Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaves 'The View'

Hasselbeck will be taking a role as co-host on Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends."
4:41 | 07/10/13

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Transcript for Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaves 'The View'
Welcome -- to the skinny everybody animals that walked into the -- and that they sent that. And you on your -- Had Herring not how well they are important ice out might be -- her -- there -- and they're very. And the retailers and better -- that may yes and the reason is because Elizabeth house back after ten years of being on the show is the last like that. ABC eight our parent company Disney as you know. Says that as she's going to Fox News Channel Fox News Channel has also confirmed that she's going to be on their morning show FOX & Friends. And everybody is wishing her well and gay and she is -- -- -- to me it's a big congratulations to Gretchen Carlson on her new show she is a trusted voice in news. And -- fortune being. And C Fox News Channel -- -- so she is confirming it herself. And they have over they. House also set had been a longtime fan of FOX & Friends and an excited to be joining their team in September. As it is an honor to call the Fox News Channel my new television home and everybody's kind of coming out and saying the same thing she -- in. And the view is saying we thank Elizabeth and wish her luck as she begins a new chapter in her career -- -- -- -- They're saying that she has a warm and engaging personality. On the view and she has proven to be an excellent conversational -- -- there are certain that she's going to. The agency think she'll be reading news over there and -- You know and so I think should be sitting on this I don't know discussion I don't visiting I think shall be sitting on -- especially talking to everybody else substantial just kind of be one of the hosts that. Kind of engages in the political situations or whatever -- talking about whatever that discussion we -- it is -- -- -- actually wish her a lot so but that's you know we have three empty seats in by next year joys believing. Barbara Walters as did announced her retirement and how Elizabeth is gone so. Tanya what right here one to ten I don't blood -- chairman. -- to -- video does not sound is that we'll get some sleep at the we don't love -- Come back and we'll all you. -- all that stuff. I'd look for fantasizing why -- -- from John as appendicitis. He's got a tour rated he's suffering from appendicitis does require surgery according a spokesman to -- to ABC news as a result the war brewing in singer -- Cancels upcoming shows including -- headlining concert on Friday at the London music festival. It quoted -- incredibly disappointed to postpone the State's. You know made super -- efforts to continue to perform. There was -- and it confirms his dedication his European and he's 66 he fell -- while touring after -- scans they found out that of his appendix issue. And that he's gonna take antibiotics and he'll undergo surgery in the next few weeks and hopefully be back -- a. -- wishing well is -- OK so now we told you yesterday about Mariah -- she was rushed to the hospital because she was on the issue of the remakes of her music video beautiful. And she fell and dislocated her shoulder to she had to be rushed to hospital or. Little more information. Her rep yesterday -- it wasn't really big deal there's a picture her at the hospital -- up yeah her how to end it will be Canada's next saying that they work that we're serious about this picture. And with her arm in the slaying. And in. And it's saying it was pretty serious not only did she dislocated her shoulder she cracked a red and -- -- shoulder borrow it may. She took it out this -- saying dislocated my shoulder on the remakes video with. -- Sporting a very fashionable slang for the next couple of weeks but she's such a dedicated performer. Apparently on the emergency -- from wherever they were filming they shoot to the hospital she told -- Get back over there aren't finished this music video because he's -- Iraq there. Slash producer of -- -- -- -- my goodness there you have it she wants it done she wanted done now even if she's sick and kind of under the latter because she's not. Yeah. Jennifer Lopez talking NW magazine going back to the Bronx for a photo shoot going to be please yes a long time and basically saying that he brings back a lot of tough memories about her. Her mom and dad separating after 33 years of marriage then that's the last time she was. Back at her old home that she reminisced about moving out an eighteen and being. Homeless and sleeping on a couch in the dance studio -- -- ship borne out with a -- about dropping out of college. But then it all started happen in four and you know her mom get along great now but -- -- article. Now gone back to roots yet. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":19624080,"title":"Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaves 'The View'","duration":"4:41","description":"Hasselbeck will be taking a role as co-host on Fox News Channel's \"Fox & Friends.\"","url":"/WNN/video/elisabeth-hasselbeck-leaves-view-19624080","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}