Citizen journalism on the frontlines

ABC News' Mona Kosar Abdi speaks with assistant professor of journalism, Dr. Alissa Richardson, about the ongoing protests and the critical role that people documenting these events are playing.
3:26 | 06/02/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Citizen journalism on the frontlines
Good morning doctor Richardson we appreciate having you on the shell. In the social media air a lot of people are crediting advancements in cell phones and citizen journalists for documenting instances. A police brutality how big of a role has not pleaded moving the conversation forward and bringing about change. It's been an inning role and Jerry interns are on witness saint these trends in deals actually eat. Creating get troop to let me African Americans are very long time that police brutality is persistent. You are a sister Betty and Rick these kinds of Smart will be yeah recruit him. Tune in for a conversations about that pretty when he didn't think that's quite alarming though is that aired the show I casually and not. Send a research wit you exit out of. I and speaking about I wanna stop further ask you what is some of the mental trauma that can occur particularly. For people of color from seeing black people repeatedly dying tragic deaths on screen. A window into and in writing my book witness while black she is sent there actually in three overlapping area of domestic terror against Lackey. She and that his end slavery let's get it ready for lynch we're just getting way. Out. And each of those air anti black what you see is using technology of their day to speak out about those justice it's. And doctor Richard send cases regarding police brutality and race garner divisive responses. But there seems to be collective outrage over the deaths of the water Marbury and George Floyd from across the political spectrum what do you think is different. Our views on this topic changing in this country. I think it's different because everywhere recognized an African Americans were fighting two wars at once. Or it got a chance to more. From the disproportionate exit to ninety. African Americans then Hannity look back and say is this went to eat what returning to normal. Can't get it looks like eating and upwards for charity. And I steamy video are shots disposal closely together or by C a mock artery Burris might not hating preacher Rihanna Steelers state women's names cheating and I'd been dreading this age of George lynch Abrams. You relax when he sixteen all over again when we had been out since sterling first. And insulated or steal at eight breeder and so a lot of African American art IQ and this time there's a multi ethnic coalition says. Yes we're tired we you it tipping point. Additional footage you're only Cooper an essential part actually real dean quite pretty scene awaited could be fatal if she were to occur they act so all these elements together. Witnessed through Smart below give us a front row seat some of the seas that existed. Pre coded annual did you you'll actor. I think's a doctor Richardson for that perspective she also talks about this movement to combat. White silence. Silence being complicit in upholding the system of racial inequality. And we're seeing that we're seeing very diverse crowds taped to the streets. To say black white matter to say that enough is enough. And also not as on the streets but in social media as well we're seeing celebrities of all backgrounds come out and take a stand. Activities as well as she said there's a mall told. Multi coal Kohl coalition and there's been at tipping point that we have seen here.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"ABC News' Mona Kosar Abdi speaks with assistant professor of journalism, Dr. Alissa Richardson, about the ongoing protests and the critical role that people documenting these events are playing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71015648","title":"Citizen journalism on the frontlines","url":"/WNN/video/citizen-journalism-frontlines-71015648"}