Beware of April Fool's Day

Take a look at some famous pranks that have taken place recently.
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beware of April Fool's Day
You see -- and Central Park are nice and -- April fool's game I and is -- person that means beware of fake -- free food. The kinds of goofy things that I can -- just anywhere yeah. But it's not only our family friends and co workers objected to hypocritical lying on its -- TV -- -- in the Internet and everyone out there is trying to -- He's -- good francs in recent years this one example 1996 Taco Bell -- despite the fast food chains got a full page ad. Claiming that it bought the liberty -- I love that to reduce the country's debt and renamed -- the talk -- -- liberty bell. Yeah -- only the bonds that aren't about my email that day the company -- -- -- they had to admit that the whole thing is subject. -- Google got in on the action. April -- announcement here they announced that Gmail paper -- new product we'll let you print all of your emails and have the mail the old fashioned way you write to your door. Telling point here help -- snow has won stages are offering this testimonial to what will they think next -- Check out I kid into the game a step further with a real fake products ladies and gentlemen the one thing that's good -- -- -- -- -- -- lack of your best friend. -- whole installing a dual key high chairs simulates. What naturally occurs in the wild. Resulting in a balanced and more happier and -- So here is simple and check it out there all of that I could share for the details I don't even think about doubling as a ride your -- get single trap door to him. Right YouTube also getting in on the act also by pretending -- engineer sees something -- introduce you to something that you never knew you needed -- -- -- a video advertising a service that allows you to order every single -- video uploaded ever. As soon as you sign up will dispatch of -- -- 175. UT trucks to your home. -- -- video modules will -- securely shrink wrapped concrete categorized house. If you live on a steep crater -- an area with low overpasses your dvds will be delivered by -- And video -- out right now you get training videos on -- says -- soundtracks on vinyl instead of course that you can't go quite that elaborate there are plenty of things you can do to terrorize the people you -- very -- if you can't think of anything we are always here to help cream -- the outrageous -- not been into the state and replace it with cream -- for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- how much so that won't -- just think -- -- -- some clear nail polish. Frustrating him at -- Really happy it'll be okay.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Take a look at some famous pranks that have taken place recently.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23138716","title":"Beware of April Fool's Day","url":"/WNN/video/beware-april-fools-day-23138716"}