Craig Ferguson's 'Late Late Show' Replacement is Named

James Corden will replace Craig Ferguson as the host of "Late Late Show".
3:21 | 08/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Craig Ferguson's 'Late Late Show' Replacement is Named
Time after this idiot here's -- British invasion continues on CBS's the late late show that's right after announcing his departure for months ago CBS now apparently. -- need a replacement for Craig Ferguson. Companies yet to release a statement that the rapist reporting that it's 35 year old British actor James court didn't see in there. We'll be taking of the show up from the 52 year old Scott. Court and reported co star Keira Knightley and begin again. -- earlier this year with Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp in the fantasy thriller. Ferguson has been hosting that link HO since 2000 behind changing of the guard I love but I you know I really lovely I think there's -- -- good mix of people of late night. We could see their next maybe you. -- -- But -- is great yes get off without -- are moving on though another big move for Hollywood a -- this season two of HBO's true detective coming together now. Set to join the cast reportedly. Veteran comic actor Vince spot and -- -- reporting that bond is in preliminary talks with the network. We're role on the neo noir that well another potential newcomer on the show mad men's Elisabeth Moss cool true detectives -- innovation of course is to refresh the cast every year. Sees it won the however will be a tough act to follow if you watch the show. Woody Harrelson Matthew McConaughey is Emmy nominated performances I haven't seen the -- I hear it's incredible and here's what just can't get enough -- and have to stop we're doing -- -- -- and that's right. And speaking of award winning performance is what you get when you combine that very dignified Helling and -- with truck. -- putting the Oscar winning actress was honored earlier this year Harvard's hasty putting awards and was -- -- showing -- her imitation and the -- Miley Cyrus thanks -- Proud got to go it I don't see any guys let's see that it. It's an. Exhibit that -- -- got added. So of course she was asked to do repeat performance yesterday -- I am with Michael Strahan as she promoted her upcoming movie the hundred year journey out this Friday that. I'm doing that -- is pretty good. -- -- working here are you sure myriad amount per game here but what mom to date figure out a secret weapon to calm down her little girls who look. It turned out little haze all the huge fan Katy Perry check out. -- Yeah yeah. Yeah he's put them out an agenda in December you -- his openly claims. All of down about him just -- -- fingers boy sent from -- look at that they had about. And this video -- a guy Katy Perry's I tweeting that she's available for babysitting at ten dollars an hour and four or yes. We know something about -- or -- from cookies to birthday cake stopping a list of celebrity birthdays today I had the mom on seven haven't heard. -- three years -- director M. Night Shyamalan turns 44. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Beverly Hills 90210 actress Jennifer lions -- 37 happy birthday to everybody.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"James Corden will replace Craig Ferguson as the host of \"Late Late Show\".","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24860168","title":"Craig Ferguson's 'Late Late Show' Replacement is Named","url":"/WNN/video/craig-fergusons-late-late-show-replacement-named-24860168"}