Biden unveils $1.9 trillion COVID recovery plan

The plan calls for higher rates of testing and vaccination as well as bigger stimulus checks. ABC’s Alex Presha has the details.
2:55 | 01/15/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden unveils $1.9 trillion COVID recovery plan
With five days to go before the inauguration. President elect Biden is unveiling his plan to fight cool bid nineteen. The American rescue plan. I will tackle the pandemic can get direct financial assistance and relief to Americans who need the most. The nearly two trillion dollar proposal calls for new 14100 dollar stimulus payments to most Americans plus a 130 billion dollars to reopen schools in a 160 billion to build a national vaccine program and boost testing. Crisis of deep human suffering. Is in plain sight. There's no time to waste. We have to act and we have to act now. It comes as hospitals big for back up. In Los Angeles county one in three people now have contracted Kobe the grim work of managing that he calls on the LE quarters office. Teams including National Guard troops laying out body bats in moving the bodies into refrigerated containers. Antelope Valley hospital has one of the busiest yards in the state of California with thirty to forty people waiting for beds. At any given time and that's why they received this field hospital with fifty beds. That is typically deployed to disaster zones like Iraq or hate. Ambulances gridlocked outside the York inside gurneys one behind another. But at this field hospital built in just five days the only thing missing is oxygen. We need a large quantity of oxygen at all time and constantly we can't ever run out. If we right out. They could die die. The nation's death Cole is now approaching 400000. Last week's hole was 25% higher than at any other time during the pandemic amid the crush of patients are rushed to vaccinated. But some cities warned their running out of doses. We don't have an SI. To go beyond the one at this time the shortage forcing some cities have slowed the vaccine rollout to lower risk people we are not going to be able to. Open up an expanded to other groups and terror bat vaccine. Opens up in supply and in areas were shot are in stock appointments are not. There was not one ounce of availability on any. Its site. Phone lines GM web sites crashing dislocation booked through April and are. Tell. You I'm be homebound individuals. Have been overlooked. Are. Officials in New York say there's a growing concern about older people unable to leave their homes to get their shock. Because they can't walk or don't know how to book and appointment. They are. Literate. And I can't imagine how many people in mid air are doing what we're problems. As for Joseph Biden's plan it also includes a provision to boost the minimum wage the big question is will congress approved. Democrats have only a slim majority in the house and senate and the senate also has the task of running an impeachment trial.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"The plan calls for higher rates of testing and vaccination as well as bigger stimulus checks. ABC’s Alex Presha has the details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75272921","title":"Biden unveils $1.9 trillion COVID recovery plan","url":"/WNN/video/biden-unveils-19-trillion-covid-recovery-plan-75272921"}