A Cat Goes Flying

Video shows a cat being discovered midflight hanging on to the wing of an airplane.
2:54 | 06/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Cat Goes Flying
Welcome back now it's time for the knicks take a look at an unexpected passenger. A board one life. DC over there upper right hand corner yup that's a cat on the wing of the planes. As they are about to take off there at this is over French Guinea the pilot roll mind Jen told. Discovered that the cat it's not on board and as soon as yup yup as soon as this discovery was eighth after a late start descending they bring the plane down. And I can happily reports. That cat made it out just thought. Why couldn't see the surprise in his praise what's he looks up at season's bad apparent gap the cat as well number deer live. Doing pretty good and weekends report just fine and no cats got injured in this half as a result good. Pretty cool a casino us Americans we're where you start mascots and we have some pretty famous experts have liked San Diego chicken hot. If mr. mapped of course if Philly fanatic. Well over and style and then hearing the football team the heartache they so they decided to come up with a new mascot they've got tired revealed guy and this is what they came up way we'll. Yes this is there any room that's got. Try at it he's call Kingsley. Some people have made quite a what quite fun of it looks like a splattered star burst into a sunny side up bank it's. We can go on and on take a look at some of the means that have come out as a result of this month. Some people call that a demented nightmare sun. Hello Lisa Simpson and tell us how they had a baby. I have to go ahead yeah I think they've added a pretty good it didn't it didn't go over its. I don't Mickey d.'s really peddle fast food update on the show some point. Mickey d.'s launching what's called the mic but I don't you see that there they're trying to reach out to millennium as they realize lots millennial like to ride bikes. So they came public this little handy thing you can put right there on your bike it holds a drink your Fries burger. It was created when a Cyrus launch in Denmark in Colombia it's gonna go to Japan and Amsterdam. And a hopefully it'll come over to our neck of the woods for bikers. It's easy picking up and you just hang on about. It just seems. To be contrary to the concept of unity of putting on 2400 calories of a boot the big Mac and then. I just eat Fries 620 and a dike very in effect vote. Aren't you know self these states have gone pretty much from silly to sane and what I guess a year or so and now they have hit. The fashion runways take a look at this the famed designer Gucci immortalized in the southeast if there you can make it out but there's a guy there. And bordered image of a guy. Holding the Celtics to. About the helpful not a cat won't. Those and that dress looks. Hideous.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Video shows a cat being discovered midflight hanging on to the wing of an airplane. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31958943","title":"A Cat Goes Flying","url":"/WNN/video/cat-flying-31958943"}