mrs. says they could not reach an canisters went out. Yes it formally on until then we'll go months. Sea levels automobiles and little bit lucky. Ms. as a mother of nine with once on the rating in the last she says she can't return to injuries because she's facing threats from drug dealers. To be forced one of her other science to join a gang. US Customs and Border Protection is now investigating the use of the tear gas but the agency is defending those agents. Calling it a chaotic situation. A sports complex into one is now housing nearly 6000 migrants three times more than the venues capacity. The city's mayor calling it and humanitarian crisis ABC's Matt Gutman is there. Behind me is the San Ysidro crossing what you're seeing here twenty lanes of northbound traffic enduring all that chaos. Everything here was completely shuttered. For nearly seven hours. And the ordeal is far from over Border Patrol is now warning of a massive backlog. Seeing can't even begin to process the asylum claims of those in the Margaret caravan for at least five weeks. Because the system was already at capacity before the caravan arrives. And then there are new questions about a government facility in Texas housing teens who cross the border alone. A senior official says a facility is near capacity with only a few beds left. An average of about 150 miners are now crossing the border every day.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Border Patrol agents said they won't be able to begin processing the asylum claims of the growing migrant caravan for at least five weeks. ABC News' Kendis Gibson reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59464926","title":"Backlog of asylum seekers at US-Mexico border","url":"/WNN/video/backlog-asylum-seekers-us-mexico-border-59464926"}