Breweries pouring beer down the drain

With bars no longer needing beer on draft, some breweries are being forced to get rid of beer before it goes bad. ABC News' Will Ganss reports on this beer-lovers' nightmare.
2:19 | 04/29/20

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Transcript for Breweries pouring beer down the drain
These days beer drinkers are running out of the hops to stay happy bars and breweries tapping out. Like Minnesota's Bauhaus brew lapse forced to dial 900 gallons a perfectly fine Bruschi. Down the drain as demand for draught beer dries up. No one crowding the bars and breweries that used to serve beer on tap. We don't know how things are gonna go. But we're. Kind of holding our breath and crossing their fingers all at the same time that eventually we'll be able to get job accurately shares to him out of those mugs there. In some cases it's not legal for breweries to sell four packs or six packs of their own beer from their tap rooms and in other cases the cost is just too Heidi cake or bottle all of that here. Sit down at goats. To avoid that beer lover's nightmare here companies are giving their all for their jail some working with distillery to turn old beer in the hands sanitized there. And some beginning to sell their Beers and boxes and bags. Who said wind gets to have all the fine. Barley browns and or against selling their beer in cans for the very first time ever a bizarre sight for sun their caption on the announcement. Hell has frozen over so that our high water. Local breweries are hoping their most loyal customers will continue to crack open a cold wind even from that appropriate social distance. A mass murder her local Marines. Yeah. These bands of brier and sons brewing company in Fort Worth, Texas selflessly stepping up to help. Texted me and saying they're just deploying those trying to do have wanted to get out I'll take you here so we can detect he's begun not a means words that he used for so cheap and crates. Crazy indeed. So those tap rooms where brewery subtle directly to customers coming in for a pint is the primary source of revenue for smaller brewery so there really relying on this pick up and delivery orders. Full disclosure you guys those two guys in the piece there are my brother John and his best friend Truman. Who I think are more than happy to support their local businesses so I think those breweries in Fort Worth. Well up planning and business for the time being classes that meet you also have a week's worth supply and there and it better be in the mail my brother John is watching send up a couple pints John does that mean all of us here world news now also have a week's supply. Oh yeah. John send it this way. Heirs so that.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"With bars no longer needing beer on draft, some breweries are being forced to get rid of beer before it goes bad. ABC News' Will Ganss reports on this beer-lovers' nightmare.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"70401970","title":"Breweries pouring beer down the drain","url":"/WNN/video/breweries-pouring-beer-drain-70401970"}