Biden Administration shifts vaccination focus

Dr. Anthony Fauci puts U.S. pandemic in baseball terms, saying we’re in the “bottom of the 6th inning.” ABC News’ Faith Abubey reports.
2:08 | 05/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden Administration shifts vaccination focus
This morning a new strategy in the race to vaccinated Americans the Biden administration shifting focus away from federal mass vaccination sites. To a more targeted approach Ziering in on areas with high demand and little access and communities reluctant to give the sign. We're gonna have to bring vaccine in people who are less eager. Right now about 32% of Americans are fully vaccinated the demand for the song is falling. Vaccinations dropping to 2.2 eight million doses a day from a peak of three million. Drinking county telling CNN. As the pool of people who are unvaccinated he gets smaller. He gets a little bit more difficult and that's the reason why you wanna do a modification of strategy. Includes offering incentives to people who get the shot a chance for a new car in Memphis. Free beer in New Jersey. Our new shot and a beer. Program. To encourage eligible New Jersey bands H is 21 and all work to get vaccinated. Meantime more Americans could be eligible for the vaccine any day now. The FDA's expected to soon authorized the fines are shots for children twelve to fifteen years old we need at least 70% of the population are more immunized to achieve some kind of herd immunity teach and children in that age group are going to be an important factor. In making sure that they are protected as well of those around them the drugmaker also hoping to get enough data from its clinical trials by September. To request kids as young as two years old to be vaccinated. Nathan and his three year old brother are part of a trial in taxes. Are. And starting Monday fourteen year old Caroline and her sister fifteen year old Ariana will also doing a different trial. Excited about doing their part to help fight the pandemic. I really like shots and they may scare me of that cell. It's better Indiana got there what someone else. As a war we are in this fight against the virus doctrine did not to says that those sort baseball game we would be at the bottom of the sixth inning meeting more than a year later we're two thirds of the way through this pandemic Mona. They think you.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"Dr. Anthony Fauci puts U.S. pandemic in baseball terms, saying we’re in the “bottom of the 6th inning.” ABC News’ Faith Abubey reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77501505","title":"Biden Administration shifts vaccination focus","url":"/WNN/video/biden-administration-shifts-vaccination-focus-77501505"}