'DWTS' Elimination Night Update

Andy Dick survives another night as Victor Ortiz is kicked off "Dancing With the Stars."
3:58 | 04/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Elimination Night Update
-- welcome back in the -- -- never complete without some Dancing With The Stars fans of course we got a case of Dancing With The Stars. Elimination night happened and a lot of people repeating keeping quite keen eye on Andy because nobody really -- -- -- nice nest -- are married yet. So anyway here we are once again he was at the bottom he had a -- -- he had eighteen points another one went on the bottom line is -- -- or teens -- wrestler. Who also are -- rather with -- -- also eighteen point everybody's kind of biting nails which was gonna go to is gonna go it was not and -- if you can believe still hanging in my -- Sorry that was a spoiler alert the one who did guy over here -- if you want to hear this. Victor Ortiz. He's happy he's at a had a blast made friends I was happy to get this far I think who have manipulated it's hard to -- united sparing you can be proud to collect that hope. Believe these beautiful people don't follow me -- my next -- championship title bout. -- Six. Rings. It's. Been a blast. You know I'm happy to get this far. I definitely need some dance -- who. There was an open invitation to the entire cast a ring side the next time he -- about two. Please don't forget I'm not surprised boxer who's going williams' stance on every. -- let's talk about. Mr. side of the -- gone on the style -- he's got a new he's got a new song out and apparently it's really burn -- obviously you. The South -- Kelly started another more from. Viral news with a single gentlemen earning 38 million views in a single day. As setting a blistering pace -- scandalous. Scott said 38 million views. Added eight that's 38 million -- -- -- day on YouTube gentlemen. Surpassing the single day record of thirty million set by the -- 2012 short film. And they'll I've got -- -- style which has the most ever you won't point five million hits on. -- it's got a long way to go but apparently this video is ahead. -- -- look -- at that moment in. Tidbit for you definitely. -- not so happy with this video -- just -- the raunchy side. He's always been controversial. Yeah he goes around Anaheim that everything comes across -- -- fire -- which the government says -- the public property government property code was reviewing. Some things that now I'm not. And traffic the -- and I think. Coming onto another powerhouse of the celebrity beyoncé and we don't know she is on -- miss Carter wore olds tore well. There is think Clinton had better relief it's minute and a half -- and it shows her belting out ton of her really popular song. Run the world girls love on top ten halo -- structure and in some extra rather get hot stay and dances and kind of elaborate decorations and -- Bask in the glory of her adoring fans there's a little bit of video there she is. Doing all of this company behind Larry let a -- -- why -- made that was another one of our skinny elements a couple of weeks ago. More bashing her for not being a -- and a mom. Now -- is showing everybody what she's got she's awesome she. Looks great all right somebody's not looking so great at least in these shots Reese Witherspoon in handcuffs. Now they'll finally release fox five in Atlanta the first ones to release the video but. It shows Witherspoon in handcuffs after that famous do you know who I -- arrest on Friday paying. And she didn't give that apology at the time she appears. Com and -- and cooperative. Parent -- hopefully that's a blow over --

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{"id":19028664,"title":"'DWTS' Elimination Night Update","duration":"3:58","description":"Andy Dick survives another night as Victor Ortiz is kicked off \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/WNN/video/dwts-elimination-night-update-19028664","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}