Boy Runs Away From Home After Mom Deletes Pokemon Go

The 10-year-old's sister documents the ordeal on Snapchat.
2:54 | 07/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boy Runs Away From Home After Mom Deletes Pokemon Go
Producer of its Pokemon craze has really really done just absolutely insane it now you have kids who were running away from home. All because of it there's this young Scottish boy whose parents apparently deleted his Pokemon. So he was like that said. My god he packed up his clothes this is a sister recording. Let his calls or god. I she recorded all of this obvious that the ten year old Scottish way. Cleared out everything. And ran away from home because he was frustrated over all those love Pokemon. Mob. The intent. He was not happy deleted so apparently we're not exactly sure where he is but. He's now home he went to some cousins or some relative's home. I assure you ran away because he's angry or maybe he knew there are a lot of hope in months somewhere else and he wanted to try to get them back may be and we says house was allure every. That was after it was behind. Hello a lot of people have a fear of the ocean and understandably so there is scary things in there but speech go to Northern Europe Poland we're not anticipating. This one. And they're doing this maybe something in the water. No homes and their well well while Bart. Good thing to hit and it took off started knocking over their little Sunday there's this started knocking people over they started. Eventually people thought you know what we get with missing the we'll go into the water well guess what wild horse not afraid of water ladies and gentlemen chased people pretty much everywhere until finally it just kinda got bored. I guess that's why they call it. Wild don't think. I think beach one that had kind of like Ed that the beaches pet was allowed to board yeah just walked around in the Bob the big belly in front of you Peter Rabbit the I don't have much more differently than that. Ones yes and this isn't a lot more friendly embassy in the so look at this canine. That does some twenty to push ups all for a noble cause so that we can and it's had ever since Steve Hopwood there. Number did Varian. They're overseas and their different participants doing twenty push ups every day for twenty days. And it is all as a benefit for veteran cause there. So cute to see Doug of that. But that patriot. If there is an and here's what not to do when watching a bike race there was a spectator in China watching the beginning there of one of these big races. And coordinator wanted to get photo know you just jumped out in the middle. And yes you can pretty much anticipate what would've happened back. We're not sure if and that person managed to get shot and wanted to they wanted to be but there was a photo of and being harassed yes. I'd get another photos. To commemorate sixty. Hopefully all the writers Eric.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"The 10-year-old's sister documents the ordeal on Snapchat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"40693781","title":"Boy Runs Away From Home After Mom Deletes Pokemon Go","url":"/WNN/video/boy-runs-home-mom-deletes-pokemon-40693781"}