Exclusive look inside Singapore Airlines' new Boeing 787-10

ABC News' Kendis Gibson flies to Asia on the inaugural flight of this first-of-its-kind Dreamliner.
5:33 | 05/22/18

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Transcript for Exclusive look inside Singapore Airlines' new Boeing 787-10
And even then the wasn't that long ago that later barely able to cross the Pacific without refueling or we would make that noise while on board the plane. On outlays routinely do that crossing the Pacific with two engines and we're actually invited by Singapore Airlines. The flag newest most amazing bong aircraft to hit this guys it's called a 787 that's ten. Which takes a whole flying experience and clean technology to a hold views traffic cameras relating line and TSA. Single crew had ordered tenants who. World leaving but here I am. Are arriving in Singapore to sell a welcome. The weight back and get. That this is where it all gets started this is the assembly plant in South Carolina and you see that plane right there observing that defense. Thankfully that we just blew it turns out all that fanfare wasn't released book for the aircraft. The plane a 787. Dash ten is of the first of its kind on its first commercial flight. This new dreamliner is longer than previous versions and 45%. More fuel efficient pic of this now like a car sales. Singapore's CEO here would be the car by year. And is well. Very 77 and it so is any problem customer goats from pong is proud to show off his new ride. And I marine engine it. Well initially. Yeah bear rent New London but he houses using. Millionaire. I mean not that we've ever been there to got a bit enough wealthy people as this massive. And tender to him and and and independent film comedy to look at a brand new business dot Soledad that we had you know plus. Into the world to see it and Oreo and this Singapore Airlines configuration of the business class on this brand new plane it's indeed designed for them. 36 upfront sleek seats they entertainment system very personalized. You get world news now. Think that is a yes. You know that that show in the middle of night ABC. Young. On the other end of this car sales Boeing's Dinesh NASCAR if we're doing the analogy you are in the car sales. Better than that. Is or and he can't stop smiling. Seoul Singapore Airlines 49 of these brand new planes. Each costing 320. Million dollars to they've been mode viewers and you hit the pavement by an ally when volume but then I thought that ravaged their way. I didn't the tires around a bit and picking up the paint job. Still short my fifties it's time for bone handle the keys of this bad boy to Singapore Airlines. And they don't do subtle. And light show thousands crowd pulling employees looking on in pride and here's why I. This is the first plane fully assembled at this plant which employs about 7000 people handoff between now it's horror. There hurry up first and dreamliner. Time to drive they don't. Humble polite executives from Boeing and Singapore Airlines as well as a small crew journalists less than. Keep people on a plane that seats 330 passengers among them the travel blogger that points. Frank Elliott. The for some on the plane of course you can elect their very first you know I've been nervous lots of times. During him here no I am but please don't publisher. The first leg of the flight a whopping fifteen hours from Charleston to Osaka Japan. The champagne flowing endless food a party atmosphere and I. Actually. My work out. Flatly. That the elk that at that it all the way out. Now after after an hour like it's I've been and it worked out plant on the plane. He. Lower. Our. After he hurt it hurt. App that anything can. I. Mercury are. Okay that didn't work out while in Japan the plane stops to repeal and there's a cruise ship captain on the first leg refused to brand new plane. It handles civilians you and those postings do it's nightmare depicted but that's in new pilot takes over he says I advocate for them. And done it's another seven hours to Singapore the plains technology really. Uses the jet lagged its felt on many long distance flights. So that I packed lightly finally made it though after 24 hours in the things through. Finally in Singapore time to hit the pool not just any pool.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"ABC News' Kendis Gibson flies to Asia on the inaugural flight of this first-of-its-kind Dreamliner. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"55346000","title":"Exclusive look inside Singapore Airlines' new Boeing 787-10","url":"/WNN/video/exclusive-inside-singapore-airlines-boeing-787-10-55346000"}